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Le Parfait
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Le Parfait is a masculine fragrance by Armaf.

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It is so trouble and loud very different to 'CDNI' which is more better and more sweet. I can't wear it at summer time because of his loudness and too musky note. I am very disappointed with this fragrance.
20th April, 2021
Armaf Le Parfait Pour Homme is a cheapie from the noted clone house thatís actually a mix of its clones of Creed Green Irish Tweed and Avenuts, respectively, Tres Nuit and Club de Nuit Intense Man.

First off, the value and appeal of clone houses and specific offerings like this is palpable, as a standard 100ml bottle of Le Parfait runs about $18-20 US on or FragranceBuy.Ca, contra a creed bottle of similar size costing several hundred dollars retail or maybe $150-200 via the grey market.

Cost notwithstanding, itís still a very interesting fragrance, involving both fruity freshness and crisp freshness with sweet and woody tones throughout. Like many have said, itís a bit more GIT/Tres Nuit than Aventus/CDNIM, maybe two thirds the former and one third the latter. The formula feels right, though, and without violet in particular, thereís considerably less bite than in GIT, though I imagine its absence could be a major detractor for some fans.

Le Parfait is bright but has a density that helps the fragrance be a lot less faint when it fades from its initial robust projection to being mostly a skin scent after 3 hours, but thereís a considerably difference btween skin scents that are airy and weak versus those line Le Parfait (and like Feuille Verte, which I tried yesterday) that dry down to be dense and rich, but without a ton of projection. Le Parfait is not as strong as Feuille Verte, but it matches and probably surpasses many Creed freshies.

Overall, Iím quite impressed with this, both value, creativity (in terms of blending two scents, albeit still cloning), and, of course, unusually great value.

7 out of 10
29th March, 2019
This one was blind bought after having a long positive experience with cdnim and for the price it cost I was willing to risk.
I smelled aventus separately and creed git separately and to my nose le parfait is more like a 85% creed git/tres nuit and 15% aventus/cdnim.
It opens up with mostly greeny freshy 90's like fragrance but the aventus notes in it gives it a nice twist that edds depth and masculinity that comes to life mostly on the dry down.
Longevity and projection are not something to rag about with this one,
It Project nicely for the first 3 hours but you'll have to get closer to get it afterwards but you won't go bankrupt if you'll spray a few more.
After all for the price I paid (22$)
It's a good every day fragrance, fits perfectly for the office and it actually got me 3 or 4 compliments on the first day I used it and what indicates a fragrance quality more then complements?
Crowd pleasing ,pleasant from the very opening, developes nicely and does not smell cheap at all.
7.5/10 for me
19th February, 2019
I would not call this a mix of GIT and Aventus. Not even Tres Nuit with CDNIM. It's just a fruity batch of Tres Nuit, which means it smells really good. Very versatile and crowd-pleasing. A great dumb-reach scent.

I get average performance in projection and longevity. Projects for 3-4 hours and hangs around for 7-8 hours.
14th August, 2018

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