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Rehab (2018)
by Initio


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Year of Launch2018
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Rehab

Rehab is a masculine fragrance by Initio. The scent was launched in 2018

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So I've heard a fair bit of hype around this one and I must admit....I'm impressed. Much like HdP 1899 the connections to Spicebomb are justified but of course this one is on an upper tier. I actually get a slight Spicebomb Extreme vibe as well. Longevity is fantastic, while sillage and projection are both good. I do get touches of lavender with this one which I don't get with SB. Drys down to a sweet, woody tobacco. Very nice but not something I want or need in my personal collection.
23rd January, 2020

Somehow I missed the hype around Rehab and didnít even know it existed until a couple of months ago (I guess thatís what happens when you donít watch YouTube fragrance reviews). So I didnít know what anyone was saying about it, good or bad. And when I ordered a bottle of it the only thing I knew was that some people were saying it was like Spicebomb and that other people were arguing with them and denying any connection to the Viktor & Rolf smash-hit. But I like Spicebomb so I figured at the least, Iíd like this, and if it was different, then Iíd have something new. Well, now that Iíve had Rehab for a couple of months, I think the best way to describe is like this: Rehab is a much smoother, richer, creamier, more polished and overall much better version of Spicebomb. Itís also whiter and airier, more aromatic, and less spicy. But the central accord which drives each is very similar in terms of their basic smell. Still, I love that smell, and will gladly pay more for what is absolutely the best version of it Iíve e countered so far. And, as is the case with 1899, RehAb is only similar to Spicebomb for so long. Once it hits the dry down stage it really takes on a very different character altogether, here becoming much more about lavender, a creamy sandalwood, and an excellent aromatic tobacco. It projects extremely well and lasts a long time. Rehabís become one of my favorites, with its upbeat, friendly aroma an excellent choice for casual wear and for socializing. No need to complicate this review by saying much else. Itís a great fragrance, even if the first hour or two are a bit familiar. Final rating: 9/10
31st December, 2019
Very sexy, refined, clean, creamy tobacco. Does not project beastly but longevity is great. This is how I like it tho. I liked this one
28th July, 2019 (last edited: 01st August, 2019)
For the most part, smells very similar to Spicebomb/Extreme, especially in the opening. As it dries down, the vanilla comes out more and more and the scent starts to veer towards Tobacco Vanille territory. And then it comes back around to Spicebomb again in the deep drydown stage. Smells great from beginning to end.

Performance is above average for projection and longevity but itís never screaming nor does it last all day.
27th April, 2019
Rehab is among the most interesting offerings I initially smelled from the relatively Initio Parfums Prive collection. Apart from it standing out like a bride with its white bottle and box, the scent is noticeably the most agreeable among the lot which includes many single-note concept fragrances based on inspirations like ambergris that are generally more challenging.

Rather, Rehab takes a fresh spicy approach that blends tobacco with a fresh opening of citrus and lavender followed by a dry down of woods, patchouli, and vetiver, with some general spiciness of something like pepper all throughout, almost like a white/black pepper that reminds me of Lalique White or Armani Prive New York.

It's spicy yet fresh, sharp yet sort of smooth and comforting to wear. It's a weird contradiction, but a fun wear and one that I quite like to try on. It's also almost borderline clean; there's something oddly clean about it, as pepper has that sort of effect on fragrances for me sometimes when mixed with the other correct contributors.

The scent is said by many to mimic Spicebomb (or the Fresh or Extreme flankers, even) by Viktor & Rolf but I don't get that, really, at least initially, though perhaps a side-by-side is warranted.

The juice is pricier than most of Initio, even, albeit at a higher concentration: $330 for 90ml extrait, while most of the houseís offerings are EDP.

Its performance is very good, though, certainly reasonable while not being exceptional for the type of scent it is. Overall, it's a darn good scent but its pricing just exceeds its ingenuity. At a more modest price, a fraction of its retail price, it'd be one I'd consider buying.

7 out of 10
22nd January, 2019
Sexy, sexy, sexy. This is like a sweet sugary tobacco with a freshness to it. I really don't know how to explain it, it is mysterious, deep, it turns heads and it will draw people in. Like someone said on another website, it is a perfume that you put on and you will be followed while walking.

There is nothing like it, this is delicious and people around you will tell you how freaking good you smell because this is a compliment beast, trust me.

Initio is getting some serious buzz lately, and I can understand why. I tried every single scent from the brand and everything is special, but Rehab is a masterpiece.
29th July, 2018

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