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Oud For Greatness (2018)
by Initio


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Year of Launch2018
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Oud For Greatness

Oud For Greatness is a shared / unisex perfume by Initio. The scent was launched in 2018

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Reviews of Oud For Greatness

Anticlimactic. Read notspeandingamillion’s review because he nails it squarely. There’s nothing wrong with Oud for Greatness it’s just not new or unique. Coming first from Al Haramain and AJ Arabia then to Oud for Greatness undoubtedly colors my perception, and perhaps unfairly at that. OFG is easy to love but there is some sense of redundancy mentioned by Buysblind. It’s not for me because I feel my Al Haramain cover this genre well enough there isn’t enough daylight between the two to warrant both. For the price I’d rather get an exclusive Ormonde Jayne or Roja decant.
10th November, 2020
BR 540 Pour Homme

I feel like this fragrance is BR 540 meets Creed Viking.
Opens in medicinal synth clean oud like in MFK. Saffron gives it some fruity/floral zing, and nutmeg gives it a kind of new age barbershop kind of smell. This is what makes it like Viking. The overall vibe is spicy BR 540 that can more easily be worn by a man.
Way strong, too much. Super synthetic. Composition and blending, average. Feels a little Tom Ford Private Blend basic. Meh, neutral.
28th September, 2020
Initio Parfums Privés is a sister label to Parfums de Marly, and their fragrances do not follow the same French theme, instead focusing more on mysticism and myth from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. In practice, this means headier and denser perfumes with less overall mainstream appeal and a higher price tag to impart the exclusivity of it all. Oud for Greatness (2018) is among the better and more-accessible scents from the collection, seeking to present agarwood in a manner that is cleaner, more approachable, but no less powerful than traditional oud perfumes. I'd say it succeeds at doing this, but draws comparisons to a few other popular luxury niche perfumes in the same market segment as Oud for Greatness. For starters, the bottle very much looks like it's going for that Illuminati/Freemasons secret society vibe, eschewing the usual iconography from the house, and the scent within seems to approach the subject of oud with a Westernized buttoned frock or sportcoat attitude.

The opening of Oud for Greatness is a sharp, medicinal oud note that may or may not be synthetic, then polished and rounded by lavender instead of the usual rose, lending this oud interpretation an odd barbershop-like conservatism. Saffron enters the fray next, and comparisons to Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 (2014) happen at this point, although Oud for Greatness is a great deal more defined than the amorphous blob that is BR 540. Nutmeg adds some dustiness to the mix and eventually cashmeran joins the heart of Oud for Greatness, before akigalawood (fractionated patchouli) and musks enter the final stages to thicken and bolster the woody rounded character of the opening. Oud for Greatness is only semi-sweet with hints of vanilla in the latest stages, and comes across very stately on skin, perfect for formal events, cold weather, and night time. Longevity is good at 10 hours and sillage is about average, but since this is an eau de parfum, I didn't expect obnoxious projection or scent trails. Bottom line is this should last longer than your secret society meetings concerning world domination.

My conclusion on this is that Oud for Greatness is a weird hybrid that touches upon barbershop tones, traditional oriental spice, medicinal oud preferred by Western buyers, and a bit of that luxury niche shine to make something that explores many facets of what is popular among male buyers of niche perfumes without smelling directly like a copy of something or like you need a secret handshake to score a bottle. Yeah, you could say this is the oud version of BR 540, but you could also call Parfums de Marly Kalan (2019) the pepper version of BR 540 too, so this kind of reductionism doesn't really serve anyone well, Illuminati or otherwise. If you like BR 540 but find it lacking, Oud for Greatness might be a good alternative, and likewise if you want a high-quality wearable oud without the "barnyard" factor, Oud for Greatness may also be a nice option. Whether or not Oud for Greatness, or any Initio perfume is worth the $350+ being asked,is another question altogether, but I suppose catching a deal could make or break the "greatness" of this novel take on the subject, Skulls membership not included. Thumbs up.
28th February, 2020
Oud For Greatness is a dark fruity oud. I get dried fruit, I get smoke, I get saffron, I get vanilla and I get oud although It's not in your face. OFG is a nice fragrance. It might even be a very nice fragrance. The longevity is pretty decent although the projection is quite low key.

Here's my problem. At this price I really need to be blown away. I wasn't. There is not a massive gap between this and some of the cheaper Roja Doves. The difference is that the Rojas blew me away. If this was £90 - £120 I would most probably of bought a bottle.

In summary Oud For Greatness offers some greatness but not quite enough for me.
23rd January, 2020
The opening has a bit more of a sharp, biting-oud than the drydown but for the most part, it remains a pretty linear, soft, accessible, dry oud with airy-sweetness on my skin. It does lose some of the oud effect as it gets deep into the drydown but I think the whole fragrance is fading away by that point.

What's interesting is the sweetness, reminds me of BR 540. So if you'd like a bit of dry, soft oud in your super sweet crowd-pleaser, this could be a gem find. It comes off more masculine than BR 540 as well, so that could also be a great combination for someone turned off by the sweet and airy MFK fragrance. Sexy stuff.

The performance is very good with solid projection and all-day longevity with minimal sprays.
16th January, 2020
After all of the initial hype, I was excited to get my nose on this. Meh. On my skin it did not last and had a less-than-memorable impression. The oud was there for sure, but even after the 3rd wearing of it, I can't get behind this one. Good, yes. For me, it's a No for Greatness.
31st December, 2019

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