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Blue Cedar & Cypress
by Cremo


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About Blue Cedar & Cypress

Blue Cedar & Cypress is a masculine fragrance by Cremo.

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Reviews of Blue Cedar & Cypress

Cremo as a company is known for their shaving products, beard oils, etc...they represent their line as 'barbershop quality' and if I wet-shaved or had a beard/stache to maintain I would be interested in their products. I am an advocate for their body washes and colognes and used them regularly. I would stay away from any other fragrance products(wipes, deodorants) to extend any of their fragrances as they are sadly, weak and worthless.

Blue Cedar and Cypress
I have four of the Cremo cologne line(Silver Water and Birch, Spice and Black Vanilla, Bourbon and Oak, and Blue Cedar and Cypress). BCnC came across to me as the most 'synthetic' and I wear it the least of the four, although I like it for few wears. It is a lemony blast opening then a linear 'chemical laundry detergent' finish that represents wood. As an after shave/after shower fresh and inexpensive barbershop cologne it works well. As Cremo tends to tribute-sketch their fragrances after more renowned scents, I understand this is as well, although I can't recall which one. Cremo colognes are packaged in basic clear bottles, which I always prefer to see the product and level and cost around $20. Personally I recommend Spice and Black Vanilla or Bourbon and Oak as better entries into their line but still an enjoyable cheapie and a Thumbs Up.
04th October, 2020
My review is for the solid cologne version. It resembles a nice deodorant smell, smooth, slightly sweet and woody. Should be agreeable to most but smells pretty generic.

Longevity is pretty good, lasting 6-7 hours but with less than average projection. I did find that projection increased a decent amount when my body got hot, so hot weather seems to compliment it best.
06th July, 2019
Smells like the dry down of Aventus. Ashy woods, and not much else. Ok, but rather boring. Performance is horrible.
27th March, 2019
This fragrance really surprised me. For the price tag, I wasn't expecting it to smell as nice as it does. It's a fairly linear scent, definitely sharp and woody but very smooth at the same time. I can easily see something like this going for a much higher price at department stores.
28th February, 2019
This is quite nice and inexpensive also. This is a barbershop scent to be sure. The opening has a nice little freshness from the lemon leaf but is all barbershop beyond that. In fact, I sprayed some Replica at the Barbers by Martin Margiela on one wrist and this one on the other wrist. Aside from the lemon leaf which only lasts in the opening of BC&C the similarities abound. The Tonka brings a smoothness to the RAB that the Blue Cedar and Cypress doesn't have. BC&C is sharper overall and reminds me just a bit of the C.O. Bigelow stuff. A very nice, clean fragrance that is well worth the price tag if you're into barbershop. Longevity and sillage were impressive on me as well...11 hours total with the last 3 hours in the skin scent range.
03rd October, 2018

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