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Acqua di Giò Absolu Instinct (2019)
by Giorgio Armani


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Year of Launch2019
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseGiorgio Armani
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Acqua di Giò Absolu Instinct

Acqua di Giò Absolu Instinct is a masculine fragrance by Giorgio Armani. The scent was launched in 2019

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Reviews of Acqua di Giò Absolu Instinct

Simply put this is an aquatic freshy toned down with a bit of spice from patchouli and wood.
One spray on my chest lasted for hours. Amazing. More like an extrait.
Smells better on my chest than on the back of my hand.
Wife went nuts over it. She likes my New York Intense, loves my Bois Belize Intense, really likes my B683 EdP and Extrait, blows hot and cold about the daddy (my French Lover) but swoons over this pipsqueak!
I like it as well its my new hot weather freshy if only Fine Accoutrements made a high quality EdP version of their Fine Fresh Vetiver.
So Instinct smells great, projects and lasts. Good value all things considered. Armani just made me go FBW. And I did!
14th September, 2021
Finally an Acqua di Gio that I love!!!!! This scent reminds me of Escada pour home. I tried some on and WOW!!! I was in heaven. It has the dark amber and patchouli smell that I love. On me the scent lasted about 12 hours. I will be saving up for this gem. You can count on it!!!
24th June, 2021

Orangy cream over powerful woody ambers.

28th February, 2021
One of the better recent AdG flankers, but seriously failing in longevity.

The opening instantly reminds me of Polo Double Black, which is crazy, i had to do a double take to look at the notes, when I thought this. The notes are nothing alike, but it is what it is. I get a creamy mango sort of opening. As it fades, it becomes more citrusy and woody, with an aquatic touch. At which point, it reminds me of a weaker version of Beckham Instinct Intense. One that probably nobody reading this has tried, because it didn't have much time on the shelves before going extinct.

While this smells nice, it's still too expensive, and doesn't last long. It projects ok for an hour, and then stays pretty close, but I wouldn't call it a skin scent until hour 4, by which point, I don't smell it at all. It's one of those "here and gone" performers, because one minute, I smell it in the air, the next, I smell nothing. To clarify.. not that it's legitimately here and gone, time wise, but here and gone performance wise.

I saw a guy on here showing a pic of having like 5 back up bottles of this, which is really what got my interest. Then again I thought..well.. isn't this the same guy who's obsessed with Aventus. Needless to say, I bought a sample, because that's a drop in the bucket in this hobby. I wish the sample was cheaper too, but hey.. it's still a pretty expensive fragrance, so people selling samples have to make it back, I understand. What I'm saying is, i don't think it's worth the price.

Overall, it's a pretty subtle, simple, safe, but a little unique (by what's out today, not by past discontinued stuff). It can probably serve well as a gift for someone who just sees "Armani" on the bottle and loves it, lol. A good signature scent for someone who isn't into fragrances, and wants something subtle but will still garner compliments. It's a creamy citrus/woody fragrance, and it's well executed, but again, just overpriced.
01st January, 2021
I think this is a bit of an overlooked flanker. To put it simply, it’s a very nice spicy fragrance with a soft sweetness woven throughout and a noticeable touch of AdG’s trademark aquatic notes leaving a subtle, watery trail. I’ve smelled its spiciness before, perhaps in Hanae Mori’s HiM, or some other cinnamon influenced, safely resinous and warm designer scent. Anyway, while Profumo gets all the accolades, Instinct seems largely ignored or written off as superfluous. But it’s nice! I’m much more impressed by it than the regular Absolu and more recent, Profondo release (which is nice, but at times synthetic and uninspired), and what I like most about it is that it brings something very different to the AdG line while still managing to hold onto and portray some of the original’s DNA (unlike Absolu, which I like, but feels like an altogether different fragrance). Perhaps its most glaring flaw is its performance. While it projects well, I don’t think it lasts very long. Though I’ve only worn it a few times, it seems to disappear after about 5 hours, maybe 6. But I can live with that, especially since it seems more of an evening fragrance than the daily workhorse variety. Final rating: A solid 8/10, possible 8.5 if its performance improves over time.
12th August, 2020
I know what they were trying to do here, but it's a major failure on Armani's part. This follows the recent trend of aromachemical bombs. They take the original formula and ramp up various aspects until it becomes harsh and screechy. I was a fan of the original. Was being the operative word. "Look how they massacred my boy!" Once I smelled this flanker, and all those synthetic elements were pointed out to me, I can't help but smell them in the original. If you like the original, avoid this.
16th October, 2019 (last edited: 15th December, 2019)

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