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L'Envol (2016)
by Cartier


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Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerMathilde Laurent

About L'Envol

L'Envol is a masculine fragrance by Cartier. The scent was launched in 2016 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mathilde Laurent

L'Envol fragrance notes

Reviews of L'Envol

Inspired by the world of refined gentlemen.he has to focus on projecting confidence,poise,and grace in his words and actions.
Giving free rein to his desires, letting go and being himself. Embracing his masculinity like a second skin,without artifice.

Honey is one of my favorite notes,and this is one of my favorite fragrance with honey.
Comforting and sweet in a masculine way.Such a smooth iris,such a great honey mixed with it and the gauiac wood brings just a drop of masculine touch to the blend,the whole perfume being not sweet to be gourmand,either rough.
Excellent wearable as not well as cartier fragrances.Not too sweet, not cloying,great warm sweet but masculine drydown.

The scent starts with classic light and oriental hints of patchouli,combined with the powdery notes of iris and the sweetness of honey.The will be replaced by the masculine notes of wood and musk in the base that makes an oriental fragrance for men handsome sweet delectable inviting.The dry down is what makes this great.less patchouli, some honey,wood the mysk and it´s just a delight.It gets compliments everywhere.

Totally this EDP is characterised by its honeyed iris with gauiac wood,which together holds the perfect amount of sweetness for a comforting masculine scent.
Sillage is moderate to great and longevity is about 10 hours on my skin.

04th May, 2020
Its a honeyed floral musk. Really bright, but at the same time substantial. Those two qualities are not found together super often. It is sweet, but not in a childish way because of its slightly urineous tinge. It has quite a makeup bag iris, even more actually like a compact than, say Dior Homme. It also has quite a violet note, with its metallic floral aloofness. All of this on a base of white musk. Up close in its heart there is something that reminds me slightly of candy, and a quiet slice of amberwood. It smells interesting. I had to knock it down from positive to neutral due to, what I feel is a bit heavy handed sweetness in the heart. On the plus side, it does evolve. As should be assumed, and sweet floral musk is unisex, and this is. Value is good, not super expensive.
17th November, 2019
Soft, reserved projection carries the majority of this release from Cartier. This is a fragrance centered around honey and iris. It is delicate and sweet, but never artificial or sugary. Unfortunately it doesn't smell very good on my skin. For the first half hour, when L'Envol actually projects, the honey has a bitter, plasticky quality which smells off, almost as if something turned. Then, when it settles down into a more pleasant soft powdered iris and gentle honey accord its projection is so weak that it is barely more than a skin scent for me. It smells nice in this stage--the honey having become aromatic and sweet, with a light touch, and the iris a foundation of soft, white powder--but it's all so light. Finally the base, which emerges much later on, is well done, with a nice natural smell and a total absence of any obnoxious woody synthetics that fragrances are often overloaded with these days. Or if it has them (which it most likely does) they're finessed well and don't have that clumsy, scratchy quality that's become so common. But again, it's a skin scent. I have a feeling L'Envol is a fragrance that's highly dependent on one's skin chemistry. I know there's something good in here, and aspects of it show themselves to me at various times in its development, but for me to give it higher marks the honey note would have to work better in the opening stage and the projection would need to be at least 50% stronger, if not even more. Definitely worth sampling, as you may have greater success than I have had, but for me it's just okay.

Side note: This is a pretty far departure from the typical men's releases which are popping up today, especially considering its delicacy and lack of reliance on powerful, abrasive aroma chemicals. If I were to test this on say, the Macy's counter, it would definitely stand out. So kudos to Cartier for doing something a little different.

Also, if you enjoy L'Envol, but find it too weak and delicate for yourself, like I do, take a look at Calvin Klein Euphoria Gold, which is also centered around a powdery accord of iris, honey, and amber. It has much, much better performance while still bringing a smooth, high-quality impression to the honey and iris accords. It's often overlooked due to the brand, but it is an exception and absolutely worth considering.

If you're looking to go more expensive, Floris Honey Oud is perhaps a more complete version of L'Envol. It's mainly a floral honey fragrance over a clean woody oud. It reminds me of L'Envol quite a bit, and especially how the honey note is handled, only here the honey is given the strength required to drive the fragrance. If you enjoy L'Envol but want something stronger, this is probably you're best bet--the honey note retains its delicate and floral qualities while making a significant improvement as far as its strength and tenacity are concerned. It's expensive, and some men may find it feminine, so sample first.
13th August, 2019
L'Envol is a rather unbalanced and harsh mish-mash of notes that look interesting on paper, but smell jarring and unappealing. Honey, iris and musk aren't at all a bad combo, and can be excellent if done the right way - the leading example being Dior's Bois d'Argent. L'Envol also has a woody note which is supposedly guaiac wood, but it smells closer to modern woody-ambers than subtle/refined applications (Tokyo by Kenzo, Micallef, or even Rive Gauche pour Homme). It's more soft and less jarring after a few hours, but is also somewhat bland and unremarkable.

It still has its fans and admirers, and it least it isn't one of the umpteenth fresh woody-ambers like Sauvage or Dylan Blue.

12th June, 2019
I bought a couple half oz bottles, since they were a fairly good price. I am so glad I didn't buy anything more. Based on reviews I was expecting a soft floral heart, kind of like on the style of CK 2. Instead I am met with a harsh synthetic mess. A surprise from a pretty good house, that puts out pretty solid releases.

In a nutshell, this simply smells like Ajax, and once the dry down incorporates some earthy components, it then smells like dirty dish water. With a slight enjoyable hint of citrus and florals breezing through everything, sort of layering itself on top of an otherwise absolutely disgusting fragrance.

Note, this is my completely biased opinion, and nothing is factual. I have worn at least 1/4 oz of this for the simple sake of being able to put out my best review, and this was it.
06th April, 2019
One of the most elegant and graceful designer masculines of our era, L'Envol is a gorgeous combination of bright honey and dew-drenched florals, glittering and wet and sweet like a warm spring morning.

It's been slightly overlooked, perhaps because it's not punchy or strange enough for the niche crowd and not conventional enough for those seeking more mainstream masculine fragrances (truthfully, L'Envol is about as unisex as fragrances get), but this delicate, carefully assembled concoction is a fine example of the art of perfumery.
23rd March, 2019 (last edited: 11th June, 2019)

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