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Signature pour Homme (2018)
by Zaharoff


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Year of Launch2018
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerClaude Dir
Creative DirectorGeorge Zaharoff

About Signature pour Homme

Signature pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Zaharoff. The scent was launched in 2018 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Claude Dir

Reviews of Signature pour Homme

Today is my second wearing of Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme from George Zaharoff, the 2018 release that has become very popular in the fragrance community. I only tried it for the first time five days ago, long overdue, and it made quite the impression, as well.

It certainly lives up its name immediately as it has the smell of a menís signature scent, very modern with some more classic touches as well. Itís woody, spicy, musky, and, to make especially modern, sweet. Of the notes, the standouts to me are the lavender, pepper, cardamom, ginger, resins (myrrh, frankincense, amber, and woods (cypress, balsam fir, cedar, sandalwood). The mix of notes is a testament to how well blended it is, and itís effectively (albeit not overly) sweet without the use of vanilla or other dessert-like elements (save pear), relying instead of the resins to bring out the controlled sweet vibe in contrast to some of the sharper elements of lavender, pepper, and cardamom. Thereís oud in the background somewhere too, but admittedly itís subtle, though I do get vague, slight animalic twinges in the background, very much in the background behind the woods, resins, and spices.

Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme achieves a balance between being a bit familiar (I likened it to the muskiness of Escada Magnetism a bit during my first wearing, and now it feels like thereís a champagne cologne-ness in the background as well, along the lines of Acqua di Parma Colonia) but at the same time it feels modern, new, and a wee bit idiosyncratic, having its own character.

Zaharoffís pricing is very reasonable for the versatility and elegance of the fragrance, $155/95 for 120/60ml, at EDP concentration. It also performs quite well. I think a bottle is in my future.

8 out of 10

16th September, 2020
I don't like to have more than one masculine barbershop style fragrance in my collection, reason being is when I have more they seem to fight each other in my head, I get picky and i dissect them against each other..there have been many greats over the years and I think Signature is one of those. I've just finished a bottle of Bracken man which I thoroughly enjoyed but it's time for a change and Signature will be my next option..I've had a number of samples to conclude that decision, the blending is extraordinary and nothing in the mix feels out of place, beautiful soapy lavender with a slight powdery vibe, there are some dark twists in the base that enhance the feeling of quality, it's really difficult to pick each note out individually due to how smooth and well blended Signature feels, it also has a slight masculine retro vibe that gives a respectable nod to the barbershop classics, seems to project very well in the first hour and then lingers for a good amount of time.
03rd July, 2020
I rarely award any fragrance 5-stars. That rating should be reserved for the very best of the best. Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme is one of those fragrances.

Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme is a scent fit for a king. In fact, it could have easily been the fragrance that the Three Wisemen gave to the Baby Jesus. Look at the basenotes: GOLD (patchouli), FRANKINCENSE, and MYRRH. The scent is strong and it's very long-lasting. It's a projection monster. So go easy on the trigger. It signals the arrival of a gentleman with great taste and who probably tastes great too. To me it smells like a very refined, sexy, exotic, handsome, worldly gentleman just like George himself. If United Colors of Benneton had an upscale, luxury, regal fragrance, this would be it. It crosses so many cultures and seamlessly combines them into a scent that is instantly recognizable in a way that Chanel Antaeus or Terre d'Hermes is with top-notch ingredients sourced all over the world. It won't appeal to everyone. That's part of what makes it special.

Easily one the best men's fragrance releases of the last decade. Order it on from the Zaharoff website. Nordstrom is currently sold out of this very special elixir.
25th April, 2020
I owned this fragrance previously and eventually swapped it. It is most assuredly a rich, complex perfume with high quality ingredients. The oud, resins, patchouli, lavender, vetiver, and spices (cardamom and black pepper) are the most prominent notes to my nose. The Fragrantica pyramid is actually missing a few notes - notably pear, iris, amber, and olibanum. The combination of the pear, iris, oud, sandalwood, and resins create an extremely smooth and creamy texture which I absolutely loved, though the pear and florals weren't really all that detectable. The oud in this fragrance is fantastic - a woody variety without any barnyard stink. There's something very soapy here - maybe the cardamom - that makes this fresh, versatile, and suitable for all seasons, despite the otherwise "heavy" notes. The combination of it all together, somewhat surprisingly, makes it smell like an extremely high quality blue fragrance crossed with a barbershop/gentlemanly classic (lavender + patchouli) with a little bit of oriental inflection. It really is a beautiful fragrance - a mix of old and new, West and East.

So why did I swap it? Two reasons. The first is this - on my skin, it simply didn't perform very well. After trying it in both cold and warm weather, I got maybe 4-5 before it entered skin scent territory. Overall longevity was around 6 hours, with poor projection and sillage. This could simply be a consequence of my own chemistry - my skin eats fragrance - but Zaharoff himself remarked to me in a Youtube comment that the high concentration of naturals in the blend could reduce performance. You'll have to try it for yourself to see what you get it out it. The second reason was that this was simply a bit mature for my tastes. I think it could easily be a beautiful "signature" (heh) scent for men 30+, but for me (24), I felt like it simply wasn't the best fit. Make no mistake, there is definitely a throwback retro vibe here. If that's your thing, then this will absolutely be the fragrance for you. It's not really my thing, so I had to swap this for something that I felt was a little bit more "me".

Overall, though, this is a beautiful, well composed fragrance that is a strong showing for this brand. It's absolutely worth a try if you like classic, gentlemanly fragrances that have a little bit of a modern flair. It wasn't for me, but it could be for you!
27th December, 2019
This perfume is a genuine masterpiece, unfortunately for myself and Iím actually very surprised, I canít get down with this. It is strong, it is heavy, it has massive sillage and lasting power and is an oud dominant perfume which is why this is so frigginí strong. Outside of the genuine agarwood oil thereís a ton of patchouli in this which further increases the throw.

The entire composition is Ďincrediblyí heavy and dark. On a 1-10 scale of masculinity, this is a 10. Way too much for my personal tastes. Itís a very intrusive perfume and itís just really heavy and dark and dank, wet like and soapy, itís strange. I like it but then I donít, itís hard to explain so for that alone this perfume gets a 100%. It kinda confuses my nose because Iím not sure how it makes me feel, kind of disturbed but then a calming effect, really very strange but cool.

The real agarwood oil used here is legit and is one of the main focal notes outside of sandalwood. It is an unabashedly woody and masculine perfume. The sillage is very strong in itís delivery in the sense that what youíll be smelling is really very dark woods and a lot of patchouli. Iím having a hard time dissecting this one.

I can appreciate this. There was a boat load of thought and skill poured into this and as mentioned before, zero synthetics so Kudos to Mr. George. I just donít enjoy this smell at all, it kind of makes me feel a tad nauseated and Iím not sure what accords are making me feel like this but I think itís the sandalwood/oud combo. Iíve worn this at home numerous times and itís the same result, nausea. I canít express enough how heavy this scent is.

By the way, I have smelled and worn Indonesian agarwood oil before and itís really dry, rooty like, kinda swampy and earthy but no barnyard as if the oud oil had been distilled from the roots of the tree, more like white oud. This perfume has a ton of genuine oud oil in this which is the main focal point, possibly even the first voted note so ignore that voter scent pyramid entirely, itís not even close. I really dislike Australian sandalwood, it kinda makes me gag, I think thatís the culprit here. Regardless, excellent scent so if this jives with you, itís a gem. Itís a really strong eau de parfum that lasts easily 18+ hours. I wish I liked this smell because itís honestly a really well composed creation that wafts sporadically. Itís very beautiful in itís sillage, stinks up close. My God itís just so frigginí heavy and overpowering.

You wanna know what the performance and overall delivery of this perfume reminds me of? Not that it smells the same but, this is a glorified 80ís perfume for Men reincarnated to be modern. Rochasí Macassar which is an utter masterpiece that is far too complex and far too strong for its own good, just like Zaharoff.

This is an agarwood perfume through and through, itís all about oud oil, sandalwood and patchouli. Brutal perfume. I approve, just canít handle this, way too strong, fuck...
22nd November, 2019

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