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I Am Trash : Les Fleurs du Déchet (2018)
by Etat Libre d'Orange


I Am Trash : Les Fleurs du Déchet information

Year of Launch2018
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseEtat Libre d'Orange
PerfumerDaniela Andrier

About I Am Trash : Les Fleurs du Déchet

I Am Trash : Les Fleurs du Déchet is a shared / unisex perfume by Etat Libre d'Orange. The scent was launched in 2018 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Daniela Andrier

I Am Trash : Les Fleurs du Déchet fragrance notes

Reviews of I Am Trash : Les Fleurs du Déchet

Even before I received a sample of this, I loved the concept of the perfume - an entreaty to our better selves to find the beauty in the stuff we usually throw away or regard as waste. The scent ‘upcycles’ waste materials left over from the process of making a perfume; wood pulp, orange peel, and so on. It made sense to me that Givaudan, the Swiss flavor and aroma giant, would be involved, since the company has all the waste materials required. Ogilvy, one of the world’s biggest advertizing brands, was also on board, producing (I presume) the visually stunning video that accompanied the PR launch of the perfume.

Really, nothing in the marketing campaign for I Am Trash can be faulted: the video is compulsively watchable, with its rotting fruits and imploding vegetables, and the brand copy is peppered with gems such as this plea from Etienne de Swardt “So before it’s too late, let us (s)pray to the god of waste, our dear lord of leftovers”. Ha! He sounds like he might have kids.

It’s just that, how can I put this delicately, well, the perfume itself is nowhere near as interesting as its premise. The edgy reputation of Etat Libre d’Orange, the video, the brand copy – they all set you up for an experience that just ain’t delivered. I Am Trash smells exactly like those strawberry and apple-scented animal soaps The Body Shop used to sell in the 1980’s and 1990’s, stretched over a soapy Iso E Super base. And that’s all, folks. Nothing more to see here. The perfect fruity floral, perhaps, for the Tinder generation, entirely used to not getting exactly what’s been advertized.
24th June, 2020
Love love love this scent, and the cheeky name.
For me "I am Trash" is buoyant, bouncy, fresh, citrusy, a bit apple. This makes me happy when I wear it.

The sillage is quite low, I never get a single comment positive or negative, but I love it just the same.
19th August, 2019
In the opening I get cedar & tart fruit, more citrus than strawberry to my nose, followed in short order by a jammy rose. And suddenly it smells exactly like Black XS pour Homme circa 2006! A scent that sure brings back some memories for me. The same woody fruitchouli vibe is there, & on looking up "akigala wood" online, I find that it's fractionated from patchouli oil, which explains what I'm smelling. Within half an hour, the fruit fades, & a pepper note adds a more savoury nuance. Three hours in, it's all soft, smooth woods with a hint of apple, fading out completely at the six-hour mark.
This is by no means an unpleasant scent, & contrary to what the name implies, I don't get any rotten fruit or suggestion of decay from it. It's definitely nothing new or special though, even if it did take me back to a special time & a special person in my life...
27th June, 2019
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The overriding impression when you first spray is strawberries over apples but in a citric, not gourmand way -- it is bereft of sweetness and is in fact, quite sharp.

There is a fruity and smooth woody finish and well, it doesn't seem that 'trashy' to be honest.

A perfectly nice wear for both sexes but I'm left a little puzzled by the hype.

Having said that, the opening is on a scale with the fantastic Bendelerious from the same House.
28th February, 2019
A clean cut marketing gimmick

Fleurs du Déchet/I am Trash is a pretty fragrance despite its name. It has a fruity and fresh opening dominated by strawberries before growing more abstract and blurred out.

The original ad copy referenced earthworms but there is absolutely nothing earthy or dirty about this scent which would have made it more interesting. I was imagining a little fermentation as well, like a touch of Byredo's Pulp. There's none of that. Instead, it's generically pleasant, clean and safe, leaning a little on the young side but not overly sweet. When I smell my wrist, the only thing I can think is, "entirely pointless."

But what of the scent's concept? Isn't there any value to its environmental message? I'm not going to belabour any criticism of the scent's marketing campaign, which leaves me smh. All I will say is the sample Luckyscent sent me came in two separate packages, one for the size of the sample enclosed within a needlessly large 10cmx10cm printed box covered in branding, which necessitated a larger shipping parcel. So much for championing the reduction of waste.
25th November, 2018

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