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1001 (2017)
by Nobile 1942


1001 information

Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

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HouseNobile 1942

About 1001

“The idea of 1001", the new fragrance from NOBILE 1942, says Stefania Giannino, Artistic Director for this Genovese brand, “is precisely this sense of continuity, of waiting, of seduction by words. Nobody gives a better idea of the power of seductive story-telling than Scheherazade, the heroine in Arabian Nights, who managed to enchant the man who wanted to kill her with her 1001 tales. It was this very book, which I adore and which I discovered in the original language during my studies of Arabic at L’Orientale university, that gave me the input for 1001."

Reviews of 1001

Starts of smelling boring, I get a tropical vibe in the opening. As it dries, around the 5 minute mark, I don't really get any of the notes listed. I do get a spicy, very spicy, yet sweet fig sort of smell, with a lavender undertone. Now looking at the note break down, I could see where I am met with saffron and ginger in the opening. The saffron in this is more spicy, more like a red pepper kind of vibe, than a traditional saffron. What I initially perceived as lavender is still my feeling. At the 10-15 minute mark, it just kind of smells like Le Male with a ton of spice.

Into the middle, it smalls like a very subtle Rose 31, with a ton more cumin, even though I don't see cumin as a note. The final base, or around the 4 hour point, is faint, but enjoyable. I think it's better than the rest of this rather confusing fragrance. A sweet ambery musk base, though overall lackluster, but still exceeds the real spice bomb of an opening.

I don't think this is a good fragrance at all, and my introduction to this house/brand. Then again.. never knew they existed, just was looking through my sample drawers one weekend, and found a small sample of this from Luckyscent, that I must have gotten in the past. As for 1001, it just seems like too much is going on. It doesn't really conjure an image, or take me to a place like many niche fragrances do.. it's just what seems like a money grab to me, with a lot of notes thrown together, but no decisive path.

The price doesn't help its cause either. I'm hoping there are better offerings from this house that I can try in the future.

Update - Performance is quite poor on me, I don't smell it after 4 hours anymore.
23rd May, 2020
I'm rather impressed with this. First impressions are of a musty accord with immediate florals and then piquant spices, which can be traced to the ginger. Saffron provides additional, elegant warmth. Perhaps an attempt to replicate the notional flavours of the stories in the Arabian Nights flying off the very physical pages?

In any event, this remains a creamy, spicy, rose-tinted dream for several hours. I've had it on for about 16 now and it shows no signs of abating.

I find 1001 thoroughly satisfying in terms of both quality and artistic realisation. It's just beautiful and one of the few scents priced north of £200 that I wouldn't immediately dismiss in terms of price. Try it. Please.
05th May, 2020
I'm becoming very fond of this house... Even the scents I don't care for still smell very good- and I really love a few. I really love 1001, with it's spice and rose notes. I normally don't care for rose in a scent, but only because few do it well. My only quibble is how hard it is to get samples and smaller bottles-- a truly great house should release every scent as samples to gain a bigger following, and these guys don't seem to even sell at all through their own website.
14th April, 2019
A rush of yellow spices, balms, soft herbs and pepper encompassing the dominant note of ginger. The latter is saffrony, creamy-lemony-greenish and rosey. Rarely I've tested a spicier juice in my whole life of loser perfumista. Spiciness is creamy, peppery, aromatic, rosey and soapy-lemony. With my great surprise vetiver is not in here listed since I detect immediately a burst of fresh gingery/lemony vetiver on skin (may be ginger, combined with dry-metallic tea, provides the fleeting vetiver's illusion). Ginger is in any case the King, a super spicy ginger enveloped by a cloud of Curcuma (the second protagonist), rose-essence and saffron. Rose is never soapy-victorian or leafy-greenish since smells vaguely candied and soapy-creamy. Frankly the excess of spices, combined with lemony ginger, produces a sort of medicinal undertone which is not extremely pleasant for long, at least till when the final 1001's evolution is fully accomplished. An interesting creation by Nobile 1942. Dry down is lighter, darker, more restrained and surely more delicate and subtle, with hints of rosey-musky sophistication and a more prominent herbal influence. In this final stage the aroma is more balanced, classy and masculine (with a far mitigated citric pungency).

01st January, 2018

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