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Tuberose Flash (2016)
by Tauerville


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Year of Launch2016
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerAndy Tauer

About Tuberose Flash

The company say:

uberose flash pays tribute to the magic of this grand white flower, in a modern and refined creation that sets it apart. It opens with a bright, fresh white flower and hints of sweet citrus notes. Its heart is a warm tuberose that shines on jasmine petals and orange blossoms. The base is a soft oriental bed composed of patchouli, amber and benzoin.

Tuberose Flash fragrance notes

Reviews of Tuberose Flash

I love tuberose. That's why this gets a neutral review. It opens with a very (too) sweet, projecting tuberose, but it doesn't last. The tuberose goes dry very quickly. It lacks intensity. There's no work around it. Not interesting to me.
15th April, 2017
Tuberose Flash is the first tuberose fragrance I do not like. It is very briefly citric, before revealing the tuberose component which is slightly buttery and fairly rich, but also fruity, a little jammy, and a little sweet. There's a strong peach-like note that develops parallel to the tuberose. This soon turns to a somewhat putrefying fruity-floral accord on my skin. This phase lasts considerably long before it calms down a little and there is a vague benzoin note that comes through. While this is a decent composition, the decaying fruity floral aspect is hard to overlook. Though I should disclose that I'm not big on fruity notes and perfumes.

I love Fracas, Tubereuse Criminelle, and Carnal Flower. Compared to those Tuberose Flash doesn't have any dark aspect, is not epic in scale, has been lightened up (but not weak or thin), and has had a chunk of fruit added to it. Sillage was decent, and good duration.

While this is clearly not for me, it might still be worthwhile to try if one is looking for a fruity tuberose.


22nd March, 2017

The main accords listed from Fragrantica are: tuberose, white floral, balsamic, amber, animalic. The notes identified are: orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, labdanum, benzoin and patchouli. Immediately upon application, tuberose was in the forefront of the fragrance. The tuberose wasn’t overbearing nor was it weak, it was just right. The tuberose is accompanied by the orange blossom note which gives off a slight fruity accord. The orange blossom holds the tuberose back by providing some balance preventing the scent from getting too floral. On me, I get a slight citrusy/peachy accord from the note. The scent remains bright in the opening. After an hour, the scent begins to tone down, specifically the tuberose, allowing for the jasmine to appear in the scent. Benzoin and labdanum provide a sweet amber accord that becomes noticeable about two hours into the scent. At this point, the jammy feel of the tuberose becomes increasingly noticeable in the scent which is one of the enjoyable parts of this fragrance. The amber accord helps sweeten the now subdued tuberose with the orange blossom and jasmine notes still holding on providing some fruity and floral accords to the scent. At the base, there’s a subtle patchouli note that emerges but not a substantial amount enough to derail the overall scent. The amber is also present at the base combined with a very faint tuberose floral accord still holding on. The scent maintains balance from start to finish, it avoids skewing in any particular direction: dark, dirty, floral, sweet.

Longevity and silage were great for the scent. I was able to get good silage for the first 2 hours before it started to stay closer to the skin. The scent remained noticeable for a good 4 hours before it became a skin scent. I got at least 8 hours of longevity when wearing this scent. I think Tuberose Flash works well in conditions in which the weather isn’t super hot or super cold. Spring would probably be the best time to wear the scent. In my opinion the scent is fairly versatile. I believe it could fit in either a day or evening setting. The tuberose in this scent isn’t overpowering as compared to tuberose in other scents. The tuberose is checked by the other notes that keep it restrained. Another thing to note is that many tuberose scents tend to skew on the feminine side. In the case of Tuberose Flash, I believe it can be worn by both men and women. Overall, a wonderful take on a tuberose scent. This is a must try for those who either enjoy the note of tuberose or are looking for a tuberose that isn’t overpowering and easier to wear.
18th January, 2017

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