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18.21 Sweet Tobacco
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18.21 Sweet Tobacco is a masculine fragrance by 18.21 Man Made.

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United States
This has become one of my favorite fragrances, and in fact when I'm in the mood for a tobacco scent, I reach for this one first (ahead of "vintage" Tobacco Vanille and a bunch of others). If you like theses types of scents, you still might prefer another one over this one for some "small" reason. For example, with vintage Michael for Men by Kors, there's a white musk type of aroma chemical that really bothers me, and if it were not for that, it might be way up there with this one. So, I think it's just one you have to sample if you enjoy gourmandish tobacco scents to see how it fares against others you've tried. If you don't like it at first, give it an hour to develop.
24th August, 2019
I did not find this pleasant when I initially tried it years ago, but revisiting it now, this seems like a standout in the "sweet tobacco" field due to its distinctive, and as far as I can tell, otherwise unreplicated central accord.

This takes the honey and vanilla tones popular and wraps it around a somewhat fusty leather-tobacco accord (more leather than tobacco to my nose), making this dirtier and bolder than many of its more palatable cousins. It's perhaps more like Pure Havane than anything, but not as syrupy or cherry-dominant.
23rd August, 2019 (last edited: 08th May, 2021)
18.21 opens up sweet and dark: red wine and honey, with bits of citrus and, as the name suggests, a good amount of tobacco. Tobacco and honey take the lead on for the first few minutes: however, powdery-woodsy notes balance it out to make sure it doesn't come across as cloying at any point. Tonka helps round it out even further: it's very well-blended. The drydown doesn't add much to the equation: the red-wine scent becomes more prominent, as does its powdery base, as the honey evaporates. I find it a bit less pleasant as time progresses, becoming a bit too boozy for my tastes as the other notes dissipate. Dries down to a skin scent in about 4-5 hours.

Longevity is good (5-6 hours) and projection is moderate to good. It is similar to A*Men and its flankers, although I think I prefer this to any of those offerings. If you like sweet tobacco, this should be in your collection. Even if you do not, it should be at $60-65 for 3.4 ounces for value alone.

05th March, 2019
Nice sweet boozy juice.

Nowhere near as good as all the hype but still pretty decent. Not really getting much tobacco if any at all. It's all booze. Red wind & port with some honey thrown in for good measure. Lasts a long time.

31st October, 2018
While I donít usually factor in pricing when deciding if i like a scent, itís so hard not to with this. I really enjoy tobacco frags so I was excited to hear about 18.21 and give it a whirl. Itís very well done, has beast mode projection, and lasts forever. The problem, at least for me, is it has an old guy spice note. Iím 40, but I donít want to smell like old. My second wearing was to work, where my fears were realized and I was told ďyou smell like an old man today.Ē

I wanted to love this...I just canít.
29th October, 2018
Honey Malt Liquor...

This is quite a fragrance! A hard-hitting, projection beast of a fragrance that punches above its weight. I'm impressed.

I do like it a lot. I find the fragrance rich in depth and complex. It's certainly an extremely good effort. I would say that the main notes (to my nose) are honeyed dried fruits, along with tonka and vanilla etc. It's a rich fragrance which is able to impress and even overwhelm sometimes (if over-sprayed).

I find it in many ways linear. It has the ability to impress and make an impression. The red wine, saffron & woods give it depth and complexity, with a richness that stays throughout the life of the fragrance.

For me, it's good value for money. I would say that it's also a fragrance which would work in different seasons (and on most occasions) but you need to be mindful of sprays.

Overall, a solid effort by this brand which gives a great many designer houses a run for their money. If this brand continues to produce work of this level, we are going to see good things to come. Really good!
06th February, 2018

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