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Atomic Age Bay Rum is a masculine fragrance by Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements.

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Atomic Age Bay Rum Aftershave / Cologne Splash
by Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements -

Two thumbs way up! This is my second fragrance from PAA, the other being "Cavendish", an excellent pipe tobacco eau de parfum.

Atomic Age Bay Rum beats its drum after literally being aged in oak barrels so not only does it smell fantastic-liciously of bay and spices, but it's also extremely well blended with not a hint of synthetics to be found.

I know some aftershave hounds love the 15 second "burn" upon application, but this one doesn't fit that profile. It isn't greasy or slick either so you will just have to deal with it being damn near perfect!

5 stars

21st February, 2021
This is also my favorite Bay Rum of all the ones I've tried from many companies. AABR is wonderful. The barrel aged bay rum spiciness is on point in every way for me, whereas other bay rum's I've tried have had nice elements to them, they haven't been as enjoyable or balanced as Atomic Age Bay Rum. This holds it's own against so many of my extremely expensive fragrances and is just as enjoyable as almost all of them. I also love PAA's flankers of Atomic Age Bay Rum. In fact, Coconut Bay with Lime is my favorite and just barely edges Atomic Age Bay Rum as my fave from the entire PAA line. Atomic Pumpkin is also very nice as well.

The bottom line is that Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements has some excellent fragrances that go unnoticed by many because they are a wet shaving company...but they shouldn't go unnoticed because many of their offerings are just flat out excellent.
23rd November, 2020
To me, Atomic Age Bay Rum is first and foremost a spiced orange scent, with a bracing overload of spices, smooth bay rum, and some woodiness. A bit rustic, but in a way that is pleasing. The barrel-aged textures give it a unique, artisanal touch.
22nd November, 2020
This one has been on my nose and mind for almost a year now. It's like a kitchen spice rack + a boozy rum. The stuff is barrel-aged. I think it's the best Bay Rum I've ever smelled. It's not like this is any well-known brand, but Douglas Smythe (the perfumer) actually distills and creates many of this own ingredients and essential oils within his scents.

Although many relegate this product to the category of wet shaving, I happen to think wet shaving and fragrance interests intersect. This is a Bay Rum that can work in warmer weather as opposed to the other Bay Rums I own which I will only use in colder weather.

There is an aftershave/cologne as well as an EDP version. I tend to prefer the aftershave/cologne which actually has a good longevity and scent strength. The EDP, while still good, is a bit strong and I think it's a bit more sweet smelling than the aftershave/cologne. I recommend a light mist-type application when using the EDP.

Since I really enjoy Bay Rum fragrances, and this one is my favorite, a 5/5 star rating is what I give it. It's a fun scent.
05th August, 2019 (last edited: 05th November, 2020)

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