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cK Everyone (2020)
by Calvin Klein


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Year of Launch2020
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseCalvin Klein
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About cK Everyone

cK Everyone is a shared / unisex perfume by Calvin Klein. The scent was launched in 2020

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Reviews of cK Everyone

I like this, although I probably shouldn't. We have Calvin Klein being Calvin Klein in the Calvin-Kleiniest of ways yet again, with another "this is for everybody" display of populism through fashion just like their plain-ass underwear from the 80's (the band of which evidently adorns the bottle here), offering a completely judgement-free experience. Calvin Klein cK Everyone (2020) takes the net cast by cK2 (2016) and cK All (2017), widening it further by stating that this isn't just for all genders or genderless itself, but that you don't even need to have a gender to use it. On that last part I applaud, because there are nonbinary and agendered persons out there who already don't get the respect or representation they deserve, and although a fairly vapid gesture like a perfume slated to be "for them too" seems token at best or cynical at worst, it's something that at least shows acknowledgment I guess. Not that people in the LGBTQIA+ (which I am counted among) need a corporate designer brand like Calvin Klein to "see us", at least historically they've tried to be supportive and inclusive going all the way back to those very plain-ass underwear which started it all. Alberto Morillas comes back by himself this time to compose cK Everyone, leaving Harry Freemont behind (his traditional partner in cK crime), and the results of his solo effort here are middling at best but nice.

The newest and totally gender-free cK perfume experience begins with soft citrus tones of bergamot, mandarin, and puffs of paradisone borrowed from both cK All and cK One Platinum (2018), which is really no surprise. There isn't a lot of other fruit notes here going on like in past entries, but like with most cK unisex exercises, you can't really tell 100% what is in this due to the high volume of abstract synthetics. It's almost the hallmark of any Calvin Klein scent regardless of gender to have a high ratio of mish-mashed aromachemicals creating accords not found in nature but only the mind's eye, and this is no different with "water" accords and "blue tea" accords in the heart. I don't know what either of these are, but it just feels like dihydromyrcenol, ozone, and some sort of descendent of whatever stood for tea in the original cK One (1994). The base is total synth wood and musk, with a light dusting of cedar over what feels like galaxolide, linalool, limonene, and "amberwood". The musk has a bit of creamy feel, making cK Everyone feel a bit like an orange dreamcicle a la Boss in Motion by Hugo Boss (2002), but the resemblance is faint. Wear time barely reaches 6 hours and performance otherwise is close to skin. This is super-casual, almost eau de cologne strength, "beats a blank" kind of fragrance meant to be used without context or season in mind.

In the end, what we have here is another example of a fragrance for people who don't really want to wear a one, dressed up as a supportive sociopolitical statement from a corporation detached from the Human condition, and probably meant for those that only want to smell like they have good personal hygiene. I'd find the best use for cK Everyone therefore to be after a shower or workout. Outside of that, you can't get more "dumb reach" than a fragrance with the purpose of not being noticed and acting as a layer of defense against stink, so outside of the bold inclusiveness that is the market copy, cK Everyone is just a designer take on what Bath & Body Works have been selling for years. This is absolutely the quietest of the cK One entries, so don't go in thinking you're getting something like the in-your-face cK Be (1996), but rather an experience closer to one of the summer flankers. Again, I like this even though I shouldn't, because this is a fragrance with below-average performance that doesn't really stand out, but it's also unlike anything really being made in the 2020's either, so CK Everyone becomes the mild-mannered escape from the ambroxan bombs and tonka nukes that litter the designer space. Calvin Klein is marching to the beat of their own drum again, and by the time enough folks catch onto this, it'll be another cheap thrill found at Ross on clearance. Hesitant thumbs up.
22nd July, 2020
Very similar to other CK One scents, especially Summer variations. It has that classic CK One DNA. However, the tea note is where this deviates. I'm not sure what blue tea is but I smelled tea in this before I was influenced by a note pyramid, so tea is definitely there. Is it a tea-reference scent? Definitely not. It's still a very bright, floral-fresh, unisex citrus just like you would expect but with some tea that calms it down a little and actually gives it a little more class than some of the other CK One's I've tried. Summer-casual for season and occasion.

Not the greatest performance but I found the longevity to be very good, especially with this being as citrusy as it is. Maybe 4-5 hours of modest projection but the scent lasted on the skin for 9-10 hours.
19th April, 2020 (last edited: 20th April, 2020)
Literally a cologne, bright, zesty and mastered by the note of tea as combined with citrus (mostly orange), dry woods and aromatic/spicy notes as oregano and ginger (like an ideal blend of Bvlgari Pour Homme, Roger&Gallet Thé Vert and something like Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet or several Aqua Allegoria). I detect a sort of ozonic sharp-icy undertone a la Bvlgari Aqua as well. The aroma is gentlemanly, dry and dynamic. I find CK Everyone a neo-classic woody/hesperidic creation with a contemporary clean and vaguely salty (metallic) spark. Well made.
12th March, 2020 (last edited: 13th March, 2020)

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