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Beau de Jour (2019)
by Tom Ford


Beau de Jour information

Year of Launch2019
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Beau de Jour

Beau de Jour is a shared / unisex perfume by Tom Ford. The scent was launched in 2019

Beau de Jour fragrance notes

Reviews of Beau de Jour

Inspired by late in a autumn afternoon,already dark,and the smell of the rainy day turned that world of grown men an intimate space.
This really is the epitome of a man's fragrance,the classic barbershop fougere. smooth,creamy,mature,sophisticated,perfectly balance spices and sweetness.smells pleasant, calming and clean.perfect for a polished GENTLEMAN.
It reminds me of Azzaro Pour Homne less harsh and more modern than smells like a high end shaving cream to me with a classic barbershop feel and sexy edge to it.

Lavender in a great mood,a nice earthy geranium note that blends wonderfully with a key note in this brilliant can,'s what ties the oakmoss to the heart and carries the composition to a wonderfully warm and slightly dirty,earthiness in the late heart as it blends with the patchouli into the base.

If you are a wanna-be bad boy who wants to hit the clubs every night shelling like a black forest gateaux or a strawberry souffle,then steer clear.this fragrance is for grown men with a touch of class and will continue to be a great asset for the 30+ intelligent,successful man who appreciates the high quality of what used even if they are subtle difference.Self confidence is a must have if you choose to wear this devastatingly alluring perfume.

Great sillage for 4 hours on my skin,then it stays closer to skin but still gets creamier and more seductive as it dries down.
02nd May, 2020 (last edited: 06th May, 2020)
A spicy fougere from TF highlighted by lavender, mint/basil and patchouli. Conjures up a lot of scents from old. Its a in-between barbershop and cocktail lounge aromatic. Not the powerhouse of other TF creations, but not a wimp either. I like fougeres, especially ones that perform well. BdJ has a pleasant development with a nice oakmoss vibe. The problem with this scent is its a common enough theme, but at a ridiculous price. I'd wear this, but would never consider buying it. I have 10 scents in my wardrobe that are close enough relatives to BdJ, but well below half the cost.
15th February, 2020
Old is new. This is a scent profile you will have smelled. I see no one talking about it, but I get quite a bit of mint in this. It is like a minty lavender. Barbershoppy and clean, masculine and virile. Definitely has some spicy aromatics. I'm catching whiffs of this during movement at 7 hours. Longevity is pretty heavy, while projection seemed middling.

This could be considered fairly boring, or not very original, but in comparison to what is generally being released these days I applaud a blatant masculine. Others that Tom Ford has tried in this avenue have been less than successful, imo. This is a thumbs up. Not only is it a good fragrance, but with very good performance. It has already been discontinued. There are rumblings of maybe this being the next addition to the signature series. If so, it will also be reasonably priced, and will then be a knockout.
30th October, 2019
Why thumbs down?
This is short lasting fancy hand soap in a bottle. Powdery , barbershoppy, not particularly masculine, rapidly becoming a skin scent, something I would expect an immaculately quaffed late middle age silver fox senior exec to wear, establishment , with connections ,so its inoffensive, not readily placeable , clean with a twist , under the radar wealth... . But that's the problem. You can find the same thing so much cheaper so under the radar wealth becomes 'sucker'. This is not equivalent to a white gold or platinum Patek Calatrava which one would expect said exec to be wearing. Tom Ford have not achieved the goal of understated yet elemental class.
Whats worse is TF are caving yet again to metrosexuality. Are we just laboratory rats to be profited from? TF has tinkered with the genetic code of a masculine classic . In reality its just a cowardly greedy rip off.

Fragrance: 6.75/10
Projection: 6.5/10
Longevity: 6.5/10
27th July, 2019
A stripped down re-mix of old school aromatic fougeres employing Tom Ford’s olfactory sleight of hand to conjure up oakmoss’ bitter dryness within what is essentially a lavandin-and-patchouli one-two punch.

BEAU DE JOUR gives a pretty good performance though, projecting the occasional aromatic whiff of ‘20th century gentleman-style grooming’ within the first 3-4 hours of wear. ‘Barbershop’, anyone? Somehow it brings up for me images of authoritative patriarchs, stern headmasters and influential business barons. Unfortunately the drydown is not quite as evocative and if that aspect is important to you, it’s probably best to look elsewhere.

Yes, nobody’s going to give it marks for ‘originality’. No doubt you could find similar fragrances with better value propositions IF you knew where to look AND care to spend the time to do so. Tom Ford knew this. He made a calculated bet that his target clientele comprises of busy men who probably make a lot more money in the time it takes to search and acquire a cheaper (vintage) fragrance of similar persuasion.

As someone who enjoys this style of fragrance AND appreciate the value of time, this purchase is a no brainer. Well played, Tom.

15th July, 2019
Tom Ford Beau de Jour (2019) is another "reimagining the past" release for a house famous (or infamous) for rehashing classic styles of often-discontinued perfumes (but not always) as ultra-expensive additions to their Private Collection line. It's amazing Tom Ford even manages to profit at all because even the standard lines aren't very modern compared to what the competition does, but I guess he throws enough bones to the mainstream to make it work. Whereas Fougère d'Argent (2018) clearly targeted Mr. Ford's past work with Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Pour Homme (2003), it seems Beau de Jour firmly recaptures the spirit of the "rotted floral fougère" that is Zino Davidoff (1986). Vintage fans that have come to terms with dwindling supplies and soaring prices of their discontinued favorites are mostly the de facto target of these compositions I feel, as paying $250+ for 50ml of Beau de Jour at parfum concentration may eventually seem more economical than paying $500+ for certain discontinued "unicorns" on eBay that once used, may possibly become irreplaceable. Luckily, the style Beau de Jour emulates is still a rather common one among vintage perfume genres, so no "settling" for Tom Ford necessary.

As a similarly "dandy" fougère composition, Beau de Jour dries down to a mildly-civeted skanky musk base, but like with many modern designer fougères dodging the IFRA bullet, moves what little oakmoss it possesses into the heart to lead off with that familiar sharp edge before going into a proxy aromachemical base in the drydown, since the often-pasty genuine oakmoss basenote foundation of older examples is impossible under the regulations. Zino Davidoff didn't heavily rely on oakmoss either, so in this case it is less obvious that oakmoss is "nerfed" in Beau de Jour than in something like Fougère d'Argent, since there is less need for synthetic filler overall. The opening is rather greener and spicier than Zino, with some kitchen herbs and coriander joining the lavender. Sambac jasmine, rose, and geranium supply the rotted floral indole in a similar way to Zino, with rosemary and oakmoss giving barbershop bite. The green opening is reaffirmed by patchouli in the base of Beau de Jour, as the 80's musk is joined by amber and the same akigalawood (norlimbanol) filler as what anchored Fougère d'Argent. I'd use this romantically or in spring and it is rather well-balanced, performing just a tad more loudly than vintage Zino (which itself wasn't very loud), but is it really better? Guys who hate synthetic wood bases will assuredly think little of the drydown here, but it works for me.

Fans of this style likely already have a heavy stock of their vintage favorites including the oft-referenced Zino Davidoff, and younger guys looking for hipster cred but unwilling to research or try the classics might get duped into this, but I don't feel any cynicism here like I did with the "Emperor's New Clothes" that is Lavender Extrême (2019). Ultimately, only Tom Ford disciples really buy heavily into the Private Collection outside of the popular selections within it, and Beau de Jour will mostly be entering the collections of folks who fit that bill. It is labeled unisex, but anyone who smells Beau de Jour and knows what it copies will realize who is going to buy it, but all context aside, a floral fougère like this will smell nice on anyone. If you have the coin to afford this house and appreciate what Tom Ford does by reinventing the wheel, this is for you. For everyone else, I'd just search for a bottle of Zino Davidoff, as it is still made, smells nearly identical since it is the originator of this style, and performance-for-dollar simply makes more sense. Thumbs up for execution, but like most Tom Ford Private Collection vintage homages, the jury is still out on value.
29th April, 2019 (last edited: 30th April, 2019)

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