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Carat (2018)
by Cartier


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Year of Launch2018
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerMathilde Laurent

About Carat

Carat is a feminine perfume by Cartier. The scent was launched in 2018 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mathilde Laurent

Reviews of Carat

According to the blurb, Carat is supposed to be a white diamond forged from a rainbow of perfume colours. It does evoke the hardness and clarity of a gem - for a while, but for the most part it smells like the twinkling violets of Eau de Cartier plus a weird 'cucumber-hydroxy'.
Which leaves me unconvinced. It's more like the pursuit of a clever idea than a fine perfume. I find it strange and rather soulless.


Carded sample
21st September, 2020
Woman in a White Dress by Henri Lebasque
20th February, 2019
Cartier Carat opens on me with lots of aldehydes and a blast of spring flowers. This part does evoke the diamonds in their marketing imagery. The mid notes are fruity floral. It envelopes me in the sparkly scent with a medium sillage.

It is a very pretty and feminine skin scent at seven hours.

The packaging is an understated beauty. Overall I enjoy this fragrance, but it will not be a hero in my collection. For me, it feels a bit more elegant than a work scent. It could be a great bottle for someone who wants to feel confident and bright.
03rd February, 2019
The opening of Cartier Carat is surprisingly powerful, with a pungent green sappy aroma reminiscent of hyacinth, but not as quite realistically vegetal and somehow shimmering with a metallic sheen of aldehyde, and even mixed with a hit of that cyanide astringency of bitter almond, like an alien plant gilded in silver metal oozing neon green poison.

Carat takes on a more innocent persona with time, when the initial futuristic green aldehyde aspect dissipates to reveal a pristine, dewy, clean abstract musky floral. I'm unable to identify any specific flower in the note list, but the whole effect reminds me mostly of freesia, adorned with tiny sparkles of mineral and aquatic nuances.

The fragrance then remains more or less the same afterwards, only turning more musky and abstract with time until the end. The sillage of Carat is relatively soft, while the longevity is around 8 hours on me.

Although I'm unable to envision all the rainbow colours implied in press release, Carat indeed evokes sparkling diamonds quite well, from the clean, bright, crystalline musky floral to the mineral/metallic accents. The confident, vigorous green aldehydic opening also leaves a strong impression before the perfume falls back to a more familiar, versatile, modern clean musky floral. If you enjoy this type of fragrance in general but would like something with a stronger personality, Carat is worth considering in my opinion.
28th September, 2018
Through carbon's prism
The rainbow of sensation
Don't stop the movie.

All hues together
Blinding coherence of life
Facets joined as one.

Say it in new words
Until the words lose their sound
And words are new things.

Did she throw white paint?
Is that cedar on your dress?
Crumbly number pie!

Savor those moments
When you taste Seven as One
Smell One as Seven.

When you see the truth
Value, valued, valuer
Are all the same gift.

Music of the spheres
Remembered and forgotten
Through carbon's prism.


Carat is another beautiful, artistic, and somewhat subtle work by Mathilde Laurent. It is a bright, pleasant, ethereal floral, simultaneously transparent, translucent and gently refractive and diffractive.

And yes, it's incredibly commercial, and screams "this is a really good normal fragrance - buy our diamonds". Still, there's no law that says good perfumery can't be wasted on the normal and the commercial.

Carat clearly and very successfully (though subtly) addresses the themes of its brief and marketing - jewels, white light, and the composite nature of the latter (see below).

And my wife likes this fragrance, too, so there is that.

The joys of finding quiet, higher beauty in fragrance (see above) are small and far apart, unless one looks for them. Look for them here.


Dr. Roy G. Biv

From Press Release and NST

Introducing the new Cartier Carat Eau de Parfum. An invisible jewel that radiates in a myriad of facets just like the diamond.

Perfumer Mathilde Laurent aimed for a perfume that would transmit light with the brightness of a diamond. Seven colors (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red) are represented by seven floral notes (violet, lily, hyacinth, ylang ylang, narcissus, honeysuckle and tulip).
09th September, 2018

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