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Enduring Glow (2018)
by Jennifer Lopez


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Year of Launch2018
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseJennifer Lopez
PerfumerMathieu Nardin
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchShaneel Enterprises Ltd > Designer Parfums

About Enduring Glow

Enduring Glow is a feminine perfume by Jennifer Lopez. The scent was launched in 2018 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mathieu Nardin

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Pure as The Spring Morning Dawn

Hey, if you are a follower of mine, you should know that once or twice a week I pick up new fragrances, and today I stumbled upon Jennifer Lopez (JLO) Enduring Glow. The shop where I usually by cheapie fragrances offered an extra 20% off, and this one mainly attracted me as it exudes joy and lightness from all pores.

Before jumping into the scent, I’d like to say that in the last few months I have dabbled in women’s fragrances. I got a little fed up with men’s fragrances and after getting my feet wet with unisex scents; finally, I took the leap and start wearing perfumes made and intended for women. At this point there is no going back. I have bought many bottles of women’s perfume and enjoy wearing a sizeable amount. Until a few years ago, I lacked the self-confidence needed to bring out a feminine perfume. At 56, I don’t care what other people think. I no longer see fragrances as having a gender. I wear what I like, what makes me feel better, regardless of whether they market the perfume to a man or a woman.

That said, from the first notes you can sense that the essence is perfect for spring and summer mornings, it is so delicate and fresh that it makes you want to wake up with a veil of this perfume on you, on the pillow, and on the sheets. It is a fruity floral fragrance, but I think it is unquestionably unisex, on a par with Calyx by Prescriptives, I am aware of many men rocking it during the early nineties, including the best friend of mine. The bottle and cartons are beautifully metallized in gold and coated with a sophisticated porcelain effect at the bottom that gives the fragrance prestige, luxury and temptation. In case you missed it, the bottle maintains the iconic shape of Glow by JLO, immortalizing her celebrated body shape and bottom.

Concerning the scent. When I tried it in the shop, my mind immediately brought back the image of a perfume I love: Chloe EDP. And it was no accident. If you have the same patience as me, and compare the two olfactory pyramids, you observe that JLO and Chloe share most of the notes, except the rose, which often appeared stuffy. So if you like the good mood that Chloe creates when you wear it, but can’t bear the note of the rose, JLO Enduring Glow could be the scent you are looking for. So, at first glance, this fragrance made little impression: it had a faint, déjà vu, and indefinite odor. Soon after, I thought, for no reason, of driving along a coastal highway, with a brackish breeze blowing, a relaxed beach vibe. I thought it was the perfume. It is light and fresh, subtle but pleasant enough. It has a muskiness, a kind of fruity but more like floral, easygoing just in a word. Be aware, if the original Glow caused quite a stir because of its intense white floral notes and that soapy smell that we all love or hate, this one is different, smoother and milder.

The scent opens with refreshing a moderate projection of delicious fruit and citrus accord. The opening is bright: Italian bergamot is slightly powdery, dewy pear and subtle lychee create a mix of succulent fruit. Yeah, Enduring Glow is another modern scent featuring the pear accord, which I like though. This is not a typical sticky, syrupy fruity floral. At this stage, the scent has a wide projection and a delicious fruity accord fills the place where you sprayed it.

Shortly after the initial application, the musk, listed as a base note, enters the blend, with a clean, white, and projecting accord. Pink peonies, violet leaves and lemony magnolia petals burst with a feminine touch. The heart is a blast of flowery and watery notes, the carnal magnolia blends with the opening luscious fruit, the outcome is a gourmand floral accord. The powdery iris sets in the background, does not dominate the stage, but adds a soft and dusty touch without turning the scent into an iris/orris centered one. Magnolia is prominent everywhere, but it isn’t shrill. A little soapy peony peeps out, but it blends well with everything else. The middle stage is floral, unquestionably.

The last notes come as soft touches of white amber crystals with a pleasant dry smell, sheer musk and creamy sandalwood, wrapping the scent in a sensuous, warm glow. As many people have said, it has a soapy flower scent but also lends itself as a fresh, creamy, and clean scent. If you are a man and you want to wear it you have to do it with the right suit. Initially, feeling it on me, I thought it had a poor sillage. But yesterday my partner saw it on the shelf. The golden flask intrigued him and wore it. Well, I changed my mind. The perfume leaves a very intense creamy trail. Even after hours, the more the better.

Enduring Glow is much more mature than I expected, in a good way. The scent is a fresh and immaculate floral; it is sweet but subtle and discreet, warm thanks to the blond woods, perfect for work, for a carefree morning, or for an evening apéritif. The bottle is beautiful and definitely stands out for its unique shape. The perfume has good lasting power and just a few splashes are enough. It is a little strong at first, but then it dries with a nice warm and seductive scent. If you’re familiar with Glow Original, this one has the same vibe but has a spicier opening, creamy heart, and subtle finish. I rocked it this morning and smelled it on myself all day, even more on my clothes. My hubby likes it a lot and uses it too! It has a great longevity and is impressive for a “celebrity perfume”.
18th September, 2020

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