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Coach Platinum (2018)
by Coach


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Year of Launch2018
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerBruno Jovanovic
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Coach Platinum

Coach Platinum is a masculine fragrance by Coach. The scent was launched in 2018 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic

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Reviews of Coach Platinum

Thumbs up for Coach Platinum. I agree with Andrew's deconstruction of this it definitely is inspired by several other popular fragrances, but I think of different inspirations. I really don't smell the pineapple as a stand alone note that reminds me of any other scent. The opening reminds me of the first initial inhale of Egoiste Platinum. This shining smooth opening comes from the sharpness of pineapple, frozen with black pepper and smoothed out over deep green of sage and rosemary. This would be a platinum coated green woods if it weren't for the geranium which adds a softness, almost powdery middle note stopping just short of fougere territory. The base is a warm thick comfortableness that reminds me slightly of the ending stage of Dior Homme Parfum with its warm and soft leathery spice notes. All in all Coach Platinum is sharp and energetic at opening but soft, warm and cuddly at the end. Definitely a masculine personality here. Rated: 7.5 of 10 stars.
15th June, 2021
Let's get one thing straight: this is not a designer attempt at Creed Aventus (2010), and the opening pineapple in this is way more direct like opening a can of Dole pineapples, than the erstwhile Creed. Now that we have that myth dispelled, what Coach Platinum (2018) represents to me is a take on the primary accord of the original Coach for Men (2017) without the suede leather element, burying what leather remains in a barbershop accord that is a bit more versatile but not as interesting. Make no mistake, Coach Platinum definitely is reminiscent to a minute degree of Creed Aventus, and perfumer Bruno Jovanovic may have had some desire to emulate a bit of that scent's overall aura, but it doesn't really translate into anything even close to the same style, and the cheapo clones available are still way closer to Aventus than this. Fans of Aventus that love the pineapple accord and want to experience it used differently without plunking down for an old bottle of Lapdius Pour Homme (1987) are actually in for a treat with Coach Platinum, as the pineapple here stays around during the entire wear and is the focus alongside juniper. The rest of the scent is simply a matter personal interpretation really, although the gaudy chrome-plated bottle may suggest an obsession with bling that most people who name drop Coach have anyway, so perhaps there is a bit of self-aware humor in this as well.

The opening of Coach Platinum is obviously that bright and juicy pineapple. The note stays and stays after this opening, with a bit of piquant black pepper keeping it from being juvenile until the juniper heart shows its face. The progression through the middle is very similar to Armani Code/Black Code (2004) with its dry sage and geranium usage, but this stays away from becoming too powdery by the small poof of leather in the base alongside the rest of the barbershop notes. Sandalwood and vanilla play a huge role in the development of the dry down, and impart Coach Platinum an oriental flair an hour into the wear, which compliments the sharp pineapple and juniper tandem accord. Unfortunately, the vanilla used in Coach Platinum is also of the hugely sweet and thick culinary kind (unlike Aventus), feeling like vanilla extract from the bottle before going into Grandma's pound cake, so this stuff can get cloying quick. This is especially true when the patchouli and musky cashmeran molecule kicks into overdrive near the final stages. If Aventus is smoky pineapples, then Coach Platinum is musky pineapples. Overall tone for Cocah Platinum is semi-casual and semi-romantic thanks to that fat bottom base, so I'd keep this way from austere office cubicle environments, but in more casual settings like the open floor plans of tech firms where jeans and t-shirt can be worn to work, this is totally fine. Wear time is literally all day and sillage is right in the medium zone thanks to the eau de parfum formulation, unless you wear this in summer or over-apply.

I like Coach Platinum but will admit not caring for it nearly as much as Coach for Men, but the like is strong enough that I'd give this a thumbs up for fans of pineapple, juniper, and rich vanillic bases. Unlike Coach for Men, there is no obvious ambroxan molecule or scratchy norlimbanol a la Dior Sauvage (2015), but that doesn't mean the aromachemicals aren't there, just blended too deeply down into the oriental stew anchoring the soaring pineapple to the ground. Rich, semi-sharp, bright, and well-rounded are the best adjectives I can conjure for Coach Platinum, but being a perfume coming from the hands that crafted the notorious Ambercrombie & Fitch Fierce (2002), I'd expect no less than something attention-getting like this. The saving grace for Coach Platinum is the fact that it reconciles loud and youthful volume with a mature execution and sense of tradition. Coach Platinum is almost the "office safe clubber" in the sense that it has the presence but not the vulgar bombast outside of that potentially cloying vanilla. Thumbs up from me, but only under the condition that this is not applied in the same mass quantities that I catch the few well-off cats using Aventus in my local environs, since this stuff has the potential to be even stronger and more noticeable. Another solid, if not particularly groundbreaking composition that pulls from many stylistic directions at once but feels more conventional for it, from the thrice-rebooted Coach parfums division. Coach Platinum is worthy of at least a sniff from a tester if maybe not a full bottle purchase for the guy well-stocked with modern fragrances. Also, once more for the people in the back: this does NOT smell like Aventus!!
27th January, 2019
Super synthetic, fruity blast in the opening. Settles down quickly into a soft, powdery scent with plenty of synthetic sweetness. Has elements of Invictus and Sauvage, being modern, sweet and fresh.

Feels like it's meant to be a warm weather, casual crowd-pleaser.

Performance is good, with good projection and 6-7 hours longevity.
22nd December, 2018
This is a great effort by coach in this genre, to's 65% dior sauvage and 20% Aventus 15% leather and patchouli , as if you've actually layered dior and creed. A really cheeky offering but obviously not original. What suprised me was the fantastic leathery dry down with a touch of patchouli..the fragrance continually amuses me in its composition and blatant rip off, to the point I just think oh sod it. Projection is big and the longivity is very good, 7/8 hours of solid performance. My girlfriend really enjoys this but why wouldn't she as she loves sauvage and aventus. If your a fan of sauvage/aventus/club nuit/acqua Di gio profumo/Dylan blue/360 red...etc etc, this is well worth a try, no points for originality but praise indeed for producing a well made and excellent performing option.
21st November, 2018
Thumbs up? Really?


I was going to slam this for lack of creativity, but then I got to thinking: if you want to stand out in the current sea of same jus, different bottle releases of the last decade, you could create one jus that touches all the current popular juses (Eros, 1 Million, Sauvage, Bleu de Chanel, Aventus, etc...) and that, is what Coach Platinum does.

Now this isn't a full blown visit to each, but rather a mix tape or better, a new song that incorporates all the top hits and manages to blend them well.

So, skip the rest buy this one, unless you really like one particular one.
15th September, 2018

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