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Overture Man (2019)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2019
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerKarine Vinchon-Spehner

About Overture Man

Exclusive to Harrods.

Reviews of Overture Man

Overture is an orchestral term meaning "prelude." In that there are many instruments and notes that contribute to the whole, a review of the notes in this fragrance reveals a complexity that defies my grasp. It is intimidating, at first, to be confronted with what seems like a monolith of fragrance by a menagerie of players, so that this orchestral movement reminds me of a character arc in Pride and Prejudice. Almost too impersonal or austere upon first exposure, like Mr. Darcy in his pride, I'm tempted to form a sketch of his character too quickly, like Elizabeth in her prejudice. With repeated exposure, however, themes emerge--like a meeting of old friends--and a discovery of a strong and abiding character that we can admire and grow to love.

There is at the opening a beautiful balance and tension between the animalic notes, familiar in Tom Ford's Tobacco Oud, and the almost too sweet notes in Tobacco Oud Intense. Darcy can't be rendered as a combination of a wild Wickham and a sweet Bingley, however. To this, we must add a smokey incense from Interlude, and bitter grapefruit, and spices, to begin to appreciate a character at once both taciturn and intimate. Darcy says little at first, but his eyes speak volumes.

Perhaps Darcy is a product of his lineage? Partly so, and if Interlude and Tobacco Oud Intense had a baby, but each one's most overt aspects were toned down and infused with the fine traces of other lines--exotic spices and fruit, we might be close to recognizing him.

Overall, there is a dryness in greeting that is at first disappointing, as if we expected this fragrance to be more personal than he is, but in time there is a surprising freshness and vigor that breaks the parched earth, like a desert flower, and is a beauty to behold.

I never tire of watching A&E's Pride and Prejudice, and what was at first viewing almost too much to take in, has become known to me in all of its detail so that I can quote most of its lines word for word. I suspect it will be this way with Overture. We will be old friends before we are done, Mr. Darcy, but for now we are still in the prelude--and unlike Elizabeth, I've lost my prejudice already.
25th August, 2020
Heavy, waxy, dry incense opening. The drydown stays linear to me, never really sweetening up or getting heavier. Reminds me of Interlude Man minus the oregano note, which actually makes this preferable to me. Smokey incense throughout.

I find that Overture may resemble the blue beast but it’s not as beastly in performance. It does last all day but projection is just above average. Not a huge cloud but still projects well.
19th January, 2020
Overture is easily one of Amouage’s best releases in recent years. To put it simply: It’s excellent. Its excellence begins with the rich, aromatic, elegant woody structure around which it’s built. The wood is reminiscent of high quality antique furniture, passed down from generations, or the inside of a wooden cognac distillery cask once emptied of its contents and left to dry. It’s aromatic and vibrant—far from the dull, vague concoctions that often pass for woods—and with a full-bodied, substantial presence. It’s also natural and easy on the senses—a stark contrast to how synthetic woods are typically constructed today, laden with abrasive, aggressive aromachemicals. Along with the sandalwood, cognac also plays an important role in Overture, and here it’s added in just the right proportion and strength. It accents the wood, providing it with character and dimension, but never overpowering it. It’s tastefully refined and restrained, and you don’t have to worry about smelling like you spilled a drink on yourself while wearing it. The cognac is strongest upon Overture’s opening and it gradually settles in as it reaches the base, never fully disappearing, and leaving pleasant boozy traces well into the final hour. Myrrh is the third significant component to Overture and I’ve found it does two things very well. First, its aromatic incense adds to the warm, smoky-dusty profile of the sandalwood, bolstering it, and making it stronger and more intense. But secondly, it also brings a soft vanilla-benzoin-like resinous cushion to the base, rounding the edges of the woods just a bit and really adding to the overall relaxed, comfortable feeling of Overture.

This is an elegant, mature fragrance, and as a result it is not exceptionally strong or “beast mode,” despite being completely solid and fully present. Its projection and intensity has been calibrated to just the right level. Other people will certainly smell this on you, but it is not of the loud, attention-seeking variety. Having said that, I’ve never worn this and thought to myself, “I wish they just increased the ________.” Overture’s been carefully created with balance and proportion in mind and it absolutely shows. Similarly, while Overture is something of a serious scent, it has plenty of character and a relaxed, comforting naturalness that keep it from ever feeling stern or stuffy. Performance is good, with well-calibrated projection (two feet at most, about a foot for the majority of its time) and 8 hour longevity. Most importantly, those 8 hours are enjoyable. It never for a moment outwears its welcome, and just the opposite, becomes more endearing over the course of a wearing. Final rating: 9/10

Side note: This is what I had hoped Lalique’s Ombré Noire was going to be. I bought ON first, before Overture, loving its note pyramid and description. But it was a disappointment. It was out of balance, and the boozy note was way too strong. While it looked like a charming scent on paper, in reality it felt too austere and without a personality. It was void of that “X Factor” which serves as the bridge between a good smell and one’s heart. I guess you could say that it lacked character. I didn’t like ON at all and it made me hesitant to purchase Overrture. Here I had just utterly failed at blind buying a boozy woody fragrance with a very interesting, lengthy pyramid of notes. How would I fare with another boozy woods that only listed 3 main notes? Fortunately, I took the plunge and Overture turned out to be exactly what I was looking for all along. Despite its short list of notes it has plenty of character and dimension, and enough nuance to keep it interesting and fun to wear.
31st December, 2019
This is a flaccid disappointment.
It is fairly linear and unexciting paradoxically moderate sillage but heavy. Wax and amber with minimal cognac. Sandalwood is definitely in the base and this with amber lasts the longest. I would normally have given this a neutral but to make it one of the most expensive Amouages with the least notes leaves the joke on us. Who do they think they are? Picasso?
Now that is my male perception. Could it be a compliment getter ? I hear you ask?
Well I am fit and was surrounded by pretty girls in the hot Yoga class and not one comment.
Enough said. Disaster on every front.
It reminds me of an inferior version of Roja's enigma which itself to my nose is fairly uninspiring and conjures up images of well dressed old men.

Fragrance: 6.75/10 -well its not a scrubber but at this price I would throw the brush at the bottle
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity: 8.5/10 it even survived a heavy sweat and shower which actually improved it!
29th December, 2019
The latest men’s fragrance from Amouage is Overture Man, a rather straightforward blend of cognac at the top, myrrh in the heart, and sandalwood in the base. It opens with a sharp boozy whiff, less indulgent in a sweet way and more realistic with the bite. I enjoy more fantastic interpretations of cognac than the real thing, which is quite acerbic, but I frankly give credit to Amouage Overture Man incorporating a less sweet boozy note of cognac in this, at least initially. Myrrh feels like a natural-enough partner for the cognac, providing almost a creamy contrast in this context to the sharper cognac, with the woody base of sandalwood rounding things out.

The fragrance actually evolves substantially somewhat after several hours into a sweeter blend, the bitingness of the cognac being supplanted by a sweet, creamy booziness of the cognac in concert with the myrrh. This a twist that I didn’t see coming and quite enjoy.

Overture Man smells ever so slightly more complex than its note breakdown, which is straightforward enough, and with that makes for a fairly blunt cold-weather-leaning, mostly-masculine scent. As usual, I can’t make much sense of the fragrance’s name, but it’s masculine, at least. It feels like a reliable blend, something I could wear comfortable enough in cooler weather.

Performance-wise, it’s quite strong, perhaps not to the level of Interlude/Memoir/Epic but just a notch down, a lot of kick to open, with a big scent cloud and fading to still-dense concoction after hours of wearing. As far as I can tell, it’s only available today on Harrods’ website at $270 for 100ml, not yet having reach the US markets, but this pricing is consistent with Amouage nowadays, some fragrances being more in the $300 range, even.

I’m pleased with it, even though its opening is a bit harsher than what I’d typically like to wear as far as perfume inspired by liquor or fortified wine. Still, a “like” not a “love” overall, and that’s okay, though I can see this working well for lots of men, especially.

7 out of 10
04th September, 2019
I've been wearing this for the last two days from the new bottle I just got from Harrod's. I wanted to test this against the sample I had...first of all to see if the sample I had was legit, as this is a new fragrance, and it's an exclusive from Harrod's. I'm happy to report that my sample is indeed legit, or at least it smells identical to my FB. This fragrance is very enjoyable to me. I get a big slug of Myrrh with Cognac around the edges. The Sandalwood manifests as Overture develops, and I agree with the sentiment that there is a leather accord noticable in Overture as well. The interesting thing that hit me about an hour ago, (10 hours after application), is that I'm smelling hints of Atlantic Ambergris by Areej le Dore in the dry down of Overture. I know there's Myrrh is Atlantic Ambergris too, but it got me wondering if there is perhaps a bit of Ambergris in Overture too. Hmm...would be interesting to find out if there was. Anyway, I do enjoy this and think it will wear very nicely this fall and winter especially. Two thumbs up!
12th August, 2019

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