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Mr. Burberry Indigo (2018)
by Burberry


Mr. Burberry Indigo information

Year of Launch2018
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerFrancis Kurkdjian
Parent CompanyBurberry
Parent Company at launchBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About Mr. Burberry Indigo

Mr. Burberry Indigo is a masculine fragrance by Burberry. The scent was launched in 2018 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian

Mr. Burberry Indigo fragrance notes

Reviews of Mr. Burberry Indigo

I used to peel open the sticky flaps on fragrance ads in men’s fashion magazines to see what the frags smelled like. Inevitably, they all smelled the same, so I came to think of that scent as the smell of paper.

Mr. Burberry Indigo smells like paper. There’s nothing particularly wrong or right about it. It’s just as generic as a light blue horizontal stripe on a white background. Within that narrow blue band, MBI is amongst the more pleasant, though not quite as distinctive as, say, Bleu de Chanel. Chiefly, it avoids the pitfall of aromachemical aggression, which allows one to appreciate the modest charms of the genre. The spearmint is a nice touch, even if it vaguely recalls commercial bathroom cleaning products.

Perfectly fine if you don’t mind smelling like magazine pages.
21st July, 2021
My enjoyment of
Bleu de Mr. Burberry
Cannot be denied

Un acuático
Yet Green's herbal character
Is largely retained

Somebody rained on
A vegetated beach near
That parched green pillar

And we're all happy
That dear Aussiewood is now
Driftwood memories

Easy on the cream
A bit less powdered flowers
And just a touch of

Salty ocean spray
Condensing on iced latte
At Café Francis

Talking to myself
Smelling good my only job
Not sure about this.
08th July, 2021

This to me goes on as an herbal fragrance. You can tell that this is a Kirkdjian, in that he does a good job blending in with clean overtones in his frags. He's great at balancing. This even smells competent through the openings and mid. In the base it falls apart and smells like a weaker version of D&G K EDT. This can actually be seen as a plus for this, because the basenotes of that one do not smell bad, but they are overpowered to the point of jarring. So this would be something that would be a better version of that there, and then it just smells better than that one in the opening and mid. All in all I could have gone up here, though there is just something about that last transition that just sticks in my craw, so Im going with a neutral. Really though, good for Burberry. I think this is pretty well done for the price. I can see people being very happy with this one. You will smell much more grown up that with the sweet nothings.
17th February, 2021
Mint and violet leaves combined with a decent, yet garden variety blue fragrance. It's actually pretty distinguished in what would otherwise be an uninteresting genre for me. I agree with other reviews that the mint and violet are what gives Indigo it's creativity, combining dark and light notes in an ethereal way. A good buy at less than $50.
05th February, 2021
I'm not at all into the blue fragrance trend, I honestly can't wait until it ends. If I did have to pick a blue fragrance to not only wear, but recommend, it would be this one. It does a little more than the others, and goes the extra mile to distinguish itself from the rest. It's nothing amazing, after all, no blue fragrances are, but it's certainly up there among the top contenders. What separates it, for me.. is the addition of mint. Although I do still get the typical cheap synthetic smelling woods here, like in most new modern fragrances that use any sort of wood in their notes, in this instance, it doesn't last long, and transitions into a smooth base. I don't get the sharpness I get from 90% of other blue fragrance dry downs.

Whether any extra thought was put into this or not, is not for me to say, but what I can say, is that it smells like extra effort was put into it to make something a little different. I think this and Dylan Blue are among the top in the blue fragrances on the designer side. This one is very enjoyable, and a safe blind buy.
14th December, 2020
Wow! This one's a new favorite!
I've had a few other Burberry fragrances before, such as London and Brit Rhythm, and I wasn't very impressed with them, so my expectations for this one wasn't high, but I'm quite impressed!
I don't know if this is comparable to the original Mr Burberry or other flankers, because I don't remember all that well what Mr Burberry smelled liked when I sampled it a several years ago, except that this is not so sweet and bland as that was.

This is a fresh, herbal-woodsey fragrance. like a more modernized 80s, retro-style throwback, but lighter, richer, and more nuanced than some of those strong overpowering 70s and 80s scents. Perhaps a modern homage to those classic frags like the original Polo (Green). And it's really very well done! Really nicely blended herbal notes that come together beautifully!

The accords in this one develop really nicely, from a fresh, gentle spicy-citrus, barely sweet opening, into a damp, mossy, but still fresh with Spearmint heart-notes, giving it some lift and freshness, while the Oakmoss and Musk keep it feeling very earthy and grounded. I was surprised that there's no Vetiver listed here, because it does have something of that fresh-cut-grass scent to it. I think it's Violet leaf and Rosemary that give that, giving it a really nice herbal fresh smell throughout the duration. It smells like an herbal garden that backs onto a forest, early with the morning dew.

I think this makes for a really great Springtime, early summer scent. If you're into layering, this layers amazingly with HeWood Rocky Mountain, and Quorum Silver.

I hope more folks give this a try, and let us know what they think!
01st May, 2020 (last edited: 12th May, 2020)

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