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by Abdul Karim Al Faransi


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Sheikh Al Faransi is an amazing mukhallat made with luxurious oils such as agarwood oil, amber and ambergris. This is a rather masculine fragrance, strong but not harsh.

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Excellent example of an eastern Attar created with the finesse of French Perfumery. Spicy florals, resinous honeyed Ambergris with a slight touch of oceanic sea foam. The ambergris really ties the whole composition together because the drydown is all Oud. The Oud itself has a rather floral characteristic and veers away from pungency often associated with cheaper ingredients. Judging this on price alone this the top quality Oud perfumery you can get under $50 usd. Great projection. Great sillage and excellent versatility. You won’t have to worry about scaring anyone away with your Oud and ambergris Attar. This is a beautiful ride from start to finish. If you want Oud on a budget this is it.
21st July, 2020
Structurally, Sheikh Al Faransi is not hard to describe: potent, salty ambergris is woven into a floral-oud skeleton. But the joy here is not in the intricacy of the structure but in its balance and depth.

The shimmering ambergris note, in particular, is profoundly satisfying.
03rd May, 2020
The star of Al Faransi's Privée collection is a powerhouse, in reviews people often leave the discussion on performance of longevity and sillage at the end but I really feel this is something I need to bring up at the beginning, this beautiful concotion is robust and incredibly potent.
It has such a pronounced sillage; I was chased down at a supermarket by the bakery lady for a couple of aisles to compliment me and ask me what I'm wearing.

Rich velvety honey with authentic amber notes very beautifully blended however I wouldn't really classify this as a purely sweet scent its really more complex than that. There's a note of dark chocolate, there's no sweetnes from the chocolate note but its a very smooth raw cocoa nibs like chocolate note that also has a sort of leathery aspect to it, all this is grounded by a mysterious beutifull Oud (agarwood) and a dry sandalwood base.

There's an element of exotic mystery to it with an undeniable sweetness, it's a rather masculine scent due to the leather and wood notes but I think some women can definitely pull it off. It's a head turner and it's like nothing I've ever smelled before and as I mentioned previously this is an absolute performance powerhouse.
Abdul Karim Al Faransi is a dedicated genius and I highly respect his commitment to only using authentic natural ingredients, I really can't wait to see how his house evolves.
20th October, 2017 (last edited: 23rd October, 2017)

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