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Percival (2018)
by Parfums de Marly


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Year of Launch2018
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About Percival

Percival is a masculine fragrance by Parfums de Marly. The scent was launched in 2018

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Reviews of Percival

This is a product that gets very mixed reviews online, mostly due to the combination of its steep price tag and the familiarity of the olfactory experience that a lot of people consider it to provide. Many people out there say that this is basically a designer fragrance with a niche fragrance price tag.

It gets compared to Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce and Mont Blanc Legend. I have not had the chance to smell the former, but I own the latter, and I have to agree that, in a very general manner, Percival and Legend both feature lavender and bergamot as notes that really stand out. So, there is, indeed, a similarity.

In the fascinating world of fragrances, details matter quite a bit, and more often than not, subtleties in the accords of the notes, the strength or moderation of even the slightest notes can make all the difference in the world. And more often than not, this can be a major differentiator between an expensive niche fragrance and its clone, or a Mont Blanc Legend and a Percival. And this explains why I do like Legend, but I'm absolutely in love with Percival.

Among the details that turn this baby into a totally different experience are the fantastic base notes. I find that the musk note, especially, really has a lot to do with the magic here. As a base note, it just really carries the top and mid notes beautifully and constantly makes them fade in throughout the first few hours in a calculated yet powerful manner...and really efficiently.

Is it a ground-breaking scent? Not at all. It is a fresh, clean, blue-ish type of scent whose formula is reminiscent of cheaper designer fragrances that's unlikely to garner a whole lot of "What are you wearing?" type of questions from fragrance aficionados that lean on the connoisseur side of the aisle. But, given that such fragrance aficionados do not constitute such a large portion of the population that you're likely to encounter on a daily basis, I do not see this as such a big deal, as most well-known online reviewers among the fragrance community seem to find. Yes, this is mass-appealing, and incredibly versatile. It's an all-year round scent that you can wear on basically any occasion, and it will get you tons of compliments.

This has way more depth and roundedness than Legend's linear, squarely lavender-driven scent, and it takes probably three sprays of Legend to get the projection of a single spray of Percival, and it will not match its longevity either. So the steep price tag is not so unjustified, if you ask me, but I can understand why someone would differ.

To me, Percival is the Mona Lisa of fresh scents, as its relatively familiar combination of notes blend in a deeply elegant, sophisticated way and its phenomenal quality is undeniable with stellar projection and sillage, and a longevity that puts 99% of fragrances out there to shame. I was at a pool party one afternoon and wore ONE spray, and people around were noticing. I jumped into the pool and stayed in the water for 15 minutes and I could still smell it on my skin afterwards, and for much of the evening. This is some seriously strong juice.

So, is it fair to say that this is a designer fragrance with a niche fragrance price tag? I would disagree, mainly because of its superior quality, the way the notes blend together beautifully and its amazing performance. It is a very safe pick if you're looking for a crowd pleaser and a versatile scent, and yes, it is expensive, although you can find it on certain discount sites. The pyramid of notes might make you think otherwise, but the roundedness, incredible performance and tiny details take it a step above similar designer fragrances. So, to be fair, while this is not a daring scent at all, this is very sweet craft...niche house type of craft too.

One of my go-to's!
11th May, 2021
Parfums de Marly Percival smells like a Dove "masculine" scented body wash or an Axe body spray. It's like what you would smell wafting from the community shower at a YMCA.
14th April, 2020 (last edited: 19th May, 2020)
This is so uninteresting, another "blue frag" like many before it. It's a very clear combination of two well-known, cheap designer scents: AF Fierce and Montblanc Legend. IMO it's no better than either of them (it might actually be worse), and at several times the price that comparison is laughable. Why anyone would spend $200/300 on this is beyond me.
26th February, 2020
I finally found the perfect use for this fragrance, flying long haul!

Anually I do a couple/few long haul flights 10-13hrs+. I was tossing up between Percival, GIT or Original Vetiver.

Yep I picked Percival and this thing rocked! The whole time from leaving home until arriving at my destination 18 hours later I was catching whiffs.

It is such a clean, pleasant shower gel type feel. If you want to stand out i do not recommend this but it will sure keep you smelling shower clean for a long time!

I do really enjoy this but i do not think it's worth the price point.


20th November, 2019
Oh this is cute. Parfums de Marly decided to make a fresh fougère with Percival (2018), and instead of directly copying one or two popular designer examples, they decided to mix a few different styles together. I don't want to like it, because it's just another luxury redressing of a blue collar vibe with over-amped performance, but I actually do. In this instance, we are getting a note pyramid mostly similar to Montblanc Legend (2011), a fragrance known by many in the hobbyist community affectionately as "expensive Axe", mixed with slightly more-recent developments found in fragrances like Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue (2016). The base is fattened and rounded out with higher quality aromachems in the usual way Parfums de Marly does, but there isn't anything particularly niche about the execution, and this is yet another example from the house of a scent meant for the rich STEM or medical professionals that have enough interest in perfume to watch the occasional YouTube reviewer rant about a brand like this. In an almost comical way, the matte blue finish of the bottle on this one is very reminiscent of the racing blue I see on some BMW cars, so it's very fitting for the intended market segment. Unlike some past efforts such as Herod (2012) or Layton (2016), Percival also manages to not come across cloying despite obvious base note enhancements.

The opening here in Percival is almost the spitting image of the first ten minutes of Creed Himalaya (2002), with metallic aldehydes (eg: helonial), dry bergamot, and a sweet citrus like mandarin for counter-balance. I'd almost call this a lower-cost alternative to the Creed, since Percival is about $200 cheaper, but even at $300 MSRP you have to really love what is being offered, and because this is such a common idea being represented, the chance of such a love affair is unlikely. From this Himalaya-like opening, we switch into the "Montblanc phase", with jasmine, lavender, geranium, coriander, and cinnamon creating a rather round, spicy, clean, and smooth "shower gel masculine" vibe. A tiny speck of violet infers some similarity to Creed Green Irish Tweed (1985) as other note, but it is gone is a hurry, as the final "Versace phase" of the base comes about. In this final turn, we get a healthy dose of norlimbanol and ambroxan, with some "generic blue 90's thing" filling in the gaps, but a larger quantity of musk and evernyl than in the Versace, plus some tonka and fir balsam. Overall, this smells better than Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue, but for three times the price, I don't know if it's better enough to justify the leap. Wear time is over 8 hours and sillage is good but not obnoxious. I'd stick to office or casual use with Percival if I was to buy it.

I commend Parfums de Marly for finally being able to make a niche-priced designer dupe that actually smells like more time and attention went into it than the designer it parrots (and not just more/stronger ingredients), but this is still far and away from anything a hobbyist would qualify as niche. Luckily for Parfums de Marly, they're not trying to capture the same market as someone like Serge Lutens or Amouage, so they're not so worried if the oakmoss-huffing and oud-licking segment of the market doesn't get their fix of natural-smelling bases and is able to prattle off the chemicals they smell in a scent like Percival in the same way a kid reads the ingredients on a cereal box. The guy graduating from that aforementioned Montblanc and looking to "move up to the next level" after watching a few YouTube videos is the prime candidate for something like Percival, as it is friendly, clean, well-constructed, and smells "better" than whatever else such a person may have been using, and without sufficient knowledge in what other options exist, could easily be slipped a bottle by the right salesperson. Once again, I like Percival, but am hard pressed to recommend it to anyone unless a bottle comes across your path at a severe discount due to the glut of alternatives. Thumbs up
28th September, 2019
First impression reminded me of Green Irish Tweed by Creed, however with some important differences of the positive kind. Where GIT during dry down smells too much like Davidoff Cool Water (which I cannot stand btw) the Percival does not have that same scent. Somewhat sweet/creamy but not from vanilla. Long lasting and good silage. This is a fragrance I an absolutely live with. Never tried Mont Blanc Legend nor A&F Fierce so I can comment on any potential resemblance.

Since I'm no fan of vanilla scents which seems to be present in most Parfums de Marly scents, this is their best of the ones I have tried (Herod, Pegasus and Layton).
30th March, 2019

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