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Prada La Femme (2016)
by Prada


Prada La Femme information

Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerDaniela Andrier
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About Prada La Femme

Prada La Femme is a feminine perfume by Prada. The scent was launched in 2016 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Daniela Andrier

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Reviews of Prada La Femme

I purchased this after a youtuber classified it as "expensive smelling". I don't normally gravitate towards designer scents as I find alot of them have the same DNA.

This is an oriental floral which is not what i think of when I smell this. This scent is not warm at all which is what i equate with oriental. I also don't find it overly floral.

This scent is complex for a designer scent; however, I don't think it would ever be confused for a niche scent. I think the vanilla grounds it into a possible gourmand, but it is truly lacking in warmth that you find with most vanilla. Bottom line, if you want something lighter, atypical and complex for spring and summer this is your girl. While I would not reach for this for night time wear, I think you could wear this for most anything. It's one of my no brainer scents. When I don't know what to wear I reach for this knowing I will smell good and I won't offend anyone.
22nd July, 2020
The power of seduction of a young woman,she's so innocent.she is seductive, sweet and charming without her knowing it.her friends will be like "that guy was so flirting with you" and she wouldnt even know it.

La Femme is like fluffing your pillow on a sunny morning.the sky is blue,the air still fresh. Their scent puts a smile on your face and you take the time to just watch the passing white clouds as you did in your childhood.

Clean,powdery& sparkling yet creamy like a lotion.Yummy Beeswax and Iris,floral yet spicy tuberose with a woody backdrop.

A lovely mixture of spices topped up with nougat and warm,sweet beeswax.that's complemented by sensual and elegant tuberose. The floral&powdery heart is supported the woody base of almost creamy vetiver and lavish vanilla musk.

That frangipani note gives something different,a necessary depth.the scent makes you feel comfortable like a soft sweater on a chilly day.To me It's like the cuddly clean version of angel.

In my opinion this is perfect for fall-winter especially.the bottle is quite simple.Perfect for a love date.
Totally it's a little mischief, the pleasure of whimsy and it’s all about the joy of play and the desire to be unforgettable with this.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

03rd May, 2020
Wonderful! Absolutely stunning. This has to be one of my favorite newer fragrances. In my opinion most mainstream fragrances cannot hold a candle to this. I'm actually surprised there are not more reviews. This is the perfect spring/summer scent. You can even push wearing this into fall. It's definitely a blast of white floral. To my nose I smell something tart citrusy kind of orange but then dries down to something soft and warm. Creamy buttery vanilla vetiver something like a cookie. Every time I wear this I receive compliments and mostly from women. I haven't smelled the intense version but this is so good and so strong I truly feel that I don't need to. This is easily a signature scent and a staple for the warmer months. Oh and the bottle is gorgeous! Well done Prada!
24th July, 2019
Tropical vibe with an increasing intensity at the beginning. Notes wave, like blooms in a gentle breeze. Pretty! A waxy, honeyed note joins in. Tiny points of vanilla make way for tuberose, which doesn't stifle. I am actually diggin' this "mainstream" offering. The flowers continue doing their thing, maintaining a lovely islander glow. They mellow, after time. A few whiffs of gentle vetiver can be found.

A buttery, honey floral vibe continues for quite a spell. The longer I wear this the more I enjoy. It isn't ultra long-lasting but, it develops into a pure, gentle beeswax floral later on.
21st April, 2019
Xena of Prada
Gabrielle on steroids, your
Tuberose ray-gun

Surely powered by
Floral Amplification
by Simulated

with Aromachemicals,
I think I love your

Nearly dangly tart/tangy

Though I prefer your
Herculean L'Homme flanker
That Prada fougère

With Dior mojo
There is something about you
That stands on its own

Sharp, biting florals
Brightly radiating with
No apologies

Your tagline is truth
Quintessentially Prada
Yet new, strong and bold.

Stay legendary
Fearless Frangipangian!
Many adventures.
12th May, 2018
What's with the Shi effect in this? Ozonic tuberose? Not to my taste, I think it's a bit of a mish mash, a little bit Amarige, a little bit Cinema, and the Shi by Sung. It's not awful, the less Intense is, well, less intense.
22nd September, 2017

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