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The Fragrance Journals : 1962 (2016)
by Floris


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Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
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About The Fragrance Journals : 1962

The Fragrance Journals : 1962 is a masculine fragrance by Floris. The scent was launched in 2016

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United States
1962 opens with a brief dash of sharp citric orange bergamot and deep clove spice before quickly transitioning to its heart. As the composition reaches its early heart the bergamot vacates, leaving remnants of the clove in support of an unveiled natural smelling spearmint leaf and co-starring coniferous green, woody cypress, with hints of underlying oakmoss and just slightly sweet amber rising from the base. During the late dry-down the mint and clove completely vanish, leaving the remnants of the cypress and amber now in support of the oakmoss that takes the fore, additionally supported by an emergent slightly sharp cedar wood through the finish. Projection is very good, as is longevity at 10-11 hours on skin.

1962 is a composition that has been making its way into "hidden gem" perfume conversations for a while, but alas, I confess it eluded me until recently. Now having worn it a few times I understand what the excitement is all about. The perfume has been frequently compared to Italian Cypress by Tom Ford, and indeed the two share a couple key notes. That said, I think 1962 not only smells quite different than Italian Cypress, it also is a *heck* of a lot better smelling. For one, it has an outstanding spearmint leaf note in its heart that could easily prove problematic but instead melds perfectly with the coniferous woody cypress that never dominates it, rather paring together to form a quite pleasant and also unique overall accord through the heart that brilliantly bridges modern and classic perfumery. The more classically structured late oakmoss and cedar wood led dry-down is no less compelling or skillfully implemented than the rest of the composition's fine development. In truth, while maybe not quite at the masterpiece level, there really isn't a weakness from top-to-bottom. The bottom line is the $190 per 100ml bottle 1962 is a pleasant surprise that marks a much needed modern resurgence to form from the IFRA ravaged Floris classic offerings, earning an "excellent" 4 stars out of 5 and a solid recommendation to all.
22nd March, 2020
There's a good reason why everyone likes this one. It's damn near perfect!

What I get is 90% Italian Cypress, the same great quality, at a fraction of the price. But wait, there's more! Where the other 10% is perfectly done mint note that sits well under the cypress, so well, so smooth, and never over powers the scent. This makes for something beautiful, high quality, and unique because of the added mint. Sometimes one more ingredient is all you need. Smooth, sophisticated, refined as hell! And different enough to be called its own. The mint gives this a modern edge, while still maintaining 90% of a fragrance that is a classic. (I know Italian Cypress is not a classic, but Halston Z-14 is, and that's where this all goes back to)
27th October, 2019
Very similar to Tom Fords Italian Cypress. I would say that they are at least 80% similar. I love Italian Cypress but feel that here it is improved upon. 1962 is somewhat fresher and has a sublime spearmint note running through it. Classy, masculine, elegant and sophisticated are some of the words that come to mind. A regal fragrance for the gentleman that has a soft spot for the traditional classics.

05th November, 2018 (last edited: 20th August, 2020)
Cited as "citrus woody". Starts with citrus and clove, which makes it a little old-fashioned to these nostrils, but perhaps that's what they were aiming for. The fragrance is sustained, though, by a floral and cypress heart. The drydown is not so much woody as it is incense, rendering 1962 reminiscent of several CdG numbers. I like this more, though. Amber rounds the performance to make this very wearable, although it was later eclipsed in testing by its 1976 stablemate (q.v.).
06th August, 2018
A fresh cypress with a slightly floral touch that doesn't detract, but causes this fragrance to smell even better. The citrus opening is sharp and slightly strange, but the strangeness is very short lived and this turns into one of the more enjoyable frags I've tried in a while. I love cypress and all things conifer, so this is a must have for me. As mentioned, this does smell somewhat like TF's Italian Cypress because it is a cypress centric fragrance, but it is fresh, where the TF is more smokey, tobaccoey around the edges. Thumbs up!
17th June, 2017
Hypnotic green spearmint, bergamot and something called 'green mandarin'. I normally love mandarin and here the effect with green accents is no exception. Overall, a lime feel is created. Cypress underneath anchors it beautifully.
31st May, 2017

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