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Layton (2016)
by Parfums de Marly


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Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseParfums de Marly
PerfumerHamid Merati-Kashani

About Layton

Layton is a masculine fragrance by Parfums de Marly. The scent was launched in 2016 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Hamid Merati-Kashani

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Reviews of Layton

Layton and Herod are the most popular fragrances from the house of Parfums de Marly, and to be perfectly honest, for the first twenty minutes, to my nose, they are almost identical, with vanilla as the very prominent note. I'm not the biggest fan of Herod, as it too sweet/gourmand for my personal taste, but I do admire the craft, as it is very well built and obviously a quality scent, especially as it dries down and warm spicy accords blend into the mix and give it some depth, especially through the tobacco leaves and amber notes, which hold together the roundedness of the scent throughout the experience, and take it to different places that go beyond the realm of plain, overwhelming sweetness.

As I said, similarly, Layton starts off as somewhat of a vanilla blast, but immediately picks up where Herod leaves you, despite featuring an array of notes that is highly distinctive. It does feel a tad fresher than Herod, thanks to relatively subtle mandarin orange and bergamot notes, but make no mistake, this is a warm scent. It has flowery middle notes that slowly fade in as it dries down, with lavender somewhat standing out but not being overpowering, instead just bringing a very elegant touch to the scent that could have felt a bit out of character without a bit of woodiness to carry it properly.

The accords in this scent just feel like pieces from different puzzles that somehow manage to nest together to create a picture that not only makes sense, but that is even more beautiful than all those pictures - combined - on the original puzzles from which they were taken. I'm not sure whether that makes sense to you as you read this, but it makes plenty of sense as I'm writing it.

I do not want to be annoying with this comparison, but I feel like I need to mention similarities with Carlisle, another outing from Parfums de Marly, which is my fall/winter signature scent, as I did in my review of Herod. It is pretty common to read that Carlisle is like Layton and Herod's love child, and I think it is somewhat accurate, although Carlisle was released a year before Layton. Everything I like about Herod, I feel like Carlisle does better or, at least, Carlisle takes you to a similar place at some point through its dry down, then takes you to even more enchanting places.

When it comes to Layton, I do feel like they it's pretty much at the same starting line as Herod, despite definitely being fresher due to its citrus notes. But twenty minutes in, it has evolved and has already taken you past Herod's finish line, and from there, unlike Herod, I think it feels more distinctive in the path that it takes, despite remaining reminiscent of Carlisle to a certain extent. Again, it's that Parfums de Marly DNA, matched with tremendous performance and projection. Carlisle is more mesmerizing, whereas Layton is more elegant and versatile, but Layton certainly feels like it sits right in the middle of Herod and Carlisle, which is great.

I own both Layton and Carlisle, but to be honest, in my mind, Carlisle is still the marquee outing from this house. Nevertheless, Layton is an incredibly beautiful scent that has plenty to offer in terms of complexity, awesome performance and longevity. If you can only purchase one fragrance from Parfums de Marly (and you're not looking for something to wear during summer, obviously), I'd say go with Carlisle, unless you're indeed looking for something with more mass appeal that is also more versatile. But if you got a few extra dollars, get both. They're great scents.
11th May, 2021
Apple's, violet and geranium is what you get on the opening, which lasts a solid four hours until fading into a very nice cream vanilla and soft woods. The violet and geranium stay in the background and it's quite pleasing with excellent longevity. I could still smell the vanilla accord on my skin 12 hours later. Easily could be worn by anyone year round. Extremely high quality presentation. I've only sampled Layton and Godolphin from PDM and like both. Another thumbs up.
17th January, 2021
Incredible and intoxicating scent. Versatile and brilliant. Signature scent worthy.
31st December, 2019
If you don't like Pure Malt, then you won't like Layton. If you're going to blind buy it, then I'd recommend you get the discovery set first. The bottles are a nice size, and it won't put you out of a lot of money.
20th December, 2019
Layton is the "jungle juice" of fragrances. There's a little bit of several mass appealing designer fragrances all mixed up into one concoction. I get a little bit of Boss Bottled, then some Nuit de L'Homme, then some Pure Malt, then some Eros. There are so many familiar facets in this that the overwhelming sentiment is "I've smelled this before, and for less than half the price". For that reason, I'm not really sure who the target market is here. Typically people willing to pay niche prices aren't looking for the paint by numbers approach. This is the first PDM I've tried on my skin (I did enjoy Herod on paper), so I hope others impress me more than this. It's obviously very wearable, but it's not for me.
18th November, 2019
From December, 2016:

It's hard to dislike this offering from Parfums de Marly. Layton is a spicy sandalwood fragrance, with accents of green apples, and a sweet, caramel-like vanilla. The sandalwood is made spicy through the addition of an aromatic, herbal lavender note. It's sweetened with green apples, and this is how the fragrance begins. While it's woody-spicy, the notes are of the fresher variety so it's something that works well in warm weather as well as cold. As it transitions light floral qualities emerge, but they're not very strong. The dominant florals to my nose are jasmine, which begins to pair with vanilla, and geranium which keeps it along a "fresh spicy" plane, continuing the theme that began with the lavender. Layton warms up in the base, the robust sandalwood remaining, blended with vanilla and to my nose, some caramel. Although Layton is not a gourmand, it has gourmand qualities--mainly the green apples and their transition to vanilla/caramel kind of remind me of caramel apple Halloween treats or some kind of apple pie a la mode. I guess this could be classified as a spicy fresh woody gourmand. Versatile year round, and with enough charm to be dressed up or down, Layton is definitely in my top releases of 2016, maybe even number one. It never takes itself too seriously and it's a ton of fun to wear, I recommend it as a blind buy if you don't own any other PdM fragrances. If you already own Habdan or Oajan, you may want to sample Layton first as certain aspects of it overlap with the other two, and for some may seem redundant. Performance is good on all fronts. Thumbs up for this excellent release from Parfums de Marly.
13th August, 2019

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