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Bracken Woman (2016)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2016
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerDorothée Piot
PerfumerKarine Vinchon-Spehner
Creative DirectorChristopher Chong

About Bracken Woman

Part of the 'Midnight Flower' collection.

Bracken Woman fragrance notes

Reviews of Bracken Woman

Aromatic AND Smooth !!

This perfume is amazing...
Although I somehow expected it to be mainly aromatic (which is often Good in my book), Bracken has a lovely creamy side to it.
On skin I do experience a bitter note (probably caused by birch and leather in combination with the chamomile), but the wafts around me are all about the three flowers: Narcissus, Lily and some Chamomile.
Bracken is gorgeous and unique, a fantastic natural -summer- perfume with a little sting.

I am sold, or rather: It's gonna cost me... :p

(August 2017)
29th September, 2020
Shrill thin berry over green bracken backdrop, trying to be a bright spot in the shadowed forest floor.

These two accords don’t belong in the same woods. It was an authentic, really great spirit-of-place note that plops a factory-made artificial fruit note over the top, impossible of finding a resonance between them.

I’m just not buying this combination, like the movie where the male and female love interest who have no chemistry are paired up in a surprisingly tone-deaf way and ruin the whole movie.

These perfume notes have nothing to say to each other - each resonate to their own music, which are not in tune with the other.

A perfume that speaks to the ability of some fragrances to separate out into juxtapositional notes that might have provided interest if they remained blended, but if they fall apart on some skin, as it did mine, reveals not a counterpoint, but a lack of communication.
24th April, 2019 (last edited: 25th April, 2019)
I have to quit trying scents that contain narcissus and expecting to love them. There is just something about this note that overpowers every other in each perfume I've tried. And since I do not love narcissus, I do not enjoy Bracken. I think many others will love it though, and I might possibly, too, if the chamomile and leather and smoke played more of a role here. The sweetness of the berry note is also bothersome. Amouage scents rarely smell like something a young twenty-something should wear, but this one does.
25th September, 2017
The green floral excursion at the start of Bracken Woman marks something of a new departure for Amouage, despite the existence of Myths Woman. Whereas the latter had the trudge of a goth weighed down with trinkets, Bracken opens with the vitality of a skipping spring lamb.
The evocation of a clearing of bracken/fern is juxtaposed with the cut stems and mixed florals of a good florist’s shop – this is green done in a manner that is both energetic and fresh and yet with a sheen of refinement. There is an intensely sweet but well-contained note in the mix resembling rose geranium – it intrigues among the greens and offers instant contrast like a daub of postbox red in a Hodgkin painting.
The evolution is quite dramatic but happens in stages as Bracken Woman goes from vivid verdancy to a much creamier, more abstract composition. It is now soufflé-light, with aquatic elements, powdery ‘wood’ aromachemicals, maybe a touch of lily of the valley entering into the mix. I found it a pleasure to wear from start to finish, though the vibrancy of the first few hours was what really caught my attention. It’s possible that once I have worn it a bit more, the soft focus of the latter stages will grow in my affections.
21st September, 2017
Lily and chamomile very faint. The silage is minimal although the synthetic berry accord struggles to the front. For a half a minute I was reminded of 'Cabotine' but this just has no body. It's too weak to defend itself. I could be wrong. All I have is a 1ml sample. Possibly if this were sprayed and liberally applied, there would be an overall greenish, almost elfin effect. It's hard to say. I have to push my nose directly to my skin to get this. I'm afraid I can't recommend, especially at this price.
06th June, 2017
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The top notes have to major components on my skin: firstly, a nice, pleasant mixed wildberry-fruitiness and has a nice sweetness with it, and, secondly, a fresh, green fern impression that is expressing the aroma of fields of fern rather well. A delightful opening.

The heart notes are clearly in the floral realm, with lily and narcissus evident, but the latter is a bit attenuated and uneventful; the lily develops better on me. What is an intersting turn at this stage is a well-expressed chamomile tea background, which provides an interesting and original twist in the transition to the base notes.

Towards the end a soft and generic leather develops, and there is little convincing smokiness here; maybe it is a leather in a no-smoking area.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

Pleasant is autumn, this creation is interesting and well-made, albeit a tad generic at times, with the base being quite dull. 3.5/5.

29th April, 2017

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