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Douleur! (2019)
by Bogue Profumo


Douleur! information

Year of Launch2019
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseBogue Profumo
PerfumerAntonio Gardoni

About Douleur!

Douleur! is a shared / unisex perfume by Bogue Profumo. The scent was launched in 2019 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Antonio Gardoni

Douleur! fragrance notes

Reviews of Douleur!

Everything points to Douleur! being too clever by half – from the misleading name (who wants to wear a perfume supposedly evoking pain and distress? Ok it was done in collaboration with a tattoo artist and bondage aficionado, but still..) to the stretching of contemporary genre expectations (pushing once-novel designer aquatic-metallic notes to the fore). I get it – this is Gardoni overturning his box of toys, delighting in synthetics, blowing a raspberry at the classicism of MAAI, telling MEM to lighten up. It’s a different mood, more flippant and fidgety but, surprisingly, compositionally still strong.
The trick to enjoying Douleur! (and there will be many who will find little to enjoy no matter how objectively they approach it) is to not sniff it up close. A spray to the back of the hand brought up to the nose will disappoint – smelling at first like a thrown-together wash of aquatic and metallic synthetics before settling into seaweed. But spritz it about the person and what emerges is a cool, ozonic mint and pale pink rose combo, Barbie happily riding a can of hairspray into outer space. It’s tongue-in-cheek and playful, a bit ‘Tocade: the kindergarten years’. I loved the flatlining pale mint – a Scandi interior designer’s orgasm – that runs through it and how surprisingly well it pairs with rose, at times coaxing it into wearing magnolia drag. Fresh and frisky fun, but I find little in it to justify the elevated price tag.
02nd August, 2020 (last edited: 11th August, 2020)
I was reading some reviews and I approached Douleur with fear. I have forgotten what I've read about it, just remembering that it is challenging. At first there was a wave of sweetness and I thought ok, it's very sweet but nothing bad or challenging; that lasted the first 5 seconds until I started to get a salty fishy note. Diving in more with my nose into the skin, I'm not sure if I get a plastic or a metallic note, or maybe both. Now I think that the fishy smell might just be metallic and some plastic rose appeared; it's all very confusing, very sweet and very synthetic smelling and nuclear. I have a desire to go wash it off (which happens very rarely) but I'd like to see what happens next, because it's the first and last time I'll wear it. After the first hour, the metallic note is so pungent that it makes my nose hurt and I can almost feel the overly sweet metallic taste in my through. At this point I think I'm getting a headache and nausea…which almost never happens because a perfume. And I'm off to wash my hand. Of course the smell is there, but at least most of the metallic is gone and it's a sweet cloud of fuzzy rose, still very bad.
If this is art, I'm ok with me not being able to appreciate it. I think it's just a synthetic mess which smells bad. I can appreciate a good well done perfume even if it's not my taste, but this one…horror. Maybe this is the smell of zombies from The Walking Dead. I usually don't like mainstream generic perfume, but in this case I'd rather smell some Bleu de Chanel right now to calm myself.
17th December, 2019

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