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Beach Hut Man (2017)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2017
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerElise Benat

About Beach Hut Man

Part of the 'Midnight Flower' collection. The company says:

An olfactive escape to a place of freedom and oblivion where nature overpowers all senses.

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Reviews of Beach Hut Man

Unfortunately not something that works well in our summer's dry desert heat. It's just not sharp enough to lift my sprits I'm afraid.

Perhaps it's more suited to areas with higher humidity ?

In any case, a neutral for me.
27th July, 2020
It's all in the drydown for me. It does start off a bit grassy and bitter, but after 20 minutes it becomes a wonderful fresh, slightly grassy, slightly minty, just a hint of sweet, invigorating scent that lasts a long time for this type.

After reading a recent review here, I actually went out and bought a 100ml tester of Lapidus Pour Homme Sport. I agree the Lapidus is exactly the same, if you replace the mint and grass with cat pee and cut the longevity/silage by 80%. The tester bottle will go to the office lunchroom waiting for someone to steal it.
27th June, 2020
Synthetic oakmoss and harsh green/incensy opening that were actually done before and in a better (smoother, not that agressive) way in Lapidus Pour Homme Sport. Get the OG and save 250 u$s.
29th April, 2020
Herbal green Ivory and mint make this refreshing with vetiver and myrhh following quickly after.This scent is green with a bit of sweetness but it smells like a cocktail that I want to drink than a fragrance I want to wear. Nice but not my cup of Earl Grey.
10th April, 2020
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is full of orange blossom, whiffs of plum blossom, lots of galbanum and mint. The mint is in the background on me, so the refreshing side is toned down considerably, but the galbanum is of an unusual brightness and levity.

The drydown is centered around a lovely ivy impression, reminiscent of gardens fragrant of the ivory climbing up the house walls. A soft mossy undertone with a warmly glowing vetiver are also present, with the latter lacking any significant earthiness.

The base is vetted around a rich and herbal myrrh core, with woodsy sides notes adding additional depth and texture. Towards the end a soft and inoffensive but also a bit bland patchouli is also making an appearance.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and a stupendous longevity of fourteen hours on my skin.

The beach atmosphere the name of this summer scent conjuring up never materialises in its development; the mint is just not strong enough on me. Otherwise the later stages are the better ones, including the base, where an additional touch of powderiness adds a pleasant twist; this is a modern and unstuffy barbershop element that fit in well with the rest. Overall, this is not Bond No.9’s Fire Island, but still a nice composition with an impressive longevity. 3.5/5.
20th December, 2019
I didn't like the opening of this a first but now i really enjoy it. This has happened on a few of my now favorites.

My main love of this is the drydown it is great, along with the quality and longevity of this.

16th August, 2019

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