Sale Gosse (2017)
by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle


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Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseEditions de Parfums Frederic Malle
PerfumerFanny Bal
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Sale Gosse

An ode to “enfants terribles” and all manner of monkey business: doodles on the blackboard, devious schemes and pranks galore. Petitgrain, neroli, bergamot and rosemary are infused with a cheeky smile of violet and strawberry for a taste of bubblegum, old-fashioned sweets and getting away with murder.

Reviews of Sale Gosse

Fresh, lemony, bright. Many attractive citrus notes. Quite youthful in style. The so-called "bubble-gum" note is a bit metallic. Breezy and fun. A bit soapy at times. Lovely floral-violet note in the dry down. Mild thumbs up.
10th June, 2019
Love at First Wiff. I worked long years in niche perfumery. I am hard to convince. This is not overly new or anyhow complicated. But it is a charming , well done (for me currently the best )orange blossom. much better than fleur d’oranger by lelabo. And most importantly it works perfectly on me. Lovely orange blossom. Bought a bottle immediately and did not regret.
After you spray it, there is sth to it that reminds on the french Patisserie using orange blossom water for their sweets. It is not Gourmand but yet delicious. It reminds me of the holidays with my grandma in south France when I was small, it smells like what a genuine soap and water beauty looks like. Sth pure. Effortless. Elegant and sparkling. It matches a white slim evening dress for a grande soirée just as well as a pair of light blue jeans with a white blouse. A marvel
09th June, 2019 (last edited: 02nd February, 2020)
I suppose every company eventually has to put out an aquatic scent, and Malle gets credit for finding a truly unique way of doing it, but I feel like the results are a little questionable.

Sale Gosse kicks off strong, with bright, cheerful salty lemon. There's also a classic marine scent hiding in the background, like a pinch of Green Irish Tweed, with its signature violet leaf and bright dihydromercenol peeking out occasionally, adding heft and green subtlety to the brightness.

As the lemon fades, it makes room for bubble gum. At first, it works - the bubble gum contributes to the cheerfulness of the whole thing. But once the bubble gum really makes it to the forefront, it's honestly pretty bad. The mix of marine aquatic notes and bubble gum is exactly as awkward as it sounds, unfortunately. Things get even worse when a 90's "seaweed" note lifted from L'Eau d'Issey comes in - like a bubble gum accident in a Purell hand sanitizer factory, delicately sprayed with Cool Water...

Thankfully, a fairly standard soapy neroli base eventually comes through, still especially sweet and vibrant from the lingering bubble gum, and saves the day.

So, wonderfully happy topnotes, a terrible heart, and a passable base. I guess that averages out to a neutral rating...
10th August, 2018
Neroli. Soap. Reminiscent of Palmolive soap bar at times.
30th November, 2017
On my skin, Sale Gosse is primarily a bright, green neroli-dominated eau de cologne. It opens with the fresh, herbal minty tone of rosemary, and bracingly soapy, bitter greenness of petit grain. Occasional ginger-like zestiness of bergamote and the metallic grit of lavender pop up, further underscoring the cleansing, invigorating nature of an eau de cologne.

The neroli soon appears and takes the leading role after the initial galvanizing opening. The neroli here exhibits a subtle camphoraceous, even mushroom-like trace of indole, and the fluffy sweetness of orange blossom, albeit very gentle, which grants Sale Gosse a more natural feeling despite its overall bright, clean, soapy nature.

While some eau de cologne proceeds to reveal a woody base from then on, Sale Gosse develops a slightly tart fruity sweetness about 1 hour in, which makes it appear slightly more feminine as an eau de cologne. At first, this fruity tart sweetness combined with the green petit grain, reminds me of unripe green mandarine. As the tartness recedes, it vaguely recalls the herbal sweetness of violet candy and the woody sweetness of strawberry. But this sweetness acts as mere footnotes to the overall green, refreshing neroli, and at no point does it smell outright gourmand.

If I try to think about the Malabar bubblegum, there is indeed a discreet powdery texture. Adding the cheerful, albeit soft fruity sweetness, I can indeed see the reference to the bubblgum. But it's far from being a strong and concrete note, and can easily be described as just a touch of joyful red fruits and violet.

This already soft fruity sweetness doesn't last long, either. It soon gets lost in the pristine, tranparent green neroli and white musk about 2 hours in. And Sale Gosse remains so until the end. The sillage is mostly soft, and becomes extremely close to skin after 2 hours. It lasts merely 5 hours on my skin.

As I was expecting a more prominent Malabar candy accord and a daring juxtaposition of candy and fresh eau de cologne, finding Sale Gosse a mostly safe green neroli is disappointing to me. But overall, it's still very pretty and solidly done.

Fans of pure, crisp neroli eau de cologne might want to check it out, especially if you're looking for a version with a slightly feminine fruity twist. The candy and bubblegum accord emphasized in the press release is pretty minor on my skin as well. Therefore, I'd encourage those who are wary of sweet notes to give it a try, but would suggest against a blindbuy if you're intrigued by the Malabar accord.
02nd November, 2017

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