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Antiquity (2019)
by Areej le Doré


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Year of Launch2019
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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HouseAreej le Doré

About Antiquity

The company says:

This perfume represents a long gone era. It is composed using truly unique, vintage, highly matured raw materials, including outstanding wild Cambodian agarwood oil from 1975.

Reviews of Antiquity

After three sprays in, I smell like a walking museum.

It's like walking through room 61 to room 66 at the British Museum, where you feel like you are having chats with the mummies of Ancient Egypt.

It doesn't smell familiar, yet it doesn't smell offensive (unless you drench yourself with it). It just smell strange to my nose. It has Kouros like vibe but with an old school aroma.

Longevity and silage are strong.

I don't think it's safe for office, but I wear it anyways with max 3 sprays.
29th January, 2020
Le Dore – Antiquity (2019)

Antiquity begins with a quite rich, deep and bitter blast, almost as if one is experiencing pure oil concentration. There is no projection – I must inhale from my wrist. First impression is that of concentrated woods and resins, cedar and patchouli, though no cedar is present, so this must be the oud I am experiencing. An odd thing here, because I usually loathe oud (would much rather smell ammonia), but this is unlike any oud I have experienced and is very intensely attractive.

I’m taken back to my father’s wood working shop, to the scent of a stain being rubbed into freshly sawn wood. Olfactory memory overload at work here. It is interesting to me that Le Dore uses two patchoulis, an older one from the 1940s for his heart note, and a new one for his base note.

Ten minutes on, the intensity has diminished, and it is fading to a lighter eau concentration. However, there has been no development or deepening in this progression. It remains linear.

The notes of bergamot, peach, carnation and angelica never reach my nose. Would that they had as my imagination, when wrapping these around what I am experiencing, may surely have improved the sensation.

Into the dry down nothing has changed. I get no oak moss, no leather accord, no musk, no amber, just the oud/patchouli concentration. So, a linear and simple impression, which is certainly pleasant and decidedly masculine. It would have benefited from more complexity in the middle notes, to my way of thinking, but judging it for what it is, not what it might have been, I find it to be an excellent linear impression of “woods.”

Certainly the quality of the materials used is stellar in today’s perfume world. Recommended for men interested in the woods genre.

11th December, 2019
As a lover of all things deeply vintage and leathery, Antiquity should be my favorite scent of all time. And the only reason it isn't is because it tends to "vibrate" only in the lower portion of the octave scent-register. In this way it reminds me of Anubis by Papillon. The two frags smell nothing alike, but they both seem to consist primarily of base notes with very few top notes to add lift or a bright dissonance and contrast. The peach aldehyde and bergamot here, last mere seconds before drifting away, so what you are left smelling is a rich and oud-y oak moss that is intriguing in a dark and low-toned way. As the scent lingers on, I am most reminded of vintage Mitsouko (minus the everlasting peach) and Cuir de Russie (minus the florals). Since I adore both of these scents, I find Antiquity quite intriguing, but I am also willing to admit that I would love this fragrance even more if it contained a wider octave range--say one that included some notes above middle C.
24th November, 2019 (last edited: 12th December, 2019)
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Antiquity goes on skin with a slightly effervescent, chocolatey deep Cambodian Oud with an underlying carnation and patchouli tandem in support. As the composition moves to its early heart, the oud settles down, moving to the background, ceding way to an emergent super-strong animalic, leathery musk that becomes the focal point of the composition through the entire mid-section. During the late dry-down, the musk finally recedes to unveil the powdery amber and oakmoss-driven base but still hangs around, now in support through the finish. Projection is excellent, as is longevity at around 12 hours on skin.

Antiquity is a composition that is a tough one for me to enjoy. The chocolatey real oud driven open gets things going on the right foot, but the leathery animalic musk and deep rugged patchouli driven heart is way over-the-top for this writer's tolerance level. One can certainly appreciate the ingredient quality used here that is obviously top-notch, but the composition is just too rough around the edges, lacking the polish to match. The powdery late dry-down is very ho-hum, with the perfumer choosing to feature the powdery facets of the oakmoss instead its mossy-green quality. One wonders what the end result would have been if the stellar ingredients used here were composed by a more professionally skilled hand. As things stand, the discontinued Antiquity has its moments, showing plenty of potential with some crazy good materials only to ultimately disappoint due to lack of polish and control, earning it a "good" rating of 3 stars out of 5 and a very hesitant recommendation to most unless you like your compositions "rough around the edges."
23rd November, 2019
Ahhhh man this is so good. Imagine if you will the most supple brown leather that it could be the inside of a very expensive luxury car. Add chocolate patchouli and bergamot and then wrap the supple brown leather chocolate infused citrus with a heavenly pure carnation accord. Like it was just plucked from within heavens gate and brought to earth for mortal men to enjoy.

And then add the most beautiful Cambodian oud accord with it's multifaceted woodsy and slightly sweet caramel accord for the drydown. Add a few drops of musk and you have a concoction to die for. I love this juice!

Well from two sprays of Antiquity I get all day longevity from 10am to 2am and even in the morning I could smell the basenotes. The projection though not stellar is better than the other three on my skin. So that 30ml bottle is going to last some time.

I have to say I have never worn a scent that has given me such a buzz and has had me walking around all day on cloud nine. Absolutely amazing smelling masterpiece!
03rd November, 2019

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