Gentle Fluidity (Gold Edition) (2019)
by Maison Francis Kurkdjian


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Year of Launch2019
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseMaison Francis Kurkdjian
PerfumerFrancis Kurkdjian

About Gentle Fluidity (Gold Edition)

The company says:

Working the ingredient to express its full potential and meeting the challenge of composing two different eaux de parfum with the same notes: juniper berries, nutmeg, coriander, musks, ambery woods and vanilla. The Gentle Fluidity duo was born of the perfumer’s imagination to offer two distinct olfactory silhouettes, for her or for him. In gentle Fluidity’s (gold) generous, enveloping trail, we can find coriander seed essence and an overdose of musks and vanilla. The floral, spicy note of coriander seeds brings, just like musks, ethereal volume and a lingering trail. In the base notes, the gourmand, reassuring notes of the vanilla accord enhanced by the ambery woods reveal a radiant, bright silhouette.

Gentle Fluidity (Gold Edition) fragrance notes

Reviews of Gentle Fluidity (Gold Edition)

The "Gentle Fluidity" concept by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is rather novel: take the same ingredients and adjust the levels to create two separate perfumes of a pair, but leave them without gender designation so people can decide for themselves which is which. For my part the concept works, and while I have difficulty pegging which one should be masculine or feminine, I do find the Gentle Fluidity [Gold Edition] (2019) to be the warmer and more sensual of the pair, in addition to being louder as well. Gentle Fludity [Silver Edition] (2019) comes across as the more office-oriented or casual of the two, without as much sweetness, and no lingering sense of romance or sentimentality in the sillage like with the gold iteration. I suppose one could stretch this to say the gold one is more feminine because of its more emotional nature, while the silver one is more "down to business" and therefore masculine, but we run the risk of falling into close-minded gender stereotypes with this mindset. Fans of the Maison Francis Kurkdjian house might also notice a distinct lack of plush white florals and citrus notes that tend to run through most MFK creations, although the penchant for synthetic futurism and seamless blending is still present, meaning this won't feel unlike a typical MFK perfume, but of a different ilk from the usual fare from the house.

The opening of Gentle Fluidity [Gold Edition] hits you in the face right away with sweet vanilla, coriander, and musk ambrette. The juniper in this instance acts more like a top note than part of the core fragrance like it does with the silver counterpart, and doesn't have that gin-like sharpness, but it is always present. If the silver version reminds one of another take on the Creed Aventus (2019) phenomenon, this gold iteration reminds me most of the "clubber DNA" found in Paco Rabanne 1 Million (2008), but obviously upscaled into niche levels of refinement. There is no juicy blood orange here nor a load of foghorn aromachemicals to make this scream feet from the wearer, but Gentle Fluidity [Gold Edition] does convey the same attention-wanting playful romanticism of a club fragrance, the "come hither" eyes condensed into a perfume. The mid section of the perfume is where the nutmeg lives, and continues into a drier and warmer spice trail as the base of ambroxan and norlimbanol create the "ambery woods" note listed by the house. This is shockingly simple for a gourmand/oriental type of synthetic perfume, and fans of MFK Grand Soir (2016) or the ever-popular Baccarat Rouge 540 (2014) would appreciate the familiar territory covered here. Wear time is over 8 hours and sillage is intense, but don't expect the projection one might get from a scent in this style, as Gentle Fluidity is as the name describes it and not a "beastmode" kind of experience.

I recommend this for evening use, cold weather, formal, and romantic situations as hinted at earlier, while the silver component if owned covers the other bases of casual, office, and daytime use in warmer weather. "Gentle Fluidity" as a line may ruffle some feathers of older Maison Francis Kurkdjian fans who got their start on earlier releases like those from the APOM, Lumière Noire and Aqua Universalis lines, which still had clear-cut his/her releases or unisex fragrances that weren't split into variants for guessing games, but the future is now and I applaud MFK for turning the "traditional pair" on its side. I mean, let's be honest here; the idea of his/her versions of the same fragrance is a concept only made popular since the 1980's when houses like Calvin Klein went back and made "for him" versions of their popular standouts like Obsession (1985) and Eternity (1988), and that was a mind-blower back then because masculines usually stood apart with unique names. If anything, MFK is just taking the work of CK further, as evidenced by their reliance on forward-thinking synthetic compositions, but I digress. Fans of sweet ambrette and vanilla accords with the budget to handle MFK should seek this out, everyone else should otherwise sit this out, for the long and short of it is that Gentle Fluidity [Gold Edition] is a sweet slow dance kind of perfume regardless of who wears it. I enjoy this, but I also prefer the silver edition to it, so I'd start there if sweetness isn't your kind of vibe. Thumbs up.
02nd December, 2019
Smells like Montale Intense Café and Rose Shéhérazade by Première Note, a good scent but kind of redundant.
24th November, 2019
I sampled Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity Silver yesterday and now I’m sampling Gentle Fluidity Gold today. The background is that both fragrances are composed using the same notes but in different arrangements—a humbling reminder of the power of chemistry and perfumery.

While Silver is a semi-fresh, sharp, herbal, and somewhat metallic perfume that strikes me as a men’s signature scent, Gold is very sweet, more or less a gourmand fragrance dominated by vanilla. It has a sugary, light, fluffy quality to, almost along the lines of a marshmallow texture but without the marshmallow smell itself. There are hints of white musks, nutmeg, and woods, but in Gold, the juniper and coriander are far in the background, practically undetectable to my nose after hours of wearing.

Some compare it to Montale Intense Café without its coffee, but I don’t even get much rose in Gold, so for me it remains primarily a vanilla-dominant scent, which isn’t to say that it’s too one-dimensional or boring, though, as it has some nuance but the spiciness of Silver (from the coriander and juniper) is virtually nonexistent in Gold, at least on my skin. It has a sort of dustiness, a dryness to it, as well, that prevents it from being an over-the-top gourmand, so that crafty restraint makes it more viable for more people than just gourmand lovers, I’d say.

In summary, Gentle Fluidity Gold is a very nice vanilla scent: it’s easy to wear, a reasonable performer, and even with my improved view on Silver, I still prefer it to Silver. However, at its retail pricing ($225 for a standard 70ml MFK bottle in the US), it’s a far cry from an easy sell. And I’m afraid it’s just uninteresting and safe enough to be good but not great, in my opinion, especially considering its pricing and the abundance of vanillas on the market, including scores of modestly-priced options.

7 out of 10
19th November, 2019
After about 4 wearing I've come around quite a bit on Gentle Fluidity Gold. I still do have a disdain for piercingly sweet clubbing style fragrances as a whole, but if I had to wear one it would be this. It's a smooth warm vanilla, hyped up with a background of sharp, airy, amberwoods notes. It may be a style I don't like, but its done well.
04th September, 2019 (last edited: 13th April, 2020)

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