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1 Million Lucky (2018)
by Paco Rabanne


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Year of Launch2018
AvailabilityIn Production
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HousePaco Rabanne
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About 1 Million Lucky

1 Million Lucky is a masculine fragrance by Paco Rabanne. The scent was launched in 2018

Reviews of 1 Million Lucky

Nice for a younger guy. A bit sickly sweet. Strong sugary vanilla/almond note. Close to Eros.
08th August, 2020
Better than the original, but still a no. Its not something that I would want to wear. Honey has a pee like smell to me. Like pee that your put a bunch of sugar in. Feels pretty thick, though a bit of uplift in there some where, pitched up by what I have no clue. Bottle looks better than the original, but still just so bad. Neutral.
23rd May, 2020
So, I just joined Basenotes. I just bought a new fragrance called 1 Million Lucky by Paco Rabanne, which is about 1/7th the cost of my favorite fragrance, Creed Aventus. The latter mentioned is so outrageously overpriced I only buy samples when absolutely necessary.

Anyway, here's my first review. I have no idea what I'm talking about (many of you have unbelievably nuanced noses - and my nose is out-of-joint with jealousy) but writing reviews has always been fun for me and, let me tell you, this 1 Million Lucky journey was quite the thrill ride!


Hi. Newbie here, and I thank this august membership for your expertise.

I have learned a lot!

Now, I do not claim to have an advanced olfactory system but, other than the late powder, I did not experience much of what others have mentioned here.

My 1 Million Lucky arrived today. I got a 100 mil. bottle on Amazon for 60 bucks and could not resist the bargain. Have been looking for an Aventus substitute (nothing qualifies as a true clone, I've found) and this fragrance came highly recommended.

First blast was just that - an almost overwhelming gale of The Pineapple Express. Wow! Felt like I was swimming in a piña colada without the colada. Aventus has a decent (and MUCH subtler) pineapple note at first but that note calms down very quickly into Creed's sublime, complex underthemes. After the pineapple, the Rabanne fragrance grew even more sugary - I was reminded of these little candies, Smarties, that I used to eat as a kid. This made for a nice sense memory but the fragrance's profile was not terribly masculine. Then, for a moment there, the pineapple morphed into what I can only describe ROTTEN pineapple: you know, as if the pineapple rind you threw away three days ago came jumping out of the trash and started pursuing you menacingly around your home?

Not pretty.

3 hours hence, the fragrance has calmed down considerably and, while the pineapple is still quite prevalent, there's also some remaining candy and, as aforementioned, a LOT of powder.

So, to recap: Robust pineapple-infused nuclear detonation settles into nostalgic children's candy, decays (half-life?) into pineapple corpse, which, blessédly, gives way to a pretty nice pineapplecandypowder.

This strikes me as a unisex scent, though I've not seen that mentioned anywhere. Perhaps I'll spray some on my girlfriend and see what happens.

Okay, bye!

Shnozz Rating: 7/10
02nd December, 2019 (last edited: 11th December, 2019)
This is either a good scent or it's just my perfect guilty pleasure because I've really been enjoying wearing it. Right out of the gate it's very sweet and immediately seems like a gourmand version of 1 Million. The hazelnut accord is actually very nice and smells just like when you inhale the aroma from a bag of hazelnut coffee (minus any real coffee smell). It adds a nice, roasted quality to the composition. Behind the hazelnut, there's some freshness, provided by the plum notes, which aside from being fresh are also a bit juicy and fruity-sweet. As a result, they're a nice, cooling complement to the hazelnut. Finally, the other most prominent smell is honey, which comes on a little bit later in its development, maybe about half an hour in. The honey, flanked by a subtle and sweet floral note, sits atop the rest of the composition, almost like a glaze, and it gives it a fragrant, aromatic characteristic, which diffuses nicely in its projection. Apparently there's grapefruit somewhere in the scent, but I don't exactly pick up on it. I think it really serves more to uplift the plum. The plum accord in Lucky isn't a deep, dark plum note like in Plum Japonais or John Varvatos, it's much brighter, and that's where I think the grapefruit comes into play. So for the first half of Lucky you have this pleasing interplay between the hazelnut accord, the plum, and the honey. When I first smelled this I imagined some kind of elaborate dessert--a cake almost like Tiramisu, but with different ingredients of fruit and honey and roasted nuts. But what's nice about Lucky is that it doesn't completely go into the direction of a dessert and maintains its fresher aspects as well.

All of this goes on for a while (2 or 3 hours) before moving into the second half and settling into its base. Lucky's base is not as interesting as the opening--it's basically the residual sweetness of the previous half combined with that sort of fuzzy/scratchy dry synthetic cashmeran wood which is so prominent in the base of many fragrances today. I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of this accord, and it's ruined a few fragrances for me in the past (Aqua Atlantique, for example). But while I felt it was totally out of place in Atlantique, a fresh aquatic with bergamot and marine notes in the opening, it feels like a more natural transition here, moving from Lucky's sweet, dessert-like beginning to this base of fuzzy woods. Some of the nuttiness hangs on too, which adds another dimension to the woods and makes them a little more interesting and tolerable than they'd be all by themselves. So I'm sort of forgiving of the woods base here, as I feel the first half has already presented a spectacular show, and also because it seems to fit better into the overall picture with Lucky than it does in some other scents. It gets a pass.

While 1 Million Lucky certainly isn't subtle, or even very refined, I don't find it crass or ignorant either. It's fun, and a bit loud, but it's also pretty well balanced and cleverly put together (at least in the first half). What counts most is that it smells really good for a decent amount of time and it performs well...just a few good sprays of this and you're set for a while. Its age range is wide. I'm pushing 40 and enjoy it, but I can definitely see a younger crowd liking it too. And as far as seasons and weather go, nothing's off limits. The warm roasted hazelnut makes it a good choice for fall or winter, and at the same time, Lucky absolutely shines on summer evenings. I'd classify it as a casual scent or a date scent. Overall, this gets a definite thumbs up and a final rating of 8 out of 10. I'm tempted to make it an 8.5.

Side note: Avoid this like the plague if you are averse to sweet scents, popular modern mainstream scents, and especially, popular modern mainstream scents for men that are sweet. If you hate Invictus, Code Profumo, Wanted, Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, etc. then stay far away from Lucky because you will certainly hate it too. However, if you don't mind modern sweet scents for men, and even enjoy some of them, then this is worth sniffing out. If you're a fan of Ferragamo Uomo, then I think you'll definitely love this. In some ways Lucky reminds me of Uomo, but I find Lucky a much better scent overall, with more clearly defined notes and concepts.
13th August, 2019 (last edited: 12th August, 2019)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Nut, citrus and fruit - this are the nuts and bolts of the first part.

The nut veers towards hazelnut indeed, whilst the citrus is a mix of orange and grapefruit - both on the ripe side. The nonspecific fruitiness in the background adds a bit of sweetness but nothing much more.

Later on the drydown adds a nonspecific woody element, and towards the end site a soft and rather bland patchouli is evident.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

This flanker for spring and autumn days is different from the original, but too generic in the second part and too synthetic to warrant a positive score. 2.75/5.
14th April, 2019
Paco Rabanne 1 Million (2008) helped revitalize the then-sagging name of Paco Rabanne in the eyes of mainstream male fragrance consumers. The brand hadn't really had a true successor to the smash hit of Paco Rabanne Pour Homme (1973), even if XS Pour Homme (1993) and Ultraviolet Man (2001) had some minor success of their own, milked further by armies of flankers. 1 Million has had some of its own flankers as well, with 1 Million Lucky (2018) being the second attempt at a more casual iteration of the main line, following 1 Million Cologne (2015) in that regard. We don't know who the perfumer is on this little ditty, but we do know that they took some notes from Azzaro because this could be a distant cousin to Azzaro Wanted (2013). To keep this concise, what you get in a bottle of 1 Million Lucky is a hazelnut-inflected gourmand-ish casual workplace iteration of the original Paco Rabanne 1 Million, freed from heavy blood orange tones and sweet woody amber richness. Of course, the expected "ambroxan bomb" base riff is present, but here it is not so leg-out like in so many late 2010's contemporaries. Is it enough to win your heart? That's up to you.

The opening of 1 Million Lucky is that aforementioned hazelnut note, mixed with some ginger (recalling Azzaro Wanted), lemon, and grapefruit. The slight sweetness present here is nowhere near as stifling as the original 1 Million can sometimes be, and the scent quickly merges into a plum-like accord furthering the food association, with a brief booziness like a fruit liqueur that ends up drying a bit once a cedar note appears. The ambroxan-fueled base is also stuffed with denatured "white patchouli", or the olfactory equivalent to food-service mayonnaise in my opinion, meant to add body and thickness without really giving any flavor of it's own. The white patchouli here also reminds me a bit of Obsessed for Men by Calvin Klein (2017), but without any vanilla to help give it some texture, making me feel like 1 Million Lucky is just empty calories with an ambroxan base by the final drydown. This last part is a real shame for me, as everything was going along so well up until the scent falls apart in the end, but the top notes do come back now and again. Wear time is average for the category at 8+ hours. and this is still no summer fragrance, but at least in median weather you can pull this off without asphyxiating anyone.

1 Million Lucky fills a niche in the lineup of "fall/spring casual day use" that I don't think the line really needed, since the gaudy gold bar and the heady juices of past flankers (outside the wrecking ball that is the original) all just imply that this is a "party time" scent where excess is expected. The 1 Million Cologne flanker is still the better casual warm weather option, since the marine notes in it and the slightly-crisper finish basically make it an aquatic version of the original, even if that concept in and of itself may be limited in appeal. Still, if you wanted a lighter and more apologetic version of 1 Million which has some neat nutty creamy things going on in the development, this might not be a bad option, especially if you're a fanatic for the line, but I just can't find this satisfying enough considering the collapse into singular base notes at the end. I consider myself "lucky" for being able to test this without blind-buying it for the tacky packaging like I did the original, so there's that I guess. I give this a neutral, but your opinion may vary so I suggest testing this, since it shouldn't be hard to find at any major department store or retail cosmetics chain, at for the first few years after release until Paco Rabanne hits us with another flanker.
24th March, 2019

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