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HOS N.003 (2016)
by House of Sillage


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Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseHouse of Sillage
PerfumerMark Buxton

About HOS N.003

HOS N.003 is a masculine fragrance by House of Sillage. The scent was launched in 2016 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mark Buxton

Reviews of HOS N.003

An excellent marine fragrance that uses synthetics in a masterful way, this is how it should be done with synthetics and a great advert for the use of them, think of a designer marine fragrance and somehow make it smoother and more clear, I get a bunch of herbs in this and the sage in particular adds to the volcanic feel. Not sure what sort of ambergris is used here but that also adds to the depth and realism of the harbour smell..this is how I'd imagine a Maison Francis kurkdjian take on the aquatic theme .. artificial, intelligent and brilliant, Zealot is absolutely right ...this does have a nod to the Avon creations.
11th May, 2020 (last edited: 17th July, 2020)
House of Sillage is one of those seemingly "overnight" luxury perfume houses that have popped up since the income gap and christening of the "second gilded age" has allowed for extreme Veblen goods vendors to offer the latest in conspicuous consumption for the concentrating upper classes. The house did not use its now-infamous bejeweled "cupcake bottles" for the masculine lines, instead opting for lighter-like spring-loaded sliding cap mechanisms over rather broad, rectangular flasks. HOS N.003 (2016) is the third in the numbered masculine market series, representing an extreme high-end take on the aquatic genre. HOS N.003 is surprisingly good, but I guess it had better be, since renowned perfumer Mark Buxton signed off on it. The last thing probably going through anyone's mind is favorably comparing a $300 luxury fragrance to a drugstore/mailorder brand, but this scent does carry a lot of Avon vibes in a very good way. Avon had this period in the early to mid 2000's where they did really crisp, dry, and perfect aquatics that weren't swimming in calone or tons of shampoo notes, and that's what HOS N.003 does here.

You get a salty open air introduction done with some chemical wizardry, black pepper, and just a slight touch of white florals, then a heart of sage moves in, combined with vetiver and a mineralic accord that is refreshing but not fleeting like most in this style. I get something like pimento and juniper in the heart stages as well, until the salty ambergris (likely cetalox) enters with a rounded/toned-down akigalawood captive syth wood note. This won't appeal to artisanal fans because there isn't anything natural about an aquatic anyway, but this paradoxically long lasting with great sillage for a freshie, remaining dry, masculine, and tart throughout. Wear time is clearly over the 12 hour mark, and this stuff will linger on fabric forever. With as much gumption as this has, HOS N.003 also pulls double duty as the rare aquatic you can wear in the cold, making it a pricey but otherwise perfect generalist for the aquatic die-hard dwelling in the nouveau-niche, even if it is ill-suited for romantic events or formal engagements where you'd be expected to wear something "recognizably expensive" around the right crowd of influencers.

The big kicker of course is paying $300 for an aquatic, since this is a genre known for being at the bottom of the masculine perfume food chain for so long, with various Nautica (1992) flankers littering the shelves of discounters for decades. However, if you were to get just one "haute" example that isn't some artisanal study of seaweed and ambergris over brine (and therefore nothing short of unpleasant), or artsy abstract Geza Shoen creation, HOS N.003 would be a good contender for purchase outside a bottle of an old bottle of Creed Erolfa (1992). As for me, Avon mostly conquered this style years ago, albeit without a convincing ambergris note to add that bourgeois bop, but this is otherwise my favorite of the House of Sillage numbered series so far, since it successfully tackles a plebian genre of fragrances without smelling overwrought or deliberaely opaque like so many high-end takes on common styles. Is it worth the money? Eh, I'll let you decide. There are still a lot of really unique and far more memorable things that could be had for this amount of cash to make it a must-have, but Ienjoy it enough to give it a thumbs up.
12th September, 2019
Wonderful. The first few sprays I smell freshly beached driftwood, it's very salty and earthy. 45 minutes or so out, in slides this green smell. Almost like fresh cut herbs, and it's amazing. It feels like you washed up on a beach in Hawaii. It lasts all day long, and rounds of compliments and questions let me know this is a keeper. Perfect for spring/summer.
14th April, 2017

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