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Arabians Tonka (2019)
by Montale


Arabians Tonka information

Year of Launch2019
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Arabians Tonka

Arabians Tonka is a shared / unisex perfume by Montale. The scent was launched in 2019

Arabians Tonka fragrance notes

Reviews of Arabians Tonka

I agree with the comparison to Intense Café. This, is just as beautiful and, well, Intense. Has a sugared saffron. The rose is smothered by the other notes. Big, bold Tonka here, controls it all. Oud-i-ness resides in the background. It's vague. Eventually everything smells like it was cooked down in a pot of sugar. I'd call this gourmande through and through. It reminds me of a cooked icing my Mom used to make, for certain baked cakes she made, in my childhood. An almost dark brown sugar or molasses vibe.

Candied Tonka note remains. Lasts a long time.
06th May, 2020
I looked forward to sampling Montale Arabians Tonka given how much I love the 2017 release Arabians, of which Arabians Tonka is nominally a flanker. However, Arabians Tonka smells more like Intense Café than it does the original Arabians, with a sugary vanilla pervasively covering a rose/oud blend that does, at least, seem to include tonka.

There are some other nuances that are difficult to pin down but overall, it’s difficult to avoid the comparison: Arabians Tonka smells like a more pared-down Intense Café, but without as much rose and coffee as Intense Café. Arabians Tonka has a burnt sugar / tonka mix adding a lot of sweetness, only very slightly sharp, with rose and oud and perhaps some woods in the background, too.

It’s very easy to enjoy and I quite like it, so I wouldn’t say it’s a miss, but considering the number of releases put out by the Montale/Mancera empire each year, it’s unsurprising that some like Arabians Tonka will be a bit redundant with prior releases. I’m more preoccupied with the name since Arabians Tonka does not feel connected to the original Arabians. Still, I’m happy to have tried it. Not every Montale/Mancera release will be particularly inventive, to put it modestly.

Arabians Tonka seems be sold wherever Montale/Mancera fragrances are available, including Krystal Fragrance, with standard retail pricing for Montale at $170 for 100ml.

7 out of 10

25th February, 2020
Montale makes a pitch for the section of the market going gaga over uber-powerful, weird not-quite gourmands in the mould of Baccarat Rouge 540. The overwhelming sweetness – more candyfloss rather than tonka – is present and correct but instead of the iodine and chlorine warp of Baccarat Rouge, Montale’s twist is a cheesy (as in curdled milk) ‘oud’ at the heart. This I actually find something of an improvement on the prototype – partly because the ethylmaltol hurricane is a bit less ferocious here. The attract-repel quality of perfumes in this vein is evident – they grab your attention for sure but when one comes a little closer the immediate thought is ‘should I have done that?’. They make a statement by means of density but don’t provide the texturing to truly make it work.
Bears little if any relation to the previous Arabians offering, so the name of this one is a mystery – possibly they’re running out of inspiration on that front as the Montale babies multiply.
08th February, 2020
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United States
Very dry and sweet fragrance, but not exactly gourmand. Tonka bean and sugar cane are very prominent. For whatever reason, I find this incredibly intoxicating. Performance is excellent.
09th January, 2020

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