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Carlisle (2015)
by Parfums de Marly


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Year of Launch2015
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About Carlisle

Carlisle is a masculine fragrance by Parfums de Marly. The scent was launched in 2015

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I've only ever owned Habdan from pdm, which I really liked but sold it due to the way it performed on my skin (low sillage and projection). Luckily tho parfums de Marley have perfected things with Carlisle, although not the same scent it does share many facets from habdan and things like Herod and oajan. In the opening I get a beautiful citrus/apple soaked wood with hints of sweet vanilla and spice, then this leads into a leathery tobacco accord not too dissimilar to the structure and aroma in Mancera Red tobbaco, then it's creamy woods and slight ambery touches with all of the above. Carlisle tho is a lot less less obnoxious and better blended to my nose than Red tobacco's a wonderful comforting 10 hours on my skin and a real pleasure to own in the colder months.
22nd January, 2020
Parfums de Marly released a Harrod's exclusive with Carisle (2015), a fragrance that seems to borrow the synth oud of their 2013 Middle East series (namely Oajan), blend it with the Western tobacco spice of Herod (2012), and spin it up as almost a darker, better prototype to the Pasha de Cartier (1992) knock-off Layton (2016), which would be released the next year. Evidently, demand was high enough for Carisle that Parfums de Marly eventually took it off exclusive and sold it across the globe. To be sure, oud is not an official part of the scent pyramid here, and there is no real oud in Carisle (as there is none in PdM's "ouds" anyway), but whatever compound is present there is also present here, hence my connection. Carisle is a tricky one to peg because it opens like an oriental, dries down like a gourmand, but stays thoroughly mysterious and delicious. Real nose candy, this.

Carisle opens up with a stiff bergamot, sweet mandarin, and that medicinal compound standing in as oud for scents like Habdan (2013). Afterward, a smokey vetiver and violet enter the fray, followed by some jasmine indole and a cherry tobacco note. The headiness only doubles down into the base as a cacao note emerges, reminding me yet again of some artisanal ouds I've tried that also have chocolately facets juxtaposed against medicinal ones, but the real wood note here is guaiac wood, not agar. The vetiver smoke, tobacco, and florals play against patchouli, tonka, cardamom, and the aforementioned dark chocolate in the finish. This is a gorgeous wintry gourmand at the end, perfect for cold nights spent cuddling by the fire or a dark private club with a live jazz band, favorite cocktail in hand. There is nothing remotely casual about Carisle, but it is comfortable in the right setting. Longevity is immortal and this can be cloying if over-applied, so beware how much you spray.

The best way to summarize Carisle is as a luxuriant combination of Jacomo de Jacomo (1980) and Burberry London for Men (2006), with drops of Middle Eastern flair. The spice and medicinal properties make this less approachable than the usual high-end mall scent proxies Parfums de Marly likes to toss out onto shelves, and since the price tag is even higher than the already overpriced Parfums de Marly standard lines, reliance upon finding deals becomes even more crucial for someone who falls in love with it. Carisle can also be a bit difficult to sample because even though it went off exclusive status, not every Parfums de Marly seller wants to carry it because it is higher in price with less recognition than something like Galloway (2011). Carisle is certainly a welcome anomaly in the range, but very much a one-bottle-for-life "special occasion" kind of juice you need to both have the cash for and be in the mood to wear. Thumbs up.
04th October, 2019
As soon as I smelt this I knew a bottle had to be in my collection.

This is so smooth and masterfully blended and now one of my favorite fragrances.

Awesome smell and awesome performance!

Loses a point for versatility.


27th September, 2019 (last edited: 28th September, 2019)
I too am of the opinion that, upon trying to get the best aspects of Oajan, Layton and Herod, Carisle just misses the mark in all 3 categories; not a bottle that i will repurchase, it's Layton that i enjoyed the most so far from PDM. Like most PDM, Carisle too performs really well.
21st September, 2019
This fragrance made me smile when i put it on. I dont get anything from the pyramid, lol. It is a apple cider, fall spice, incense frag. Silly marketing. Just say what it is. The apple here is not the sour apple candy smell from say YSL Y or Wanted by Azzaro. More of a red apple, apple cider, apple juice accord. Pleasant. Id wear this in the fall, but then only. Maybe taking the family to an apple orchard or something. It is cozy and warm. It smells more complex than other PdM fragrances ive smelled. The woody incense notes really are beautiful in the heart, sweetened with the apple accord, somewhat akin to the feel of the opening of Jubilation XXV. As a specialized fragrance im gonna give this a thumbs up.
21st June, 2019
When I let my wife smell this, she immediately recognized the similarity with other PdM fragrances, i.e. Herod and/or Layton;

So, I know I am echoing someone, however don't remember who...

Carlisle is a very nice, pleasant fragrance. This fragrance has the cinnamon Apple spice of Oajan, the (floral) Lavender Violet, Geranium, Cardamom vibe of Layton, the slight tobacco and vanilla feel of Herod, and the balsamic leather smoke of Nisean.

I love the opening, but I really love the dry down. It's as if Layton and Oajan had a kid and voila = Carlisle.

A phenomenal masculine fragrance that I absolutely love! IMHO, not sure if this would wear well on a female as I think it is too smoky (wear what you desire). To my nose, I give Carlisle a very high rating because it is done very well. Really, done extremely well!

(One spray)
Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 9/10
Performance: 9/10
Silage: 9/10
Overall: 9/10
23rd April, 2019

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