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Phtaloblue (2020)
by Tauer


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Year of Launch2020
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerAndy Tauer

About Phtaloblue

Surrender to an eau de parfum encapsulating the nativeness and briskness of a day at the sea. Phtaloblue is fresh and bright with elegant citrus and herbaceous notes, and at the same time rich and deep with balsamic woody and floral accords. Phtaloblue will accompanying you through your day redefining the aquatic genre.

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Reviews of Phtaloblue

Unfortunately i couldn't abide this on my skin, will all the elements combining to produce a melted plastic mass. It had a strong combination of vegetal, mineral and chemical. Sea/marine notes like this, i have not experienced. In this case longevity is good, but unfortunate.
06th November, 2020
The first aquatic I've smelled that smells properly of the sea to me, and I live on the coast. Another winner from land locked Switzerland! Most 'aquatics' seem to just smell over the top and chemically.
16th September, 2020
This is Tauer's fennel offering. The prominence of fennel is why I cannot wear it, but that doesn't mean that it's not a well composed fragrance that many people will undoubtedly like.

I appreciate when a fragrance's dry down is not so woody that it becomes an entirely different fragrance. Phtaloblue's dry down retains its opening facets while adding a clean, aquatic vibe that lasts very long on clothing. It is pleasant and put together thoughtfully from start to finish. Too bad I'm not a fan of fennel and I cannot make a link between fennel and the color blue.

Overall, this is a very clean, cool, slightly metallic, moderately aquatic creation. I would definitely try it if you have a chance. If anything, it's a worthwhile olfactory experience.
10th September, 2020
One of the best sea fragrances of recent times, on a par with Zoologist Squid though very different. First impression was aldehydic freshness, a genuine feeling of the coast, nicely paired with a coumarinic undertone.

This is more sea-like than Tauer's Swiss Mountain Air, but sharing something in common. It also recalls Lancome's Aquatonic for men, but fresher.

Regarding declared ingredients, fennel etc, I take these with a pinch of salt - this is a new launch and they are not likely to give away all their trade secrets. Also, beware misinformation; I mean, gourmand? Are you kidding?

In terms of aroma molecules, I first thought of Scentenal (Firmenich). Possibly adoxal, maybe calone. I just wish I had a pocket GCMS.
20th July, 2020 (last edited: 30th July, 2020)
It's very fresh and clean but the fennel gives it this earthy, licorice feel. The image in my head is what blue clay would smell like, whatever that is. It’s like a blue freshie gone mineral. There is also a creaminess to it. As it dries down hours later, it starts to lose the fennel note and becomes sweeter.

Projection during the first 3-4 hours is kinda loud and persistent. After that, it's just pleasant and hangs around for most of the day.
29th June, 2020

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