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Scandal pour Homme Cologne (2019)
by Roja Dove


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Year of Launch2019
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseRoja Dove

About Scandal pour Homme Cologne

Scandal pour Homme Cologne is a masculine fragrance by Roja Dove. The scent was launched in 2019

Reviews of Scandal pour Homme Cologne

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United States
Scandal PH is good for what it is--namely an aromatic herbal citrus fragrance much like Dior Eau Sauvage--perhaps with better quality ingredients. The opening citrus (lemon, verbena, orange, grapefruit, etc.) is quite good and last quite some time with mammoth projection. After some time, the fragrance dies down to a mossy herbal base.

Not much different from Eau Sauvage or Aeroplane by Detaille, but much longer lasting--insanely longer lasting. Probably not worth the price though.
29th October, 2020
Smells like a more classy,zesty and light version of Drakkar Noir.
23rd January, 2020
Part Eau Sauvage, part Creed Viking. A classic and modern scent at the same time, clean and soapy with good, modern sweetness. I would guess most would label as a barbershop scent, but again, with modern touches. Not listed but I get a good dose of cinnamon in the opening.

I got mixed performance on multiple wearings. On the first day where I only sprayed once to get a feel for it, the performance was impressive. It projected well for many hours and lasted 8-10 hours. On the second day, I gave it a full 4-5 sprays. It projected nicely in the opening couple of hours but then seemed to disappear, only to register with my nose if I pressed it to my skin where sprayed. It did last for most of the day though. It may be a subject of anosmia, but I did my usual spray routine for testing.
12th December, 2019
Now this is quite a turnaround! The original Scandal pour Homme (2011) smelled like a two-bit con-job trying to pass as a high-end take on Guerlain Héritage (1992), but now smells almost entirely like a different animal, while Danger pour Homme (2011) used to be the more-modern of the pair. Scandal pour Homme Cologne (2019) as part of the expanded "parfum cologne" range smells sweeter, more modern, and versatile, while Danger pour Homme Cologne (2019) ironically moves closer to being a reference of Guerlain Héritage but still smells unique enough to not be called a clone. My review for that scent lies elsewhere, but I must say I am very pleasantly surprised by Scandal pour Homme Cologne, considering I flunked out the original for the sham that it is. What we get here is a rounder, fresher, verbena-led barbershop fougère that has some commonality with verbena-led chypres like Geoffrey Beene Bowling Green (1986), or Dunhill Edition (1984), but with more of that lemon drop feeling of the former. If you like summery, sweet, but still warm, rich, and masculine where it counts, this might be the best of the Roja Dove "parfum cologne" range. For me, Danger pour Homme Cologne still gets the crown while Elysium pour Homme Cologne (2017) remains the best modern option in the range (and the one that started it), but this could easily see use alongside them to me.

Scandal pour Homme Cologne has a happy opening of lemon oil, spearmint, verbena, lavender, and bergamot that moves into an amiable middle. Rose and jasmine make an appearance here as they do in many Roja Dove creations, with a nice hedione note surrounded by other florals like muguet and violet. A bit of tarragon and petitgrain creep in around this time too, but the real personality of course comes in with that brick wall of a base that Roja Dove favors. Once again, there is too much going on here (a Roja Dove trademark by this point), but I get an interesting cumin and sandalwood note very similar to Brooks Brothers New York for Gentleman (2008), which was something Danger pour Homme in its original form had but now finds home here in Scandal pour Homme Cologne. Outside of that, it's all plush musks, tonka, oakmoss, patchouli, and more, with everything melting into a big blob of warmth on skin. Projection is better than before, but longevity is only a mere "mortal" eight hours. I'd say this is best used in all seasons but winter, and feels more casual than some other entries in the line because of the sweetness inherent throughout, although Scandal pour Homme Cologne is anything but a clubber even in light of that lemon drop opening. There is also nothing really scandalous about Scandal pour Homme Cologne besides the price, which is obviously too much even at the new "entry point" of $300MSRP for the brand.

Fans who love Roja Dove because splurging on his creations makes their sociopathic hoarding of wealth seem justified have nothing to fear from a new lower-priced line, as it is still unlikely to make a dent into the Nordstroms or Saks Fifth Avenues of the world, and will still be the pervue of niche boutiques tucked away into haute bourgeois shopping districts of the Western world's wealthiest cities. Futhermore, good old Roger is still cranking out semi-bespoke creations and exclusives only sold at his home base or what few remote counters he has, so these "parfum colognes" are aimed more at the YouTube-watching Parfums de Marly, Maison Francis Kurkdijan, or Amouage fan than the world at large. Whether or not you think the hype is real should be determined by your nose anyway, but I rather enjoy Scandal pour Homme Cologne, even if I'm not wholly on board with the brand image of the house itself. Scandal pour Homme Cologne has come a long way from being an overpriced vintage clone in the original formula to something unique, enjoyable, and able to stand on its own in this new "parfum cologne" reorchestration, and I'm left thoroughly impressed by both the efforts and results of the transformation. This isn't my favorite from the line by far, but easily goes toe-to-toe with some of the brighter warm weather options released by the aforementioned Amouage, stopping short of being a true freshie of course. Thumbs up.
19th November, 2019

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