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Etruscan Water (2019)
by Francesca Bianchi


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Year of Launch2019
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseFrancesca Bianchi
PerfumerFrancesca Bianchi

About Etruscan Water

Etruscan Water is a green-citrusy perfume with character – or with a dirty/sexy vibe! It conveys the stunning odor of the typical Mediterranean vegetation and the salty, refreshing smell of the sea soothing your skin from the heat of the sun.

Reviews of Etruscan Water

Classic chypre in style, feels well thought out with nostalgic intentions, has lots of hidden mossy vibes and yellow floral astringency, loads of depth and totally French in character, wouldn't need a lot of this really as a little goes a long way, the bit I struggle with is the sort of burnt wool smell, like when your ironing a wool jumper on too higher temperature, I'm not huge on chypres so maybe it's a little unfair to comment but from what I've tried over the years this one seems very well made with excellent blending and respect.
30th April, 2021
There aren’t too many green musks about, so the opening of Francesca Bianchi’s Etruscan Water is valuable for that reason alone. But as it develops it changes, revealing a beautiful, strong-willed and complex creation drawing on a range of reference points, perfect for a cool spring day and much else besides. Drawing on the hot-cool idea of hidden Mediterranean bays filled with clear water reached through ancient woods, it brings to mind impressions of sun-whitened rocks, mossy surfaces and musky and rangy vegetation. It deploys a range of salty, herbal, solar-floral and animalic notes to create a vivid impression that is like an inhabited reverie – calm but with something alive and robust at its core. The blending of the citrus and citrus-woody tones (Bianchi speaks of being inspired by classic punchy masculine citrus colognes and that influence becomes evident during the course of the wear) with lovely green herbal nuances and full-spectrum honeyed florals is exquisitely balanced, with a sun-kissed saltiness floating over everything. Etruscan Water offers both sunshine and shade – and a panorama of scent impressions, recognizable but ultimately unusual in combination. I took to it immediately.
24th February, 2021 (last edited: 16th April, 2021)
As a male writing this Etruscan water is way too feminine and sweet and cloying. Almost a scrubber, in fact it would have been if I was not so busy. I see one of the other reviewers struggled with it initially with fleeting urges to scrub it until finally 'from smelling from further away' seeing it as beautiful and rich. I think it was heavy on the Immortelle, jasmine and musk.
03rd February, 2021
Etruscan Water creates an image of cool water drawn up from a stone lined well that has been filtered through layers of earth hidden from the light of day. The opening of this fragrance has a cold mineral fresh water feel from the tangerine and grapefruit over vetiver. Adding to this crisp light green watery aroma are bits of basil and caraway. An indolic floral note is added from jasmine that is made smooth by softness of iris. The iris note is a Bianchi staple and appears to add smooth mystery to almost every scent of hers that I have had the pleasure to try. The watery green iris flows over a base of ambergris and labdanum and provides an accurate metaphor for well drawn Etruscan Water. There is an old soul quality that is common to all of Bianchi perfumes I've tried and this comes from the complexity and contrasts in each. This perfume does remind me of water drawn from a stone well but the deep quality of the base and heart notes takes this far from oceanic or vetiver category as it develops its own fresh but dry chypre contrasts. Another very nice fragrance from Francesca Bianchi.
08th July, 2020 (last edited: 01st June, 2021)
I would encourage you not to be misled by the word “water” in the name of this fragrance. Although it may connote something pale and light, that doesn’t apply to this in anyway. It is very robust. Smelling it directly from the sample I have, it seemed borderline awful with an unappealing, almost impenetrable thickness to the scent. I figured it would be a total wash.
Smelling it a few more times, at a greater distance from my nose, it began to seem more appealing, so I tried it on. I can only use the word refraction to describe what happened on application. It seemed to me similar to the effect of a prism where all the different colors that comprise the white light suddenly become visible. So we’re the notes in this fragrance.
All at once, to my nose, it became something very beautiful and rich: kaleidoscopic, spacious, and beautiful. Still robust, opulent, and strong, but not close or cloying. The only other fragrance I can think of that goes through a similar refraction is Habit Rouge, a fragrance that I hate smelling from the bottle, but love what happens to it when I wear it, particularly under clothes.
The richness of Etruscan Water brings something of the antique to the fragrance, but not in a way that makes it seem even remotely “old.” It’s simply a richness and depth that I’m unaccustomed to in any fragrance created in the last 50 years that I’ve experienced.
I have always been obsessed with Fiesole, a town just outside Florence, Italy. It was originally an Etruscan town until the Romans conquered it in 238 BC. They have an amazing archaeological site there on the hillside covered with green grass and beautiful cypress trees all bathed by the warm, golden Tuscan sunlight. This fragrance seems an apt olfactive parallel to the experience of being there. Francesca Bianchi describes Etruscan Water as redolent of the seaside, but that’s simply not where this takes me.
As a reviewer, I’m not sophisticated enough to discuss notes of the fragrance and their progression, but I will say that Etruscan Water is like travel in a bottle: beautiful, evocative, unique, and well worth the time.
05th May, 2020

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