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O, Unknown! (2017)
by Imaginary Authors


O, Unknown! information

Year of Launch2017
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseImaginary Authors
PerfumerJosh Meyer

About O, Unknown!

O, Unknown! is a shared / unisex perfume by Imaginary Authors. The scent was launched in 2017 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Josh Meyer

Reviews of O, Unknown!

O, Unknown! I wish I knew you long ago. This is such a clean refreshing orris. That's a sentence I never thought I'd say. I used to hate the note, but now it's something I like quite a lot. This isn't a rich buttery orris along the likes of Dior Homme Parfum or Givenchy Gentleman EDP, this is light and sweet.

I was excited to try another tea fragrance after really enjoying Winter Palace by MEMO. At first I couldn't pull out the tea note all THAT strongly, but then I realized where it was hiding. After about the first hour the orris started to subdue a bit, and the fragrance smelled more and more like a mix of Dior Homme and Silver Mountain Water. I hadn't smelled SMW in a while so I looked up the note list... blackcurrant, musk, and green tea! Mystery solved. There are plenty cheap SMW clones out there at this point, but anyone who really likes the scent ought to give this a try. It is by no means a clone, it's unique and very much it's own thing, but it might surprise you.

Also, in my last Imaginary Authors review I talked about common DNA between IA fragrances. That surely doesn't apply here. To me this doesn't smell at all like anything Josh has ever put out.

Overall this is a super pleasant fragrance. Unique enough to stand out, but also pleasant enough to be an office work daily-driver. My only complaint is the projection is a little weak. It sticks fairly close to the skin. If this was as strong as my DHP, I'd be hemming and hawing over which I'd really like in my collection. But, as it stands I'll keep my DHP.
08th January, 2020
Great little tea number. Thankfully the Lapsang Souchong is minimal, although I do like the light smoky notes in the opening. The orris butter lends a creamy waxy level to the tea which comes across as a cold cream or slight makeup note. I admit I had to look up what Kyoto moss was - it's used for the ground cover for bonsai trees and Japanese gardens and the smell is referred to as high-quality soil and earth.

O, Unknown! brings in all the pieces of a nice cup of tea with perhaps a bit of burning incense in a Japanese garden or greenhouse. This perfume hugs the skin closely and it feels like a bit of a zen secret. Delight to wear.
26th January, 2019
The latest release from Imaginary Authors is difficult for me to taxonomize. O, Unknown! certainly lives up to its name. It's mysterious, and generally speaking, unlike most perfume that I've smelled.

Its principal notes are tea, orris, and mixed woods of balsam and sandalwood, along with a mystery note that I'm clearly not in tune with.

I don't know much about different types of teas, but the tea in this fragrance is well-blended with the orris, not standing out much on its own but at the same time subduing the orris enough so that the fragrance doesn't come off too powdery. The woody undertones certainly create a smoother dry down than the more tea-heavy opening, at least it comes off to my nose.

There's a chalky, play doh-like sense in which the fragrance feels like a familiar material, not really synthetic but not too natural, at the same time.

I wouldn't expect to like this much from the note breakdown as tea and orris don't thrill me generally, but I surprisingly quite like it.

It's one of the most daring Imaginary Authors scents that Josh has ever released, in my opinion, perhaps only second to Bull's Blood in terms of audacity, though obviously Bull's Blood creates more of a literal and figurative stink to it, whereas O, Unknown! is almost inarguably smoother and easier to wear.

I find it fascinating that two people already find this similar to Cape Heartache, as I don't really get that similarity, given the absence of strawberry and pine, what stand out most prominently for me in Cape Heartache.

This is a nice new entry from the house I always look forward to seeing the next iteration from, and O, Unknown doesn't disappoint.

7 out of 10
16th December, 2018
I do get some of the tea and musk but the main note that keeps coming through is a lipstick or makeup note, much more feminine than Dior Homme or other iris-centric men's scents. For that reason, I believe this leans more feminine.

Sneaky-good projection. One minute you think it’s gone and then you get a strong hit of it. This lasted into the 6-7 hour range on me.
18th October, 2018

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