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Ristretto Intense Café (2019)
by Montale


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Year of Launch2019
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Ristretto Intense Café

Ristretto Intense Café is a shared / unisex perfume by Montale. The scent was launched in 2019

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Reviews of Ristretto Intense Café

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United Kingdom
The opening in indeed a coffee-infused blast that is well done; a rich coffee that is quite invigorating.

The drydown adds a synthetic rose that remains somewhat nondescript, with whiffs of a synthetic oud vibe in the air too - the Montale standard template?

The coffee has aromas of cream and sugar added to it, which are done quite convincingly - but in a ristretto?????? More like a Café au lait as far as I am concerned.....

The second half is dominated by white musks and a restrained vanilla tone that adds a bit of sweetness. A nice spiciness pervades the fabric of this composition towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and a very impressive eleven hours of longevity on my skin.

A good coffee scent with touches of vanilla and spice for warmer winter days, but the cream with the ristretto is an unfortunate conceptual mishap. A nice coffee fragrance for the first coupes of hours, but the result is a bit too generic. The coffee note and the impressive performance push it across the line into a positive score - by the skin of its teeth though. 3/5.
17th November, 2020
The smell of warm cappuccino and fresh roses. delicious!the rose is powdery,velvety soft.slightly fruity and pink toned.combine that with the luxuriously creamy vanilla note and the dark bitterness of coffe.very wearable and romantic like bringing your date flowers and chocolates. delectable,Cozy,Warm,Sensuous, Seductive,Voluptuous.

It opens with spices and a rose note which gives this a decidedly oriental flair.a tiny woodsy smell wafts up through the base and it's quite masculine and classic.The coffe note is quite an innovative touch but it does not take over the scent otherwise it would be too graphic like you know when you're at a Starbucks and you get whiffs of those coffe packages that you pass by on the way to the counter.The vanilla is the bigger accord,with musk and that gorgeous rose note that's bewitched and covered in smoke.i really enjoy the dry down that's very cream musk with powdery vanilla and tinge of coffe that gives it a very sexy vibe.

Perfect performance.very much ubisex.Suitable for any in early spring, autumn and winter.if you love coffe gourmands then well worth trying.With reasonable Longevity& Sillage.
05th June, 2020
Montale Ristretto Intense Café is a 2019 release and follow-up to the original Intense Café from 2013. The build up to the launch of Ristretto is that it incorporates more coffee than the original, the original being mostly vanilla and rose with a pinch of coffee, overall very close to Mancera Roses Vanille.

Ristretto does address this criticism of the original—namely, that for its name, the original Intense Café lacks coffee. However, the coffee note in Ristretto is subtle, to my nose—not a boastful, dense, dark-roast or espresso but rather a lattle, a medium-to-light, semi-milky note that mixes seamlessly with the vanilla. Still, the rose and vanilla remain prominent and constitute the majority of the experience, but it’s perhaps, say, an even split among the three main accords, as opposed to the vast majority of the original being made up of the vanilla and rose (and supporting notes) alone, vs. the coffee.

Unlike most Montale and Mancera fragrances, the concentration of which is EDP, Ristretto Intense Cafe is extrait, and rather than the usual $180 for 100ml, Ristretto is priced at $215 for 100ml. I do think the performance is improved, although the original always performed very well on me. The addition of more coffee only thickens the blend, though, and that’s a positive development, albeit at a premium of a 20% increase in retail cost.

Certainly there’s more coffee in Ristretto than in the original Intense Café, but enough to justify the price difference and purchasing a new bottle? Doubtful, to me, as I get my coffee fix from other more coffee-intensive fragrances like Kerosene Follow, Dua Fragrances Café Oud, Sebastiane Espresso Royale, and more recently for me, DSH Perfume Café Noir. Still, as a more balanced coffee/rose/vanilla option, Ristretto will fit the bill for many better than the original Intense Café. Yet there are other coffee/rose options like Tom Ford Café Rose that do the job, as well, albeit at a higher price.

Overall, I love Ristretto, but roughly as much as I love the original Intense Café. I just don’t see the addition of some not-terribly-bold coffee as a vast improvement on the original. It’s a slight improvement, I’d say, but only so much that I’m content with the decant of Ristretto and my bottle of the original, still.

8 out of 10
05th September, 2019

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