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Harem Rose (2017)
by Fort and Manlé


Harem Rose information

Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseFort and Manlé
PerfumerRasei Fort

About Harem Rose

Harem Rose is a shared / unisex perfume by Fort and Manlé. The scent was launched in 2017 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Rasei Fort

Harem Rose fragrance notes

Reviews of Harem Rose

A winsome vetiver and cashmere-dusted rose from beginning to end, appealing and really pretty. It begins more rose and ends more cashmere.
Fragrances can open very 3D - rounded, full, alive. Harem Rose is one of those, as are many. And as is the case with this phenomenon, it flattens or thins out as it settles. But the cashmere note is always a radiant fuzz on my skin, so it gives the fragrance soft aliveness on its own, when the fresher notes dry off.
Harem Rose wafts around the body in a lovely way. You don’t want strong projection with this one (an over- and mis-used idea), considering the cashmere note (actually one can go further and say most perfume inappropriateness comes from the wrong idea of the value of projection in fragrances).
Harem Rose is a sylvan rose, sensual but not carnal.
20th March, 2019 (last edited: 26th March, 2019)
Harem Rose is a beauty, no doubt about it, but too damn polite for its own good. This is a perfume that would normally have had me reaching for my wallet in a kind of Pavlovian response, but as its projection is modest – only a shade or two more than a skin scent on me – no sale.
Such a shame as Harem Rose is otherwise so decorously arrayed – dried, sweet, slightly musty, red rose petals, shimmery woody notes with a fermented twist and the fresh breath of cardamom and menthol combining dreamily into a scent that feels like an afternoon reverie, relaxed and relaxing. But much as I would like to nod off to it with a smile on my face, I find it not sufficiently airborne to deliver the pleasure it so tantalizingly offers.

05th July, 2018
Beautiful. A soft, musky, dusty rose, underlain with a slight woody note and a touch of incense. It’s not your usual rose scent, not by a long shot. This is not a young, fresh rose – it’s a deeper, darker, more mysterious rose scent. I don’t picture red roses with this – I see fat, fully blown dusky pink roses in a beaten silver rose bowl. Got a compliment on this from a lady in the shop earlier today. Definitely full-bottle worthy.
17th March, 2018
It's always nice to see a rose-dominant entry in a collection, and Fort & Manle's Harem Rose, their latest offering as of today, does not disappoint.

It's mostly rose, as expected, and I get a subdued almost incense-like vibe with semi-powdery and woody elements in there, as well. I can mostly attribute this the cashmere and woods, I imagine.

Additionally, there's some smooth, creamy sweetness from the amber and vanilla but it's relatively subtle.

This is another agreeable, unisex, practically year-round-wearable entry from the Fort & Manle, but I'm not quite so moved by Harem Rose as there are many roses out there, and the pricing (230 AUD / 178 USD for 50ml) remains a bit of an obstacle when there are also more moderately-priced rose options. Definitely a "like" not a "love" at this point but a recommended try.

7 out of 10
13th October, 2017
A lovely white musk infiltrates this pink rose-dominated beginning. You still get green stem and buds that have yet to bloom. This is more delicate to me than this house's over rose dominated fragrance, Charlatan.
Harem Rose evokes purity that will potentially be exploited and mature into what Charlatan is. Charlatan, the mature adult who has been there and done that, Harem Rose, the innocent about to lose their innocence.
This develops nicely into a light woodiness, and i pick up what might be cedar, in young spring-time forest. I also get something akin to unripened fruit here in the middle.
As lovely as this scent is, i couldn't see myself wanting to wear this more than wanting to smell it on someone else.
06th August, 2017

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