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Portrayal Man (2019)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2019
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerPierre Negrin

About Portrayal Man

Portrayal Man is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2019 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Negrin

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Reviews of Portrayal Man

A beauty and a beast of a fragrance

Somewhat hard to get my head around initially, but then I wore it out and received a lot of compliments. Not one for people who love cheap designer perfumes, it’s strong so use sparingly.

What I get are green woody notes then a lovely sweet soapy quality thats gets more addictive in the dry down. One I’ll be using on a regular basis.
15th June, 2020
Well I dont understand all the negative comments on this.
If you like Violet, this opens up with a very potent Violet Leaf..... I absolutely adore this.

If you like Fahrenheit... this is quite similar to the original one back in the early 90s.
I am sure given time this will catch on and appeal to the more Niche noses.
Fantastic Frag this one. Prob in the top 5 of my amouage collection, deffo worth going trying this one.

Overall 9.0-10
Performance 9-10
Sillage 10-10
Longevity 9-10

26th March, 2020
Portrayal is very strong for the first hour. It opens with the sharp, bracing, soapy bite of a huge violet note. Violets can come across three ways to me: green and leaf-like, with damp, watery, plant-like qualities; purple and somewhat spicy-sweet in the manner of violet candies, almost how pink pepper is spicy- sweet; or gray and almost dry, bitter and somewhat soapy. In Portrayal, the violet consists of all three varieties. It's a robust, multi-dimensional violet and is absolutely the star of the show. But that's not to suggest that it's the only note at play. Perhaps its the spiciness of the purple violet variety, but there also seems to be some kind of cloves or pepper working here, embellishing Portrayal with a distinct piquancy. It could also be interpreted as geranium, whose cold, spiciness is also marked by a nearly edible sweetness. I'm also almost positive coriander shows up for a moment, or maybe to a lesser degree, cumin, layered near the bottom, because there is a very subtle sweaty funk simmering below, which fades out early in Portrayal's development. There could also be oakmoss, as a certain part of Portrayal reminds me of popular 70's and 80's powerhouses like Antaeus, which used oakmoss in part with animalics like castoreum to create this clean-but-dirty contrast. This smell is captured completely in the relatively new Slumberhouse release, New Sibet. But it's also here in Portrayal, supporting its huge violet note. It gradually recedes in the first hour until it's barely perceptible when Portrayal eventually reaches its heart. I don't smell "cade" anywhere, if cade is supposed to smell smoky, like wood burning, or tar (it's possible I'm just not familiar enough with cade as a note, but I don't detect any kind of smokiness in Portrayal). And I definitely do not smell vetiver. If it's there, it's been submerged into obscurity.

After about an hour, much of Portrayal's dynamic, and at times, aggressive beginnings settle in. The fragrance becomes calmer, more singularly focused and with less activity than before. It's as if the various aspects and styles of violet that were branching out earlier have now been reeled in, and instead of three different violets, each doing their own thing and making up different dimensions of the scent, there is now one singular violet serving its center. Furthermore, the flashes of cloves and coriander, the spiciness and hint of sweat, are completely settled in, barely detectable. And it's exactly that violet that comes together after some time that has the "Fahrenheit smell." Granted, nothing about Portrayal reminded me of Fahrenheit until a full hour after wearing it, and even then it's quite different. The violet that smells like the violet in Fahrenheit, is surrounded by a much more dry, bitter green element in Portrayal. It's soapier with more whites and greens and grays than Fahrenheit's swirling reds. Looking at it from the perspective of percentages, Portrayal is maybe 20% Fahrenheit, so it's really not much like it at all. For what it's worth, I enjoy Fahrenheit much more. It's a masterpiece with an unforgettable character both bizarre and charming. Portrayal isn't much of either. That's not to say it's bad in any regard--it's actually a decent composition--but at least as far as I'm concerned, it lacks that certain something to really win me over and want to keep coming back for more.

Portrayal is not an easy scent to pull off and I can't see it going over very well with many young audiences, especially young Americans. Though it softens up after some time, it comes out of the gate with gusto, reminding us in some ways of past powerhouses and a style that was popular decades ago. Its violet note is loud and powerful, almost aggressive, and extremely "soapy" at times. But it's also interesting, and substantial. Not until it settles in does Portrayal become a more relaxed and easy-going wear. By hour 2 or 3 it's moderately pleasant, the sweet, aromatic, Fahrenheit-like violet note wafting softly around its clean, bitter-green environs. But it's a challenge getting there. Final rating, 6/10, worth sampling only if you love violet.
31st December, 2019
I agree with Constantine. Portrayal Man is a scrubber and the worst Amouage I've smelled to date. The only portrayal for me with this one is that of a disappointed fragrance collector. I wanted to like this one, but it is immediately forgettable.
07th November, 2019
A scrubber.
The worst Amouage to date. What a shame. An effeminate chypre with a balsamic twist to the opening.
Enough said.
I received a decant of Davidoff Silver Shadow Altitude at the same time and prefer that. A lot more.

Fragrance: 6.5/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity: 7.5/10
06th November, 2019
In which Amouage goes for the fresh’n’dirty juxtaposition with not terribly exciting results. Portrayal man opens with a good gust of violet leaf bravado (à la butch perfumes of a certain pedigree like Grey Flannel) with a touch of bergamot and wrapped in billowing ozonic/marine effects that spin it into a kind of sea-spray impression, but with a rugged, sweaty woody base also making its presence felt. This is bracing stuff, and despite the novelty of giving it a marine twist, seems instantly familiar. In the evolution, the ozone and sea spray dissipate and even the persistence of the violet leaf gets challenged by that spicy dirty-fresh woody backing which is the main feature of the drydown. This has some of the smoke, sweat and orneriness of Interlude Man’s woods, but it is done in a much lighter, less rub-yer-face-in-it style, so may garner some fans. While I loved the opening minutes, I found the rest of the wear all a bit trad and dad for my taste.

01st August, 2019

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