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Terre de Lumière (2017)
by L'Occitane


Terre de Lumière information

Year of Launch2017
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

PerfumerCalice Asancheyev-Becker
PerfumerShyamala Maisondieu
PerfumerNadège Le Garlantezec

About Terre de Lumière

Terre de Lumière is a feminine perfume by L'Occitane. The scent was launched in 2017 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Nadège Le Garlantezec, Shyamala Maisondieu and Calice Asancheyev-Becker

Terre de Lumière fragrance notes

Reviews of Terre de Lumière

First of all, I would like to concur - on the contrary to JackTwist's review, I see zero resemblance to Angel here. Unless, of course, we're calling each and every sweet-ish scent based on foody notes and not on flowers an Angel rip-off, but then everything is a rip off of either Angel, Jicky, Coty Chypre, No.5 or Shalimar - oh wait, Shalimar itself is a rip-off of Jicky then! - and I hope we're not going there!

Terre de Lumière is no doubt a sweet and almost edible aromatic gourmand thanks to prominent lavender honey, almond and tonka, generously sprinkled with pink pepper on top. But it is never heavy, cloying or too intrusive - the sweetness here is made light(er) because of aromatic qualities of pink pepper and lavender. Depending on a day it can show you its different facets - some days it's super sparkly and tingling with sweetened pepper, some days bergamot shows its piercing face, some days it goes straight into aromatic honey dripping with warmth and sunshine.

For me it's a perfect all-year-rounder and an easy reach equally suitable for mornings, evenings, work, play, winter, summer, daily errands or going out for dinner date or to a theater - it's warm enough, light/aromatic enough, subtle enough and has enough simple sweet loveliness and peppery character to do every task at least sufficiently. It has not become my very favourite through the 1.5 years I've been wearing it, but it has become as comfortable as a favourite pair of jeans or T-shirt - always easy and comfortable to wear and sometimes you catch yourself dreading the day you'll wear it for the very last time.

The name itself - The Land of Light - is just spot on, as the fragrance is just like that - lively, sweet and full of joy and sunshine. You can imagine the sunlit field with honey-dripping lavenders, and you can be easily transported there as it's just a whiff away. This scent is willing to make you more energetic and more capable to see the little joys in life, too.
It's definitely not a sillage bomb, but on my skin it stays all day and I can feel its presence through all the day without sniffing my wrist directly.

The one comparison that is being made quite often and with which I can agree to some extent is Mon Guerlain, the popular Guerlain vanilla-lavender gourmand that seems to have popularized lavender in women's fragrances in the past years. They certainly do have something in common in their overall tone, but Mon Guerlain is much heavier, deeper, softer, cosier and more enveloping because of big doses of vanilla and patchouli, and Terre, despite being a bit sweeter (it's honey after all!), is at the same time lighter, airier, more vibrant and vivacious, spicier, spikier and more aromatic. Try both and choose the one that fits you better.
I choose Terre de Lumière - the land of light.
14th January, 2020
kewart Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Nothing ground-breaking here, that's for sure.
I have to douse myself in this to get any projection and the lasting power is very average. On my skin, the almond note is the most prominent and although very "nice" this is not a scent I would buy for myself (got it as a gift in the circular box.)
13th June, 2018
Yet another rip-off of Mugler's Angel.

This makes the twenty two millionth one, by my reckoning.

Shame on L'Occitane.

The berry Angel-like opening quickly gathers a nasty chemical guaic -aoud note that makes it less than wearable.

I imagine one could keep it in one's purse to spray at people one doesn't like.
03rd August, 2017
Old and new collide,
Emitting brightness and warmth.
01st July, 2017

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