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Fucking Fabulous (2017)
by Tom Ford


Fucking Fabulous information

Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
Creative DirectorTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Fucking Fabulous

Fucking Fabulous is a shared / unisex perfume by Tom Ford. The scent was launched in 2017

Reviews of Fucking Fabulous

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United Kingdom
The opening blast is dominated by bitter almonds, but they are not unpleasantly bitter due to the counterbalancing effect of a vanilla not, which has resinous characteristics.

The other counterbalance is provided by an orris impression, which exudes a discreet spiciness that works very ell with its two predecessors. resulting in an original composite aroma that is on the bright and positive side. An undertone of coumarin gives is additional depth, assisted by a light and soft leather accord with minimal smokiness only on me.

Towards the end herbal touch of dried sage develops, based on a backgound of a nonspecific woodsiness contributed by a cashmeran that is lacking any spiciness at this stage.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and a very good longevity of eight hours on my skin.

This scent for bright and warmer autumn days manages to throw together a few constituents, a mix of an unusual one with several more commonly used ones, to create an original composition with good performance. A couple of ingredients are rather generic, but overall the over-hyped marketing was unnecessary: This is a quite good fragrance. 3.25/5
13th June, 2021
A sexy soul.this scent on a woman able to bring out the tonka bean and orris,so belie the sugariness.on a man able to play up to the sugary almond,i think this fragrance could convey sexual complexity, playfulness, reminds me of scene from Mad Men where Roger Sterling sings Zou Bissou Bissou.totally unisex scent.

Sweet and creamy almond on a woody background, amber and tonka bean on each other.not a true gourmand,but pretty close to one.the leather and woods are dry and the teak wood gives an animalic touch that gives a beautiful contrast with the rest of the notes.the ideal occasion is fall,on a date.not a huge scent, but it doesn't need to be makes me feel good to wear it and i don't care about compliments or anything,if wearing a fragrance makes me feel good,that's all that matters.
25th April, 2021
But how could it live up to such a name? Is the only question I ask myself as I feel somewhat underwhelmed.

Okay, with that out of the way and expectations aside - it's a very nice scent. The opening is unique to me. The creamy orris/tonka opening really surprised me and initially I was not keen. But I couldn't help but keep smelling. It grew on me over the course of the day to where I was madly sniffing at my arm because it was so more-ish (for lack of a better term).

Where this falls slightly short of the mark (for me) is the leather. I don't get leather as much as I get a leather polish type of accord on my skin. It works but it's just not quite to my taste.

Overall I'd say this is a solid 7/10 in terms of fragrance. But as it is 'fucking fabulous' and also fucking expensive - I'm not sure I'd be getting value for money with a full bottle purchase. Thumbs up, but a 10ml decant is good enough for me
28th September, 2020
Here’s the thing you need to know about Irish people: despite our potty mouths, we need for you all to think we are the last remaining bastion of Christian morality on the outskirts of Europe. We are the isle of saints and scholars, so by God, we are going to live up to it. In order to preserve this (thin) veneer of respectability, therefore, Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous is sold in Brown Thomas, Dublin, with the “obscenity” scribbled out in black permanent marker. Obscenity – that’s the SA’s word, not mine, by the way. Who on earth under the age of 60 ever says the word obscenity? Right. They probably all just say fuck.

Here’s the other thing. Brown Thomas can’t keep Fucking Fabulous in stock. It’s flying off the shelves. Offended and titillated in equal measure, people are buying the fucking thing! And if Tom Ford released a flanker for the Irish market called Fecking Fabulous, it would probably double its market share. (Add in flankers with names such as Feck, Arse, and Women, and you tap into the Father Ted fan base).

What does it smell like? I’m not sure it even matters, because people are buying it for the name alone, to display in the living room cabinet to get a rise out of their Ma or to bring to parties as a sort of conversation piece. But for what it’s worth, Fucking Fabulous is pretty good. It’s basically a gentle, creamy, aromatic tonka bomb with an underpinning of bitter, doughy suede. It starts out with a lot of lavender and sage, which gives it a fougere-ish feel, but the plush, brushed-suede texture of the tonka envelops the herbs so completely that it never feels fresh or too foresty.

In fact, the smart positioning of the aromatic, herbal side against the creamy tonka side reminds me very much of other modern fougeres, like Boy by Chanel, Lothair by Penhaligon’s, and even Fourreau Noir by Serge Lutens. What these fragrances all have in common is their modern approach to the old, hair-balled fougere genre, which is basically to add so much creamy stuff – tonka, vanilla, heliotrope, sandalwood, and so on – that you barely feel the itchy, hair-shirt sting of the lavender or moss. I have likened Fourreau Noir to a dense lavender doughnut before, and Jtd of ScentHurdle called Mon Guerlain a “taffy fougere” – and that’s pretty much what’s going on with Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous. It’s a gourmand fougere, albeit one that’s far less edible and sweet than any of the other fragrances mentioned here.

If I had to distinguish or differentiate it further within the gourmand fougere category, then I’d say that Fucking fabulous feels quite masculine, thanks to its brushed suede note. There’s a moment at the start when the lavender and sage combine with the bitter almond to form a brief impression of licorice, cherry, and even mint – like the herbal bitterness at the start of Fève Délicieuse (Dior) – but it soon smoothes out into that tonka bean smell, which I think of as the scent of a freshly-vacuumed carpet.

I don’t mean that in a bad way. Tonka bean is often used as a replacement for vanilla in men’s fragrances because it smells like a rugged, spicy, “tanned” version of vanilla, but with a significantly more aromatic presence, possessing facets of hay, lavender, and lots of other herbaceous things. However, because it’s been so overused in masculine fragrances, especially designer ones, there’s a sort of sameyness from one tonka bomb to the next that makes it olfactory equivalent of a plushy, deep beige carpet. Think of Arianna Huffington’s comment on President Obama’s re-upholstering of the Oval Office – “the audacity of taupe”, she called it, despairingly – and you get the idea of the total effect of a tonka overload; a mushroom cloud of bland creaminess that expands to fill one’s field of vision, cheerfully water boarding any other element placed there to try and break it up a little.

And for me, that’s what Fucking Fabulous ultimately becomes; a huge, creamy expanse of tonka bean suede with only a lingering trace of the aromatic interest of its opening. It’s a very high quality tonka fragrance, mind, with none of the cheapness associated with the material’s near ubiquity. But if I’m going to wear a fragrance that’s tonka bean for about 70-80% of the ride, then I’d just as soon avoid the price tag that comes with anything Tom Ford, and opt for something more prosaic but just as tonka-ish, like Tonka by Reminiscence.

But that’s a purely personal preference – I might wear a tonka-based fragrance three times a year, at most, because I’m just not that into it. But if you are, and you have the money to go Tom Ford, then Fucking Fabulous is one of the better examples of how to do the material on today’s market.
17th August, 2020
Love child of Bulgari Black and Fat Electrician. I like it a lot.
26th June, 2020
My mother gave me this scent as a candle for xmas and thought it was hilarious. I wondered why she didn’t just give me one of the many Tom Ford scents that I already liked. The name came off tacky to me. Maybe funny but come on!

After burning it a few times I became somewhat obsessed with this strange Tonka/orris/almond sweetness. It’s extremely comforting but makes some sort of accord that still manages to be distinctive.

I bought a bottle and it reminds me of an amped up Issara(by Dusita) that you can actually smell from a foot or two away. So a sweet Tonka fougere(thanks clary sage) with a leather bottom.

Smells even better on my lady than it does on me. But I still wear it. Smells like Easter Sunday mixed with singles night.
12th April, 2020

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