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London is a masculine fragrance by English Laundry. The scent was launched in 2018

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It was only a matter of time before English Laundry tackled a fragrance that smells like Creed Aventus (2010), and that's because English Laundry as a house seeks to democratize the British/UK luxury male fashion aesthetic for the US and other audiences abroad, so taking a shot at the leading masculine perfume from one of the most popular luxury perfumers sold in the UK with claimed ties to English nobility (despite being French) is a no-brainer. Indeed, Creed Aventus is one of the most-worn fragrances among the affluent upper-classes of London, after which English Laundry names its "clone", but like all homages to popular styles coming from a designer couture house rather than a deliberate "clone" perfumer, English Laundry London (2018) seeks to sell itself as something other than a copycat. Unfortunately, this is simply impossible when dealing with fragrances that either reference or take any inspiration from Creed Aventus in even the slightest form, because the fan base for the stuff is so obsessive, so pedantic, so foaming-at-the-mouth to defend the honor of their gentrified bro-culture validation sauce that anything bearing resemblance is descended upon, being ripped to shreds instantly. Nobody really cared when Creed Green Irish Tweed (1985) was democratized (by its own perfumer) as Davidoff Cool Water (1988), although comparisons would eventually turn to bitter arguments after the invention of the internet allowed "cologne guys" to discuss their interests. So here we have English Laundry London, the first proper designer fragrance to take a stab at the DNA of Creed Aventus, and although it would be completely overshadowed by the higher-profile and more-unique Montblanc Explorer (2019), it's something of a marvel on its own. For starters, the smell of London is not a play-by-play doppelganger of Creed Aventus like a true clone such as Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man (2015), because the house has always done "luxury" takes on popular designer accords by buttressing several together or adding a unique spin to a singular popular style, then smoothing the Hell out of it so the chemical seams don't show like they would in the designer being plagiarized.

This method immitation-meets-innovation has taken the house far in the eyes of the fragrance community as a good value-for-dollar alternative to designers, since they're basically applying a niche sense of quality to a mass-appeal fragrance, but since a niche perfume with considerable pride of ownership/status is being tackled by good ol' Chrisopher Wicks, I'm not sure this method will be appreciated by hobbyists with London. The opening of English Laundry London is as you might expect, coming across the nose with a whole lot of citrus, pineapple, green apple and other fruitiness. English Laundry switches out the blackcurrant of Aventus for blackberry, but it makes no difference in the end because you still end up with the same sweet, completely safe, and played-out citrus/fruit one-two-punch. I think the veteran Creed fan will pick out the difference right away and recuse any arguments of direct clone intention, but the general "frag-bro" will still cry fowl. From there, we get a heart of jasmine hedione, denatured patchouli heart, and birch like Aventus, providing a bit of the smokiness Aventus is famous for, but adding a gin-inflected touch with juniper in place of rose. This juniper gives a slight presage to Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Gentle Fluidity [Silver] (2019), and is the unique twist English Laundry places on the heart. It's clear after about 30 minutes on skin that London has no intention to dry down exactly like Aventus does, even though ambroxan/ambergris, white musk, and vanilla are key players in the base, since the oakmoss note is a bit more prominent in London and the musk vibe gets closer to that of Creed Royal Mayfair (2015) than in Aventus. I think this is the key difference between London and Aventus: the serious English austerity tone of Royal Mayfair was tapped for the creation of English Laundry London, with the knobs tweaked just a bit to that end, even though the principle ingredients are evidently almost note-for-note with Aventus. A more-British and less-booming take on the style is what London brings to the table, with a floral print shirt and petticoat reminiscent of the UK Mod style English Laundry proselytizes to US buyers of the brand replacing the bespoke tailored suits and wingtip shoes vibe Creed channels through their masculine offerings to the would-be customer. Performance is actually rather on the poor side compared to other English Laundry fragrances, with 7 hours pushing it and projection dropping to skin levels after only 3. The genuine article still has most knock-offs or inspired-by scents beat in that department unless you want the nuclear-strength of the Armaf, but English Laundry London isn't terrible, just not useful much beyond the sedate setting of the office. Weather-wise this is pretty much year-round except maybe not for the harshest extremes of hot and cold, in which other things more-specialized may better serve.

If English Laundry was a clone house from the Middle East, or some "attempting to improve upon the original" dupe brand like Dua, Alexandria Fragrances, or Pineapple Vintage, we'd have a whole different story on our hands. But as fate would have it, this is a brand that from tip to tail exists to romanticize past fashions of a specific culture, packaging their concept of luxury into manufactured ready-to-wear and fragrances that merge the catch-all mindset of a designer with the air of exclusivity their source material suggests but at value pricing, so seeing English Laundry ride closely parallel to an upscale brand like Creed doesn't feel disingenuous. What I feel instead from English Laundry is more of a "what took you so long?" kind of emotional energy, as the house has been playing mad scientist by combining or embellishing popular designer tropes for years, making mashups of YSL, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Dior, Viktor & Rolf, Tom Ford, and Burberry since their inception. If you're genuinely trying to be the Kia or Hyundai of the luxury niche perfume world, you have to eventually step up to the plate and start smelling like the "big boys", not copying the stuff just slightly above you in price that people interested in upscale perfumes are trying to avoid. I'm not saying English Laundry London is great, and I certainly don't think it is the credible designer answer to Creed that Montblanc Explorer is, but it is the first successful dry run of doing this style well and inexpensively without feeling dishonest. In other words, English Laundry London is the first fragrance of its type that makes you question the price tag of Creed Aventus, because outside a bit of projection loss, they compare favorably to each other in quality. I don't need something like this in my wardrobe, but for fans of the smell but not the price of Aventus, it fits a purpose. English Laundry London makes me excited for what the brand might tackle next, although with the caveat that if they head too far into niche styles, they may lose their intended audience for these fragrances in the first place. Thumbs up.
22nd January, 2020
A decent inexpensive dupe of Aventus. Has the pineapple that everyone knows and loves. It goes about 4 hours on my skin. Don't expect a fragrance BOMB! I got mine for less than 12 dollars at TJ Maxx so if you find it at a great price you should give it a chance. Enjoy!
21st November, 2019 (last edited: 07th January, 2020)
English Laundry 'London' smells about 85% similar to Creed 'Aventus' on its dry down, and would be a legendary fragrance all on its own if the performance matched the rest of the English Laundry line. With a liberal ten or more sprays (neck, chest, shoulders and wrists), longevity is still only about four hours, with most of that life spent close to the skin.

It does last about 5-7+ hours on clothing and fabrics, so spraying over clothes is a must. Projection is ok for the first fifteen to thirty minutes, but then it dries down dramatically fast after that. Sillage is very soft as well. Someone has to be right on you or hugging you to smell this scent, but when they do they will enjoy it. If 'Aventus' made an Eau de Cologne or really an Eau Fraiche concentration flanker, this would be it. It says Eau de Parfum on the label but if so this is the weakest EDP I've ever come across.

For the price, you can buy at least a dozen bottles of this at discounters for the price of one 100ml bottle of Creed's 'Aventus', so in that respect, it's definitely a good value. You can go crazy on the trigger and not worry about the price. I have 'Club de Nuit Intense' and 'L'Aventure', which both are about 99% and 95% repectively similar to Creed 'Aventus' with better performance than 'Aventus' in my testings. I would actually suggest buying those two and this fragrance for the following reason.

'Club de Nuit Intense' is the strongest by far and perfect for a night out clubbing or barhopping. 'L'Aventure' is a bit lighter but still has great performance, so its more suited for daytime events and being outdoors. English Laundry's 'London' is very toned down and subtle, so its better suited for being indoors in an intimate setting like a Netflix and cuddle evening or before bed with your lady where you don't necessarily want or need strong sillage or projection. It that setting, this scent is perfect and has the right amount of sillage for the situation where the other two would be too strong and aggressive on the nose.

All three of the above mentioned fragrances can be picked up for less than $100 for all three, which is still less than half the price for a 100ml bottle of Creed 'Aventus' and its 'batch issues'. For the price that Creed selections go for, you shouldn't have those issues and performance should be a beastly 15+ hours, but sadly its not. Hence, why the clones are gaining in popularity.

I would NOT recommend this on its own if you're looking for a good 'Aventus' clone. But if you own 'Club de Nuit Intense' and 'L'Aventure' already, this might be a nice addition for wearing in the right setting. It smells absolutely amazing once it dries down and settles, but the huge problem is that moment lasts less than an hour before its a skin scent and then its completely gone a couple hours later. Still, definitely recommended if you can pick it up cheap as a bedtime intimacy or cuddle fragrance and you love the scent character of Creed 'Aventus'.
05th August, 2019 (last edited: 06th August, 2019)
Another “okay” Aventus clone. The opening is harsh and reminds me of Noir by Adnan B or Jaguar Vision. The drydown smooths out and reveals a nice musky masculine scent.

Projects for maybe 3-4 hours. Skin scent lasts into the 8 hour range. Spray on clothes for better performance.
02nd August, 2019

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