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Note de Yuzu (2017)
by Heeley for Maison Kitsuné


Note de Yuzu information

Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Created ForMaison Kitsuné

About Note de Yuzu

The fragrance is a collaboration between Heeley and French music and clothing label Maison Kitsuné.

Note de Yuzu fragrance notes

Reviews of Note de Yuzu

Immediately identifies as Heeley with a distinctive salty Sel Marin breath. The Mandarin's perfume true, Yuzu citrus is meditative enhanced by the bloom and vague bitterness of Grapefruit. Touched with a sprinkle of Vetiver adds a little earthy robustness.
Gourmand in that I can vision this on a white plate assembled with precision that of Thomas Keller.

A lovely scent that balances the layers of Citrus bloom ethereal.

Recommended for it's elegant purity.

Zeste de Gingembre follows with similar panache.
16th July, 2020
The opening of Note De Yuzu is wonderfully refreshing grapefruit and mandarin...if it held onto the opening throughout I'd want a bottle regardless of it being completely linear. The opening is very short lived however and the dry down isn't nearly as enjoyable for me as it seems to drift into the white musk camp with a touch of saltiness and of course it also disappears completely in time. I don't think this smells like Sel Marin in the dry down as I don't really get the birch woodiness of Sel Marin which I love. Note De Yuzu isn't FB worthy for me, but I sure do enjoy that opening.
11th April, 2020
Strong mandarin skin smell, but without opening the fruit skin. The salt and seaweed give it that typical Heeley "by the sea" quality, but more nutty with the seaweed and vetiver, if that makes sense. Very idiosyncratic fragrance and hard to pin down. Almost like a nutty penicillin. I'm neutral on this one.
23rd January, 2019
Note De Yuzu opens with an holographic note of fizzy / zesty / juicy green citrus. In this phase, the accord is so literal to make me salivate. Very aromatic and hyper vivid without falling too much into functional smells territories. I'm not a huge fan of citrus but the accord is so well executed that I've found it pretty entertaining. Unfortunately the fragrance slowly turn into a Sel Marin clone introducing exactly the same salty / clean musky / woody vetiver base. Now, while I really dig Sel Marin, I find Note De Zuzu a bit redundant for those who already own the former. It could instead make a valid option for those who don't own Sel Marin or have a particular affection for citrus-themed compositions that don't feel too Eau De Cologne-ish.

Rating: 6.5/10
18th December, 2017
This is a delightful Yuzu fragrance and is better than my past favourite Yuzu: Loewe 7 Natural but of course it is more expensive. It is fresher and more pure and for the first hour gives you the impression you are smelling the zest. Truly refreshing. There is an overlap with Sel Marine but this is more fruity. Obviously. I could never really warm to Sel Marine. It is nice but does nothing exceptionally well. It projects well and lasts 3-4 hours. A pleasant fragranced tissue wipe smell from a 5 star spa. Due to its purity and freshness this is head and shoulders above Sel Marine. But. Its still citrus and I have a problem with primarily citrus scents unless there is some clever mid and base manning it up because these fragrances even if they are marketed as masculine are really unisex (here they directly market it as unisex) and in our age of political correctness would more justifiably be worn by the fairer sex. Fragrance houses may view it as justifiable economics to appeal to the increasing number of Bottega Veneta purses but this ruins it for the traditionalists who just like being uncomplicated males (and who have difficulty finding new masculine colognes as a result) and tradition is the backbone of any society and institution.

4.5/5 as a Yuzu fragrance. Fresh , zesty yet subtle. The best Heeley cologne I have smelt. Projection 3.5/5 Longevity 3/5
29th November, 2017

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