Fineapple (2018)
by Gallagher Fragrances


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Year of Launch2018
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseGallagher Fragrances
PerfumerDaniel Gallagher

About Fineapple

From the Brand:

Fineapple evokes images of a tropical vacation with a blast of juicy pineapple and green apple, complimented by distant hints of beautiful magnolia blossoms. Jasmine vines envelope the trellis that lines the walkway to your own personal, airy bungalow. Cheers!

Reviews of Fineapple

Well, colour me yellow. This does a pretty good job of recreating the scent of juicy, ripe pineapple, with a good mix of tart and sweet and the essential fruitiness bolstered by a sympathetic crisp apple note. Does have shades of gumdrops now and then and perhaps that is unavoidable. Fine for what it does , but I do wonder about the appeal of something so single-minded working as a perfume (rather than as a flavouring); even Carmen Miranda probably would have preferred a fruit salad. The trail left in a room smells more like a fruity air freshening product.
After about an hour Fineapple changes almost completely, with first the pineapple impression loosening a bit with a lemony citric tang coming into play with mixed floral backing vocalists of the pay-by-hour variety going ‘ooh ah’. The latter sadly turn into the main event and one is left with a magnolia floral of the somewhat sickly variety.
05th September, 2020
Fineapple is one of the more recent releases by Gallagher Fragrances and makes a positive splash immediately with a fruity, fresh burst of the eponymous top notes of pineapple and green apple in the opening.

The dry down consists of a bed of florals (jasmine, magnolia), musk, and mixed woods, none particularly interfering with the fruit-dominance of the blend but rather giving it a soft place to land, bringing it from a fairly loud, bright opening to a more nuanced dry down.

Fineapple is a very pleasant fragrance, certainly a more apt warm weather option but surely above average on projection and longevity to do well on even cooler days like the one on which I'm wearing it (40-60F), and the apple accord rather reminds me, fittingly, of autumn.

At $150 for 100ml, now the going rate any Gallagher bottle, the pricing is not bad, either, roughly in line with what most niche / independent brands can and should reasonably charge. I'll have to give this some more wears but I'm decently impressed albeit not smitten.

7 out of 10
17th October, 2018
Opening is bright and clean with pineapple candy, lemon cleaner and bubble gum. Later into the drydown you definitely start to get the florals, starts to lean feminine. I like the way this smells but it might smell better on my wife.

Good projection during the opening fruity-citrus phase that lasts maybe an hour. The floral drydown is mush softer but does last for most of the workday.
14th September, 2018 (last edited: 16th September, 2018)

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