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Tom Ford Noir Anthracite (2017)
by Tom Ford


Tom Ford Noir Anthracite information

Year of Launch2017
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
Creative DirectorTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Tom Ford Noir Anthracite

Tom Ford Noir Anthracite is a masculine fragrance by Tom Ford. The scent was launched in 2017

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Reviews of Tom Ford Noir Anthracite

This is a nicely dry, dark, and spicy masculine scent that's thankfully not sweet. I certainly agree that this evokes the scent of "hot peppers" -- or at least their dried and smoked seeds -- but that's a pretty compelling profile. Recommended if you prefer the drier and more bitter end of the TF spectrum.
02nd August, 2020
Thanks TF for making a more affordable fragrance that smells SO masculine - like tar, rotting leather, burnt hair, cigarette butts, dirty diaper, and... Beaver rectum...? I really have no idea, but all I can tell you is this is some very POTENT, vile smelling stuff! (Tried washing it off with soap and hot water, but alas, to no avail!)

"So 70s and 80s old-school masculine! So daring to be different!" Whatever. I bet actual burning anthracite coal would smell better than this horrid stuff.

I always wondered what Odeon's notorious "Sex Panther" cologne must smell like, and now I know. Yes, I'm fairly certain this must be what Big Foot's crotch would smell like.

FYI, in case anyone thinks I'm just hating on Tom Ford, TF Oud Wood is one of my all-time favourite colognes. It's my signature scent, and I haven't found anything better (but Aventus is definitely up there in a close tie). (TF Tobacco Oud, and Oud Fleur are very good too)
03rd May, 2020 (last edited: 12th May, 2020)
It really smells like charcoal. Then I get whiffs of cedar? then that flinty accord from tdh edt. so what is that, iso e? I don't know if I like it or not yet. It is definitely different. And singular. If I were going to own more it'd be a buy for sure, but would I wear it? It is really aggressive (smelling, not behaving) in the opening. Kinda acrid. The first two hours it projected pretty hard, and after 7 hours it was pretty quiet. It was present on my skin, but I really had to search it out. In the drydown I got a sort of ashy cigarette smell, which I actually like, because it is unabashed and centric. I applaud this fragrance for taking a risk. It doesn't suck, and you will remember it, which makes it stand heads and tails above 90% of the fragrances out there. Great value for the money here as well, as I'd consider this niche quality juice for designer prices. Thumbs up solidly.
09th October, 2019
WOW! What a great juice from start to finish. I find, to my nose, a strong tobacco note that of course isn't listed. I also do get a lot of peppery notes, ginger, leather, other spices, birch (for a slight smokey nuance) and sandalwood. I REALLY like this juice. I find it to be slightly similar to Tobacco Nuit by Atelier. Also it is way better than Amouage's Journey Man. Both are peppery but TF is just better. It is old school, so most under 30's won't like it. IF you find it in your price range and feel that a power house juice is missing from your collection do find a sample to test. You won't be disappointed. Enjoy!
20th August, 2019 (last edited: 04th September, 2019)
Too much of a riff on powerhouse masculine styles to connect with the broader market, but too sleek and linear (in that Tom Ford style) to connect with vintage powerhouse collectors, Noir Anthracite is one of those "Who exactly is this meant for?" oddities that will no doubt receive a lot of love after its discontinuation, whenever that may come. We may disagree regarding its merit, but we cannot deny just how singular and strange it is.

This scent is a blast from the past, an aggressive masculine fragrance artfully built from spice and smoke, giving off the impression of a dark cloud with flickers from red ember. It's a a dense, dry woody thing, a bit like hot coals and graphite seasoned with Sichuan pepper, a note which serves as the fragrance's centerpiece and adds to this mixture some evocation of Asian cuisine.

That this was released under the banner of Tom Ford's Signature line is somewhat puzzling, since this doesn't seem to have any mass-market appeal, but it is an intricate blend that would be tricky to layer, making it an awkward fit for the Private Blend. That it is attached to the dark, elegant, and sweet Noir line is even odder; this is a standalone thing with no resemblance to any of the other Noir fragrances.

Either way, bravo to Mr. Ford for bringing this to market. It's an intelligent reinterpretation of an older style that doesn't merely rehash the past and instead uses it to build an altogether new, arresting creation, asking what a robustly masculine fragrance might look like in 2017.

Noir Anthracite offers commendable, though not exceptional, performance, humming along on the skin as it fades into peppery ambiance. The spicy style makes it a better fit for chilly weather than warm weather, and, ideally, for evening wear.
11th May, 2019 (last edited: 09th September, 2019)
One of my favorite Chinese restaurants in San Francisco, Old Mandarin Islamic, has a dish that is simply titled "extremely hot peppers." It consists of equal parts chicken and peppers - Sichuan pepper, dried red chilis, fresh green peppers - there must be ten different kinds. Well, this should be the official scent of Old Mandarin Islamic, as it captures all the best aspects of their spicy cuisine.

In the opening I get all of the aforementioned peppers, along with black peppercorns and bergamot that comes across as bitter and herbal rather than citrus. Reminds me of the bergamot in Hermes' Concentre d'Orange Verte. It is very unique to my nose, at least compared to what I've smelled in Sephora and department stores.

I get more wood and green notes in the middle and dry down, and the "extremely hot pepper" element settles down a bit, veering more toward green, grassy pepper than fresh-ground black pepper. There's something kind of like seaweed that, when combined with the industrial coal "anthracite" of its name, reminds me of a seaside boardwalk drenched in creosote. The creosote/ocean smell is particularly nostalgic for me, so I really like that.

This is supposedly a member of the TF Noir family, but it's something of an ugly duckling in that family. It is super dry, woody, spicy, peppery, like Sichuan food over a coal fire, and it has none of the warmth or sweetness I usually associate with TF Noir scents. It's a bit of a weirdo, and maybe they just stuck the "Noir" name on it to attract more people to what is otherwise a bit of an outlier. But if you like dry, sharp scents like Gucci Guilty Absolute or Encre Noire, you might like this.
28th April, 2019

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