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Café Tuberosa (2017)
by Atelier Cologne


Café Tuberosa information

Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAtelier Cologne
Parent Company at launchL'Oréal Group

About Café Tuberosa

Café Tuberosa is a shared / unisex perfume by Atelier Cologne. The scent was launched in 2017

Reviews of Café Tuberosa

I love this. It's so different from the other Ateliers I've tried, which I liked, but were all either citrus or floral. It smells exactly like, well, Paris to me. It's like being in a cafe with French women wearing expensive perfume.

I get mocha, subtle patchouli and a little vanilla. But, I must emphasize it's NOT overly sweet. I also have to say I don't get much in the way of floral from this one.

I have a travel size of this but would seriously consider a bigger bottle.
05th May, 2018
Cafe Tuberosa is probably the first winter-leaning release that also leans somewhat gourmand, a welcome addition to their lineup given that they've not tackled coffee or tuberose, really, elsewhere in their catalog, to my knowledge.

It opens with a heavy dose of coffee, neither terribly bitter nor rich, blending with the tuberose note. The cardamom adds a certain warm spiciness and the combination of vanilla and cacao further make it a sweet experience.

It dries down more floral, overall, but still sweet. The coffee figures in more for the first couple hours but gives way to the tuberose somewhat gradually.

It's not as sweet as Montale Intense Cafe, nor as floral as Tom Ford Cafe Rose, but somewhere in between for those that find the former too sweet and too gourmand-like and the latter too floral and powdery.

I find it quite lovable, perhaps satisfying one's desire for both of the above but not mine, personally, as I prefer the individual expressions of Intense Cafe and Cafe Rose, despite the notable difference of the tuberose note, contra the rose note of the other two.

Still, a great entry from the house that merits the attention it's received.

8 out of 10
14th January, 2018
The very first minute of Café Tuberosa indeed smells like the aromatic, bitter astringency of coffee to me. But it soon gets overrode by rich cacao, and the fragrance smells more like a cup of sweet mocha with a bar of dark chocolate than black coffee. There is also a subtle boozy impression during this mocha phase, probably due to the presence of rose and sweet citrus.

I didn't expect the tuberose here to be a carnal witch, but still, to my disappointment, this enchanting flower is close to non-existent in Café Tuberosa on my skin. What I get, is a vague floral undercurrent that can be attributed to almost any common floral notes if you will, and a creamy sweetness of artificial vanilla. This sweet creaminess initially enriches the mocha and makes it more unctuous, but eventually softens and the mocha fades into the background after about 2 hours.

Afterwards, the clean patchouli and the rose assert themselves upon the vanilla and the tobacco-ish remnant of cacao, and create a somewhat ripe prune effect in a cocoon of velvet. This dry down indeed reminds me of that of Tom Ford Noir de Noir with slightly less complexity. The sillage is rather close to my skin, while the longevity is just above 6 hours.

All in all, I enjoyed Café Tuberosa, especially its initial mocha phase. As a gourmand fragrance, its sweetness is not over the top and overall I find it easy to appreciate as long as one enjoys chocolate-dominant fragrances. However, the execution of various notes, especially the tuberose and the patchouli, still has a strong commercial identity. The fragrance reminds me of a cup of Starbucks mocha, it's pleasant to drink but clearly feels standardised. I would recommend it to gourmand fans of mocha and dark chocolate, but not to those who are expecting a special tuberose or realistic black coffee.
08th December, 2017
Café Tuberosa is a white floral with a touch of vanilla and a slight oriental twist. Initially it's bright, and that is also when the coffee notes come to the fore. The coffee is lush and smells like a coffeeshop, rather than earthy beans. The other half of the accord is the tuberose, which is uncharacteristically meek, lost amidst the coffee, the vanilla and a hint of rose. In fact, I would definitely not presume this to be a tuberose fragrance. After a couple of hours it seems that we have left the coffee shop. At this stage what's left on my skin is a not so interesting blend of white florals, coffee and vanilla. Sillage is moderate, and duration is reasonable at over five hours on my skin.

I find Café Tuberosa to be stylistically similar to Intense Cafe, Cafe Rose and Noir de Noir, though it is brighter and more summery than those. It can be thought of as the coffee and white floral counterpart of Intense Cafe, but it is more elegant and definitely not as rich. I am not moved by Café Tuberosa because of a couple of points: I'm not sure this 'coffee and tuberose' pairing works as effortlessly as 'coffee and rose'; secondly, it seems a bit too safe and bland, especially after the first two hours.

Is 2017 the year of the tuberose? It might seem so, with Gabrielle, Bloom, Twilly and Café Tuberosa. While Gabrielle is most underwhelming, Café Tuberosa does offer something a little different and is definitely worth a spray or five.

15th November, 2017
If I could give this 2 thumbs up I would!!!

Another one of those fragrances that gives me the feeling of excitement and delight!! The kind of fragrance that solicits feeling of wanting to dive deep into its goodness. I mean, really deep dive into its goodness!

I thought this was going to be a FLOWER bomb of a fragrance (not to be confused with Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf)...well, initial smell-A MAJOR BLAST OF BOOZINESS up front followed by cocoa and coffee combined with dark rose and tuberose.

As this dries, you find yourself in a cloud of sweet almost candy-like gourmand of a fragrance that's musky and full of dark coffee that has been nicely done!!

I think this could perhaps be unisex. My wife says to her that its very masculine!

[If I might add, even though iris and pink pepper are not apart of the note break down, my mind seems to think there are hints of these because there is the resemblance of Dolce & Gabbana's La Roue de la Fortune 10 hidden deep within the recesses of this fragrance. Those notes are found in the aforementioned fragrance...] This makes me love this fragrance that much more!

Very nice!!
07th November, 2017 (last edited: 12th November, 2017)

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