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Hemlock (2016)
by Parfums Quartana


Hemlock information

Year of Launch2016
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseParfums Quartana
PerfumerChristelle Laprade
Parent CompanySix Scents Parfums

About Hemlock

Hemlock is a shared / unisex perfume by Parfums Quartana. The scent was launched in 2016 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Christelle Laprade

Reviews of Hemlock

Hemlock is perhaps the sweetest entry of Parfums Quartana's Les Potions Fatales that I've retried so far. It's a mix of the eponymous floral note, the infamous poison taken by Socrates, and a host of other notes (really, the note list is unusually long), which consist of other florals, woods and woods-like influences, and some spices, still with the whole blend being rather sweet.

The elephant in the room is the black vinyl accord, which is very effective, as the perfume smells of a vinyl record--in concert, of course, with the host of other notes, but still rather prominent in the mix. The particular mix of black vinyl, and say, clove and cinnamon, fosters an almost anise-like vibe, certainly sweet in its own way, but somewhat bitter, as well. There are also healthy doses of woods (leaves, sandalwood, amber wood) and sweet bits (vanilla, tonka, benzoin) that foster a sort of comforting blend. It's really a remarkable accomplishment to balance out all of these competing aspects---daring/comforting and natural/synthetic.

I'd classify it more as cold-weather-appropriate but it's not so dense and overwhelming as to not be befitting, say, a summer evening; I'd simply avoid wearing it in extreme heat since the black vinyl accord might become a little bit overwhelming itself under those circumstances.

Hemlock is a very good performer, as well, like Midnight Datura, and a little bit better than Digitalis or Lily of the Valley. Pricing for Hemlock is in the lower end of the range for this collection, $145 for 50ml, and like the rest of the collection, can be found at Perfumology, among a few other similar US boutiques.

This is yet another fragrance in the collection executed with care, intrigue, and some sense of dare.

8 out of 10
08th November, 2018
Well this is different. Not sure if this will get a neutral or thumbs up yet... First off this is for sure 100% warm vinyl records. Dang is it strong. Sloooooowwwwwlllllyyyyyyy other notes start to pop up here and there... florals and sweetness... leathery notes... patchouli... it's not so much a fragrance but an experience. For those who had or have vinyl records you will have a complete connection... Flash backs as a kid getting into my parents records... getting my first KISS Alive II vinyl when I was 7 years old... Just not sure I would wear this or when or to where... Vinyl record convention? Going with neutral but I think I like it... TRY BEFORE YOU BUY....
12th March, 2018
Hemlock conjures the rather unique olfactory terrain of weed sap – greenish, somewhat lactonic, with an undertow of dustiness that I associate with pesticides. After an opening bright with bergamot and light, almost rain-soaked, green notes, a very dry and almost rubbery vanilla emerges supported by a cast of desiccated spice and resins. It has a powder puff quality to it, with traces of the skin such a thing touches, while the lingering greens have now turned a bit waxy, darker and brittle. How all this signifies weed sap, beats me; maybe I am being susceptible to its name.
A tempting oddity, if a tad demure. However, all the fun of this perfume is in the first couple of hours, after which it settles into a too-soft spicy vanilla.
24th December, 2017

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