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Panda (2017) (2017)
by Zoologist Perfumes


Panda (2017) information

Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseZoologist Perfumes
PerfumerChristian Carbonnel

About Panda (2017)

The company says: 

An encounter with a lovable panda is as unforgettable as the exotic forest it calls home. Like the majestic mosaic of dewy greens, and enchanting aromas of florals and fruits, this creature exudes a vibrance as light and playful as a Sichuan breeze.

Panda (2017) fragrance notes

Reviews of Panda (2017)

This is awful. Like seriously, just terrible.

5 seconds of cheap apple/raspberry topnotes leads to a couple of hours of dreadful, cheap-smelling aquatic "woody amber" Axe body spray smell.

Even cheap designer scents at least have better performance than this. Aside from the cute panda on the bottle, there's no reason anyone should seek this out.
15th September, 2020
Panda (2017) starts with a blast of ISO-E super. Which is disappointing, because it's shared by so many generic men's fragrances. You can smell a bit of the tea, citrus and apple, but that synthetic dry wood note cuts strongly through everything and dominates the scent. So sharp and irritating, it kinda burns my nose, and I liked T. Rex haha. This keeps going for a while, it isn't until about 3 hours in that the synthetics start to calm down and you get a bit more of what's underneath. Still there, but softer. And to be honest by that point my nose is already kinda blown out.

I'm also struggling to figure out where others are getting earthy notes from. This is an uncharacteristically fresh fragrance for the house. I don't get anything earthy, skanky, or challenging. It doesn't remind me of a forest, or anything else out of the natural world, it just reminds me of other fragrances. Longevity and sillage are both huge, but no point to that if I don't like the scent. Is it wearable? Sure, but so is Bleu de Chanel. Zoologist has far more interesting scents.
21st January, 2020
Zoologist – Panda (new 2017)

Green and bitter! If the new Panda is an improvement on the original, that item must have been a real stink bomb. This has the bitterness of newly mown grass, the kind that is over long and full of moisture, coming off the mower in great green gobs.

There is the unmistakable odor of oud or agar, which this company seems to think is de rigueur for all of its base compositions, and which immediately kicks a scent out of the game for me.

This smelled so vile around the sample spray hole that I decided to do my skin a favor and spray in on porous paper first. I’m glad I did.

On my spouse’s skin the apple and mandarin are noticeable. All of the notes sound interesting in combination, but when all I can smell is one bitter note, it seems hardly worthwhile to round up fifteen of them, only to have over 90 per cent of them overwhelmed by bitter woods.

Another scrubber – that makes four out of the six I have tried. I won’t be trying any others in future.
20th July, 2019
Panda (2017) is absolutely delightful. The first time I sprayed this I actually burst into laughter. This is a playful scent without being immature.

I mainly get notes of an iced fruit tea with a singeing ozonic almost alcohol smell. I get 14 hours as a skin scent and the sillage last for a good part of that. I could see this being almost sickly and overpowering if you were to spray it on your chest rather than your nape.

Great scent. Great performance. Crowd pleasing. Definitely purchased a full bottle.
01st April, 2019
IMO the remake is just as beautiful as the original. Crisp fruit. The apple on top is Juicy. A blast of ozonic notes. Earthy, bright flowers in the late top, early middle notes. Bold and bracing amber, patchouli, and orris. The base lasts forever.
27th June, 2018
Fruity aquatic. Fairly pedestrian; my least favorite so far from this house. Even with that it's still head and shoulders above most pedestrian fragrances. I guess this is supposed a Panda eating an apple in a flower filled bamboo forest?? Clean and green, with a zippy tartness from the green apple. Cool and airy. Very Japanese in style, by which I mean this is the kind of fragrance Japanese companies use in their soap/ deodorant/ personal grooming products. It also reminds me of those 90's "fresh" fragrances. Panda is actually quite pleasant and likeable, just boring. It's happy and uplifting though, and if that's what you want you could do far worse.
28th December, 2017

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